7 things to consider before buying new wireless headphones

Many people cannot imagine their life without headphones since they allow them to listen to music anytime without disturbing others or answering an incoming call without even taking their smartphones out of their pockets. However, choosing a suitable gadget is not the easiest task, as everyone wants to pick a quality device without overpaying for it. We first consider wireless headphones prices, but there are other critical things. On this page, you will find the most helpful tips on choosing the best wireless headphones and what to look for when buying.

1.  Primary Characteristics Worth Special Attention

The sound quality is undoubtedly the most important parameter when choosing any headphones. Poor sound spoils the whole impression and mood when listening to your favourite music. That is why paying attention to such parameters as frequency range, sensitivity, and impedance is critical. The higher these characteristics are, the better sound the device will eventually provide.

One of the questions people usually have is where to buy wireless headphones. The choice is truly insane, and most prefer ordering the desired gadgets online. For instance, E-catalog offers a huge selection of different gadgets at reasonable prices. Take a look at the catalogue, and you might like something in it!

2.  Material Quality

Another factor to consider is the material the headphones are made of. For instance, well-known brands use the best resources when creating their products, while some Chinese companies often save costs for manufacturing and use low-quality analogues. Although such gadgets are considerably cheap, they would hardly provide users with good sound.

3.  Availability of Noise Cancellation Feature

People often want to hide from the whole world just by turning on their favourite songs in their headphones and relaxing for a while. But it is worth noting that not all devices offer high-quality noise reduction. The best option is to get gadgets with an ANC (active noise cancellation) system that recognises extraneous sounds and automatically blocks them for more comfortable listening. This technology has one significant disadvantage: it quickly discharges the battery, so it is unlikely to suit those who listen to music all the time.

If you cannot get headphones with such a characteristic, at least pay attention to the devices covering the ear canal and blocking some noise. One of their advantages is that they are small and easy to carry, as they can even fit in your pocket.

4.  Charging and Battery Life of the Device

One of the downsides of wireless earbuds is that you need to charge them regularly. Unfortunately, technology has not come up with devices that would work on solar energy, although we would not refuse such an innovation. On average, wireless headphones can hold a charge for 5-7 hours without interruption. Some models can withstand up to 20 hours, but they are much more expensive.

5.  Headphone Shape and Size

This option is individual and depends on your preferences. It is best to think about where you will use the device, at home, on the street, in the office, or at the gym. This point will directly influence the choice and convenience of gadget usage. Most people now prefer small headphones that don’t get in the way or fall out of the ear. However, there are also adherents of classic large models.

6.  The Availability of a Microphone

If listening to music is your sole purpose for buying headphones, you can do without a microphone. But it is better to choose devices with this function initially. For example, if someone calls you when you listen to music, you may be lazy to turn off the headphones and reach for the smartphone to answer. This is why the presence of a microphone seems to be a minor factor, but its absence can eventually cause inconvenience.

7 things to consider before buying new wireless headphones

7.  Connection Quality

The best option is to select devices with Bluetooth since they will work well with any smartphone, tablet, or laptop. These gadgets have a good range, and the sensitivity to obstacles is absent. It doesn’t matter which headphones type you’ve chosen, external or those to insert into the ears, since both usually have Bluetooth connection that doesn’t interrupt and allows listening to music without interference.

Additional Features That May be Useful

We have listed the basic criteria that you should consider when picking suitable headphones. However, there are more little things that can influence the convenience of using the device. They include:

  • Cable connection function that may transform your wireless headphones to classic ones if the battery is low.
  • The weight of the device is essential since it affects the safety of its usage; it’s better to choose models no more than 0.3 kg.
  • Volume controls on headphones make their usage more comfortable.

All these little tips may be helpful when choosing the perfect gadget that you can use for many years. We hope that in this article, we have answered the main question about wireless headphones: what to choose. The selection on the market is insane since numerous tech companies regularly present their new developments to the public. Of course, the main thing to consider is still your comfort when wearing the device, so try the available options and decide the most suitable one.

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