We're the first to test out the Taycan with the new software.

A few weeks ago Porsche announced a major software update that would improve many aspects of the entire fleet of over 75,000 Taycans currently in service, one of which being the driving range.

So we reached out to the automaker and asked if we could test out that claim, and put Taycan with the new software through the InsideEVs 70 mph range test.

Porsche agreed, and we were the very first news outlet to get behind the wheel of a Taycan with the new software that will be standard on all 2023 vehicles, and available for dealership download on all previous-year models.

2023 porsche taycan rwd: insideevs 70 mph range test

Porsche Taycan in Frozen Berry charging up

Our test car was a rear-wheel drive 2022 base Taycan in gorgeous Frozen Berry. It was one of the first Taycans in the US (and it may have actually been the first) to have the 2023 software installed.

Even though the RWD base Taycan has the longest EPA range rating of 225 miles, we would have actually preferred to do this range test on an all-wheel-drive Taycan because Porsche explained that the all-wheel-drive Taycans will see an even greater range improvement over previous years.

That’s because on AWD models the new software includes de-energizing the front motor while the vehicle is in range and normal driving modes. Porsche learned through extensive testing that there are significant efficiency gains by disconnecting and de-energizing the front electric motor.

When the vehicle is coasting as well as when it’s at a standstill, both axles are free of drive torque, and freewheeling reduces frictional drag losses which in turn increases the vehicle’s range.

Check out the full library of InsideEVs 70 MPH range tests

However, the rear-wheel-drive Taycan will also benefit from the software enhancements, and our test proved as much. We performed the InsideEVs 70 mph range test on a base RWD Taycan last year and ended up with 297.3 miles. This time, in worse driving conditions for range (wind and topography) we ended up going 305.6 miles.

We think we had the exact same conditions as the first test, the Taycan with the new software would have probably gone a few miles further, and finished up with somewhere around 310-315 miles.

Segment Of The Test Average Efficiency Miles Driven Total Miles
100% to 75% 3.86 mi/kWh 87 87
75% to 50% 3.73 mi/kWh 77 164
50% to 25% 3.68 mi/kWh 72 236
25% to 0% 3.66 mi/kWh 69 305

About Our Range Tests

We want to make it clear our range tests aren’t perfect. There are variables simply out of our control like wind, traffic, and weather. However, we do our best to control what we can.

We always set the tires to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure, crosscheck the speedometer with a GPS for accuracy and place the vehicle in the most efficient driving mode, and in the case of the Porsche Taycan, that’s the “Range” driving mode. We set the climate control to somewhere between 68°F and 70°F and on the lowest fan setting unless more heating or cooling is needed to maintain a comfortable cabin.

We always charge the vehicle up to 100 percent right before starting the test, reset the trip meter and enter the highway immediately or within a couple of miles. We then drive at a constant 70 mph and in long loops so we end up either where we started, or as close as possible.

Driving conditions, temperature, and topography will affect an EVs driving range and our 70-mph range tests serve only as a guideline of approximately what you should expect if you drive the same EV under similar conditions.


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