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Have you ever watched a movie with futuristic devices and wished that those things existed? Maybe they will, in time. Just wait a couple of years you might get your hands on them. After all, some of the cool high-tech inventions in classic movies already exist now. Here are a couple of examples.

‘Minority Report’ (2002) – Motion Sensor Gaming

If you saw “Minority Report” when it came out, you probably thought it was so cool for Tom Cruise to be navigating data using hand motions. He accomplished that before the iconic Robert Downey Jr. did as Iron Man. It seemed impossible since the world was still using wired tech.

In just eight years, Microsoft made this a reality by releasing Kinect, as mentioned in Life Hack. The webcam lets gamers play the video game with their own movements. In a couple of years, maybe we’d have access to technology like Iron Man’s J.A.R.V.I.S. as well.

‘Back to the Future II’ (1989) – Oculus Rift

In the movie, the protagonist Maty McFly wore a sunglass-like device that appears to be similar to the Oculus Rift. 33 years went by before we “Back to the Future” fans can finally buy it. Who knows, maybe in a few decades, someone will finally invent a time-traveling device. Although, I imagine that it will cause more trouble than good.

Iron Man (2008) – Exoskeleton Suit

When Iron Man first came out, a lot of people started dreaming about what it would be like to wear Tony Stark’s suit. Maybe it is possible for one man to do it, as long as they have a lot of money and knowledge of robotics and whatnot. We already know it’s not impossible, because DARPA already did it.

Of course, they had funding and inventors came together to build the exoskeleton. It has already been tested by having a soldier wear it and carry a heavy missile. The exoskeleton doesn’t look as clean as Iron Man’s Mark 42, but even Tony Stark started with Mark One.

‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ – Tablets/iPads

The sci-fi film was a hit when it was released, and it’s still loved by some today. In a scene in the movie, you’ll see an astronaut navigating what appears to be a big screen, along with buttons at the bottom. Looks familiar? Of course, it is, since we already have those now. The film was made more than four decades before iPads became a thing. Mind-blowing, right?

‘The Terminator’ (1984) – Drones

In the movie, there were scenes where you could see military drones flying about. At the time, it was still no more than a work of fiction. Fast forward to now, we already have military drones that can be controlled remotely. There are even drones made solely for playing with, which are easily accessible through online stores. It just shows how our impossible today is something you might be able to buy from street vendors in the future.

‘Total Recall’ (1990) – Autonomous Cars

“Total Recall” has a scene where the main character rides a taxi cab that drives by itself, as suggested by FDM Group. We can already see signs of that happening as self-driving cars emerge. One of the famous brands right now for semiautonomous driving is Tesla. Just a few more tweaks and a few more years, we might not even need steering wheels anymore.


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