Aston's next teaser previews the V12's new front end, which is the same, but different.

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Aston Martin has teased its V12 Vantage again, this time previewing the the flagship alongside its V12 and V12 S predecessors. The new image doesn't reveal much, although we can clearly see a new front end with a reshaped grille that sits higher than the two different grille options on existing V8 models.

Destined to follow the well-trodden and desirable path of shoehorning Aston’s most potent engine into its most compact model, the new V12 Vantage has already been spotted in its development phase and so far promises to be one of next year’s most exciting supercars.

Official details are still scarce, but we do know that Aston Martin will be utilising a twin-turbocharged 5.2-litre V12 engine borrowed from both the DB11 and DBS models. Peak power is unconfirmed, but we suspect given the DBS’s flagship status that power will instead reside somewhere between the DB11 AMR’s 630bhp and the 700bhp of the DBS.

Like all modern Aston Martin sports cars, power will likely be sent through an eight-speed automatic transmission sourced from ZF, rather than the Mercedes-sourced nine-speed found in the new DBX. This is mostly due to its location on the rear axle, which will also help the inevitable shift in weight distribution given the considerable weight gain from the V12 engine. 

We also know that both Vantage and DB models are due an update in the near future, suggesting that the V12 Vantage might introduce some of these elements, some of which might have already appeared in the limited-run V12 Speedster.

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This might include an adoption of the V12 Speedster’s dash layout, which is completely different to both the current Vantage and DB, incorporating more touch-sensitive control elements and a larger touchscreen interface that features a newer version of Mercedes’ MBUX interface. 

Exterior styling should also be given a substantial update to coincide with the V12 engine, incorporating new front and rear bumpers alongside a modern interpretation of the distinctive slatted bonnet that dominated the previous generation V12 Vantage’s aesthetic. 

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We’ll have to wait until next year to quantify these ruminations upon its reveal, but the one thing we do know is that this V12 Vantage won’t be a limited edition, but rather a final edition, as Aston Martin has since confirmed that it won’t produce any more V12 Vantages after this model’s production run is through. With tightening emissions regulations, and the push towards new hybridised powertrains in its future supercars like the Valhalla, it looks like time is being called on this most iconic of Aston Martin nameplates, but let’s just be thankful we’ve got one more generation to enjoy. 


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