Peering inside a dark closet or wardrobe to look for clothes or documents can be annoying. The closed design of most wardrobes means that despite the ample amount of light outside, you’d still need more light to not waste taking out wrong clothes. Thankfully, closet door light switches come to the rescue in situations like these.


These door devices act as a switch between the main power and the light source (LED strip or bulb). The switch stays open when pressed by the door, thus cutting off the power supply.

It saves energy and the hassle of switching off lights manually. That said, the main power to the lamps inside the closet needs to work to let the these switches function properly.

So if you are looking for an automatic way to light the insides of your wardrobe or closet, here are the best closet door light switches you can buy. But first,

1. Takhrwod Cabinet Door Switch


Takhrwod Cabinet Door Switch

Takhrwod’s cabinet light switches are one of the least expensive devices on this list. These are simple On/Off switches and work on AC-powered and DC-powered lights. And you can use them on both LED light strips and conventional lamps. The working is simple—the light stays off when the switch is open. It works on both 12V, 24V, and 110V.

Takhrwod ships 4 switches in a single pack, and for the price, it’s a pretty sweet deal. The company also provides the necessary screws and push-button tips. It’s easy to install and wire, and several users have noted this in their reviews. Note that the switch works best when the button is pressed just about 3mm, so you must adjust the switches’ placement accordingly. Also,  you can press the push-button switches easily.

It’s popular on Amazon, and users like it for its value-for-money proposition and easy installation process.

2. Helunsi Wardrobe Door Lamp Switch


Helunsi Wardrobe Door Lamp Switch

Helunsi sells a pack of two closet door light switches in almost the same price bracket. The design is almost the same except for the push-button, which is shaped like a disc. Thankfully, the working is similar—the light switches on when the button is released. It works on any door type, whether it’s a wooden wardrobe door, a metal cabinet door, or a glass closet door.

The Helunsi light switch is white like its counterparts above, and the odds are that it should blend in seamlessly with closets and wardrobes. It works on 110V and 250V. This means you can connect most low-power LED light strips and lamps with ease.

These slim switches are made of quality material and work with wardrobe LED lights flawlessly.

3. lkelyonewy Closet Electrical Light Switches


lkelyonewy Closet Electrical Light Switches

If you have several closets and wardrobes to light, then the lkelyonewy switches are your best bet. The company ships 6 light switches along with screws and push-button tips. They are almost in the same price bracket, making them an interesting deal. They operate over 250V AC lines, and you can connect LED light strips. Ensure that the light’s capacity is within the 250W threshold.

Again, working with these switches is simple. Several users have pointed out that wiring and subsequent mounting hardly take time and effort. The only limitation is that the small form factor makes it a little challenging to place the wires.

Users like the fact that they work as advertised. Unlike the ones above, they are available in both Black and White colors, and you can choose the switches as per the color of your closet, pantry doors, and wardrobe.

4. Litever Door Light Switch


Litever Door Open Switch

The Litever light switches are a tad different from the ones above. Unlike the ones above, these do not bundle push-button switches. Instead, it comes with a motion sensor to detect when the door closes and opens. It’s a little more expensive than its counterparts above, but if you want a modern appliance, you can’t go wrong with this one.

The device consists of two wires—Input and Output, and you will have to make the connections accordingly. At the same time, you will have to ensure that the wire plugs match the ones on your lights or lamps. For the record, it works over 12V DC and 24V DC lines.

The only limitation is that the door has to be wooden. The sensor doesn’t work with glass doors or metal doors. That said, when connected properly, they work as expected and give the necessary power to the lights. Like the ones above, the placement has to be accurate. In this case, the sensor shouldn’t be 2cm from the door.

Despite the high price tag, it has received positive reviews from its user base. Users have liked its durability and its easy installation process.


These were some of the best closet door light switches you can buy. While there are several nifty options in the form of rechargeable cabinet lights or cabinet lights with motion sensors, this old method of lighting up your cabinet ensures that your closet will light up irrespective of the time of the day. Plus, you can easily charging the lights or adjusting the motion sensor.


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