Running with the iPhone 13 in your hand can be very distracting and inconvenient. Besides the constant buzz of messages and notifications, the heavy phone is awkward to carry, especially if you run long distances. Thankfully, armbands help you in such a time. These bands wrap around your arm and hold your phone and a few other knick-knacks.


With these armbands, you can track your runs and outdoor walks and free yourself from distractions. Besides that, they are not too expensive and are easily affordable.

So if you own one of the iPhone 13 series phones, here are our recommendations for the best armbands for iPhone 13 series phones. Let’s get started. But before that,

1. Lovephone Armband


Lovephone Armband

The Lovephone Armband is one of the popular armbands out there. This nifty little thing can hold your phone and gives you an additional option to route your wired headphones. Plus, it comes with a zippered pocket to hold your house keys. More importantly, it comes with a thin reflective strip, and it’s a huge plus, especially if you go for runs on roads.

The phone holder is big and can hold both the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 Pro. It’s a well-made product, and the flap at the top & back holds the phone tightly in position. At the same time, it stays adhered to your arm when running. The ends have velcro strips. Hence, you must ensure that the strips stick firmly before you take the band out for a daily spin.

Lastly, the material is comfortable and won’t distract you while running. As noted earlier, it’s a popular armband, and users love the comfort and durability it brings to the table.

2. Jemache Water Resistant Arm Band


Jemache Water Resistant Arm Band

Are you someone who loves colors? If yes, you will love the different colored shades available in the Jemache armband. These bands are available in several colored shades. The best part is that the enclosure is big enough to hold the iPhone 13 Pro Max. You’ll need to remember to remove the phone case before sliding it into the holder.

Other than that, the design is almost similar to the one above. The velcro straps at the end help to wrap the armband around. It’s a modern armband and comes with holders for your wireless AirPods. We recommend you test this feature in your home before you hit the road. And yes, there’s a slit for storing the house key as well.

Another interesting thing about this iPhone 13 armband is its sweatproof exterior which ensures that the band doesn’t stick to your skin while running. Many users have rated its best for its moisture-wicking properties on Amazon.

3. Tribe Water Resistant Armband Case


Tribe Water Resistant Armband Case

Another popular armband that can house the iPhone 13 smartphones is the one by Tribe. It brings in all the bells and whistles, like built-in pockets, a wide elastic band, a headphone holder, and reflective strips. It comes in three size variants, and the Large size is apt for the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

On the other hand, the Medium size one is good for the iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 13. The pocket fits the phone well, and the flap ensures that the phone doesn’t fall out. Like the one above, this one is a sweatproof armband and the two slits on the side make sure that you have a proper fit.

It’s not without issues, though. For instance, a few users have complained that the clear material hampers the phone’s touchscreen functionality. And if you have to write an email or send a message, you will have to take the phone out.

That said, it’s a well-known armband for iPhones on Amazon and has more than 50,000 user ratings.

4. E Tronic Edge


E Tronic Edge

The E Tronic Edge armband stands out from the crowd for its design. This one does away with the clear plastic at the front and the velcro Straps. Instead, it brings a spandex sleeve to the table. All you need to do is slide the sleeve up your arms. The pocket holds your phone and other essential items like keys, bills, and earphones.

Since it’s a spandex armband, you will have to order the right size. And the good thing is that you can slide in your phone along with the case.

The material is breathable and moisture-wicking. So yeah, no sweat sticking to your arm. Aside from that, it fits all the variants of the iPhone 13. However, some users have opined that the Pro Max variant is a tad heavy for the material, and the band tends to slide down a little.

On the upside, if you have the iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 13, this lightweight armband will serve your purpose just fine. It’s comfortable to wear, and the flexible material ensures that the corners do not dig into your arms. And did we tell you that E Tronic has excellent customer service?

5. Tune Belt AB91


Tune Belt AB91

Another fabric-based armband is the one by Tune Belt. The highlight of this band is the stretchable fabric (in a good way) which adds to the comfort and the security of the phone. At the same time, it’s easily adjustable. And as you may have guessed, it comes with velcro straps for easy adjustments. Lastly, it will fit the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 Pro

The Tune Belt AB91 has a solid build and is durable. A user has mentioned that they have been using it for three years in the rain and dirt trails, and it has managed to hold up well.

It’s a tad on the expensive side. But if you want your armband to last long, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Get, Set, Go!

These were some of the best armbands for iPhone 13 series smartphones. But, if you take your phone for runs and walks mostly for calls and tracking, you can also try the LTE version of the Apple Watch. Not only can you answer calls and check messages, but you can also pair your wireless earphone to the smartwatch and get going.


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