If you like watching content on a big screen, getting a projector might make more sense than a TV on various occasions. This is especially true if you go camping often or have a large room with empty walls. Carrying a big TV while traveling isn’t feasible; a projector can easily fit into your bag, especially if it’s portable.


Another reason you may want to go with a projector is because it’s much cheaper than a large-screen TV. If the use cases we mentioned align with what you like to do, getting a mini projector can be a smart decision. To make your work easier, we’ve gathered some of the best portable projectors under $200 that you can buy. Your pockets will surely thank us after this:

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Let’s project our focus onto the products now.

1. PVO Mini Projector


PVO Mini Projector

This is the cheapest portable projector that you can find, but that does not mean you can write it off in terms of quality. It can project upto 170-inches, and easily fit into your backpack.

The PVO mini projector is mainly intended for kids since it’s small, easy to operate, and inexpensive. This can be beneficial in keeping children from looking at screens up close, like in the case of a TV or a tablet. While the projector can achieve a maximum diagonal length of 170 inches, the picture quality is the best between 60-100 inches. That is still plenty large for a projector of this size.

You can use the included HDMI cable or a standard AV cable. There is a USB port on the projector where you can connect a thumb drive to access media files directly. The output has a 800×480 resolution, which is quite low, but still acceptable for the price. There are some concerns regarding the durability of the product. So if you’re considering this as a long-term investment, we suggest increasing your budget slightly and getting a more reliable option.

2. AuKing Mini Projector


AuKing Mini Projector

By increasing your budget slightly, you can get a much better portable projector with a higher resolution, better build quality, and more features. The AuKing mini projector is a great value-for-money product and that’s what the thousands of reviews also say.

The AuKing mini projector may have mini in its name, but the set of features and picture size it can produce is far from it. The picture size can go from 32-inches to 170-inches which is excellent. The brand also claims that the picture produced is up to 35% brighter than other projectors in this price range. You also get built-in speakers for extra immersion.

One important factor to consider while buying a projector is the longevity of the lamp. As per AuKing, the lamp on this projector is rated for 55,000 hours which means you can use it for up to 15 years. You get the usual connectivity options, including HDMI, VGA, USB, etc. Note that this projector is ideal for watching movies, playing games, etc., and so much for presentations due to the resolution and the aspect ratio.

3. Acrojoy Wi-Fi Mini Projector


Acrojoy Wi-Fi Mini Projector

This is turning out to be a list of products where for every few dollars extra, you’re getting incremental upgrades that matter quite a bit during your usage. This projector from Acrojoy is the first on this list with Wi-Fi which means you can connect your smartphone and stream content directly.

If you don’t really have a fixed budget and can stretch slightly, we would recommend getting the Acrojoy projector over the previous listings. This is mainly because this projector brings in improvements across the board. For starters, there’s Wi-Fi to help you mirror iPhone or Android device wirelessly onto the projector. The contrast level at 10000:1 is higher than the previous options, so you’re going to see better colors.

The built-in speakers are quite loud, but if you’re in a slightly bigger room, you will need an external speaker for the extra volume. As for the size of the screen, this portable projector can go all the way from 35-inches to a whopping 240-inches. You also get a free tripod and an IR remote in the package. This projector is compact and portable, but isn’t as ‘mini’ as other options on this list. However, the number of features makes up for that trade-off.

4. Kodak Ultra Mini Projector


Kodak Ultra Mini Projector

This projector from Kodak is hands down the smallest of the lot. It can fit into your palms so fitting it into your denim pockets is also easy. Despite being small, it has a good set of features, making it a good option if you’re looking for an ultra-portable projector.

This projector from Kodak takes the word portable to the next level. While this is great for carrying it around, you make a few compromises to shrink it to that size. The first one is the picture size. This projector can output a maximum of 100-inches, but if you want better picture quality, you will have to get it down to further. This is much smaller compared to the previous listings.

Another consequence of the small size is that the picture brightness lower with this projector. On the upside, it’s good that Kodak has not compromised on the ports. You get a full-size HDMI port, a USB-A port, and a microSD slot. There’s no Wi-Fi which is a bummer. Some users have faced compatibility and overheating issues with this product. So unless you want an ultra-mini projector that fits your pocket, you can move past this one.

5. ViewSonic M1 Mini+ Ultra Portable Projector


ViewSonic M1 Mini+ Ultra Portable Projector

The equation here is simple — you pay more, you get a better product. The ViewSonic M1 Mini+ is the most expensive projector, but the features, quality, and assurance you get with this projector are best-in-class.

This projector has every important feature you would find in a full-size projector and you’re making the least compromises. Everything from auto keystone to premium JBL speakers, this projector has it all. The output resolution is 854×480 which is pretty much standard at this price. There is Wi-Fi onboard. So you can easily connect your iPhone or Android device to stream content.

The onboard interface can also run apps natively, which is an advantage. The projector can run for up to 1.5 hours on battery power, but the USB-C port onboard ensures you can plug into a power bank for extended usage. While this is one of the best options at this price, there are two things you need to make a note of before purchasing this projector. The picture isn’t too bright when the lights are on, and the quality of the remote control is average. Other than that, this product is highly recommended.

Enjoy Visuals on a Big Screen

A portable projector comes with its own set of pros and cons. It’s portable, inexpensive, and can give you a large screen just about anywhere in minutes. But, due to size constraints, you miss essential features like higher resolution and brightness, connectivity options, picture size, and louder speakers. It’s still a good option if you want a projector that doesn’t break the bank.


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