When it comes to streaming platforms, Roku is in the lead. However, there are occasionally challenges with speed and connections, as there are with everything internet-related. When it’s movie weekend, nobody wants to haste and wait!

Even though a Roku streaming stick or Roku TV is a fantastic innovation, there are times when it may be sluggish.

When, for example, you tap the Netflix button on the remote, the app may occasionally load slowly. Sometimes it takes a few seconds for a movie to load.

Although a delay of 5 or 6 seconds might not seem like much, it can be annoying and interfere with the privilege of watching.

This tutorial will discuss the typical causes of why is my Roku tv so slow and solutions. So with that said, let us get going!

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1 The Main Reason Why Your Roku TV is Slow

1.1 Internet Connection Instability
1.2 Hardware damage
1.3 Network Congestion

2 Fix: Why is my Roku TV So Slow

2.1 Restart your Roku device
2.2 Assess the Internet connection
2.3 Opt for a wired connection instead
2.4 Your router’s WiFi channel should be changed.
2.5 Widen your bandwidth to reduce latency
2.6 Update your Roku TV
2.7 Remote Control Problems
2.8 Alter the Bit Rate
2.9 Roku TV factory reset

3 Conclusion

4 FAQs

4.1 Why Is My Streaming Video And Audio Out Of Sync?
4.2 How Do I Get To The Roku Secret Menu?
4.3 What Is The Roku PIN Code?
4.4 Is My Roku Outdated?
4.5 Why Is My Roku TV So Slow?

The Main Reason Why Your Roku TV is Slow

There are various reasons why your Roku TV can slow down. It could be caused by a malfunctioning hardware component, a congested network, a shaky internet connection, or even service outages. 

You may resolve these problems by increasing or expanding your network, replacing the problematic hardware, or resetting your Roku TV.

Your Roku TV may become sluggish due to network congestion, broken hardware, service interruptions, and an inconsistent internet connection. 

There are various reasons why our Roku TV can slow down. 

It could be caused by a malfunctioning hardware component, a congested network, a slow internet connection, or even service interruptions. You may resolve these problems by increasing or expanding your bandwidth, replacing the problematic hardware, or resetting your Roku TV.

Internet Connection Instability

As was already said, trying to stream UHD material on a Roku device might be ruined by a lack of available bandwidth. 

When your internet connection is erratic, you will have a similar experience. As a result, loading the UI anytime launching a streaming app on Roku TV would take over five irritating seconds.

Hardware damage

Roku TV becomes difficult to use if the hardware is broken or defective. The Roku TV may receive delayed signals due to a malfunctioning Roku timer. 

The Roku streaming device may slowly send signals to your TV due to a faulty HDMI connection.

It may also result from a broken router or a Roku streaming device.

The signal transmission could be delayed if your hardware is malfunctioning. It may also take place if you employ outdated technology.

Modern devices nearly usually have better technology than older gear.

Network Congestion

Your Roku TV would run slower due to increased network traffic if only one WiFi router is used to connect all the devices in your home. 

A single WiFi router must swiftly switch between each device and has limited capabilities. When there are too many devices on the network, this creates an issue.

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The issue worsens when your ISP gives you a limited amount of bandwidth. While a 20Mbps connection may power a single 4K video, the bandwidth is shared among all the devices connected to the network, slowing down your Roku TV.

Fix: Why is my Roku TV So Slow

Now that you know the issues, solving them will be simple. If you use these troubleshooting techniques, your Roku TV’s speed will improve noticeably.

    Restart your Roku device.Assess the Internet connectionOpt for a wired connection insteadYour router’s WiFi channel should be changed.Widen your bandwidth to reduce latencyUpdate your Roku TV.Remote Control ProblemsAlter the Bit RateRoku TV factory reset

Restart your Roku device

This is the simplest and initial step I use to diagnose any issues with my Roku TV. Cache issues can occasionally arise while using the Roku TV for an extended period. 

Bugs may potentially cause your Roku TV to run slowly. Restarting the device frequently solves these software problems.

Rebooting the Roku TV:


    Select Settings by pressing the Home button and swiping down the menu.Use the arrow keys to go down and choose System.Next, pick Power and scroll down to choose System restart.After that, choose Restart and wait for the Roku TV to restart for a few minutes.The Roku TV should not be slow now once it starts over.

To restart the system, you may alternatively disconnect the power from your Roku TV and then plug it back in, or you can use the shortcut buttons on the remote. Press the following buttons sequentially to restart your Roku TV using button shortcuts:

    Five times on the Home button.Once, press the up button.Two times on the rewind buttonTwo times press the fast-forward button.

Assess the Internet connection

When you experience a problem with your streaming devices, you should never discount the likelihood of a poor internet connection. On Roku TV, there are numerous solutions to resolve wifi problems.

An unstable internet will slow down Roku TV and make it take longer for applications and channels to load, leading you to believe that there is a hardware problem.

Be careful to check the network’s signal strength and speed.

    Click and open the Settings button on the Home screen.Select About after selecting Network. You can view the signal strength, download speed, and other network information.Select the Check connection option to test your connection for better analysis.

You are good to proceed if the feedback for download speed and signal strength is good or exceptional. On the other hand, if it is good or awful, it suggests your internet connection is erratic.

If you experience a poor internet connection, consider checking the network using an internet speed tester program on a different device, such as your cell phone. Try refreshing the router/modem if the speeds are fluctuating.

After a few seconds, unplug the router/modem and replug it in approximately 20- 30 seconds. Check for issues by doing another connection test.

Opt for a wired connection instead

As opposed to a wireless connection, a cable connection is unaffected by interference and traffic problems.

If you have a poor internet connection, it is advised that you connect using an Ethernet cable.

Using a wired connection to connect:

    Go to the Settings section of RokuTV after connecting the Ethernet wire.Select Set new connection under Network.Select Wired, and the system will set up the connection immediately.

Not all Roku TVs are equipped with an Ethernet port. Some TV makers may skimp on this component of the hardware.

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Your router’s WiFi channel should be changed.

You could occasionally notice a slow streaming speed if your Wi-Fi network is assigned to a channel that could have severe latency and interference problems.

Try adjusting the network channel on your router’s portal to solve this problem.

Changing your router’s wifi channel:

    Use an Ethernet or USB connection to link the router to your computer. On the browser, type in your router’s IP address.After the portal screen displays, log in to your account by entering the user ID and password.Look in the advanced settings menus for the Wireless channel menu.Ensure that the first, sixth, or eleventh channel in the 2.4 GHz band is selected. Choose the smallest 5 GHz band channel that is available.Save the modifications, then log out of the portal. Try restarting the modem or router before attempting to network-connect Roku TV.

Widen your bandwidth to reduce latency

In terms of streaming, network congestion is a big warning sign since it might cause latency to grow.

This implies that if your internet service provider intercepts a significant traffic volume, you may see lagging and buffering problems, mostly due to insufficient bandwidth allotment.

If your router supports dual-band networks, consider switching to a greater bandwidth in this situation.

You may simply connect to a 5 GHz band for lower latency because almost all Roku TVs offer dual-band connections.

Follow these instructions to change the network bandwidth on your Roku TV.

    Click and choose Network under the Settings menu.Select Wireless under Set up connection.After entering the password, choose the 5GHz band network.

Update your Roku TV


When using outdated firmware, your Roku TV may experience sluggish interfaces and laggy apps.

By finishing the remaining updates on your system, bugs and problems impairing system performance may be eliminated.

To get the most recent update for your Roku TV:

    Click and choose System from the Settings menu.To manually check for updates, click System Update and then choose Check now.

Install any updates that are discovered following the scan. Check for problems once the device has restarted.

Remote Control Problems


The TV’s execution of instructions might appear delayed due to an unresponsive remote.

Examine the batteries to see whether the remote has enough juice. You should think about updating them if the signal appears to be sluggish and partial in transmission.

To re-establish the connection, you might also try unpairing the remote from the TV and pairing it again. Take these actions to achieve it.

    Switch the TV off and take the batteries out of the remote.Reinstall the batteries and hit the pairing button adjacent to the battery compartment after turning the TV back on. Watch for the onscreen instructions as soon as the LED begins to blink.To create a connection, adhere to the onscreen instructions.

You might need to get a new remote if the issue is with the remote’s hardware. Check the connection with another remote to see if it helps to confirm the problem. If there are no issues, your old remote could be broken.

You have the option of using a Harmony remote or a universal control that is exclusive to Roku.

Alter the Bit Rate

Applications and channels like Netflix and HBO MAX are absolute data hogs since they need more bandwidth to function properly.

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This may be a problem, particularly if you have several devices linked to the same network as the Roku TV.

Altering the device’s bit rate is a feasible but rather complex approach.

Although certain applications and channels may benefit, most major streaming services, like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, and others, have network-based auto adjustments built right into the channel.

Follow these instructions to override the bit rate option on your Roku TV.


    Press the Home button on your Roku remote five times, the Fast Forward button twice, and the Reverse button three times in succession.The Roku Secret Menu will appear after these buttons are pressed.Choose Bit Rate Override from the menu.From this point, you can adjust the bit rate as needed.

If the speeds fluctuate, try a different ‘Mbps’ option. However, the Automatic selection could also be useful.

Roku TV factory reset

The device may just require a reset to eliminate all the accumulated cache memories and modified preferences. The gadget will become speedier after a reset than it is currently.

Follow these instructions on the Roku TV to reset the gadget.

    Click and choose System from the Settings menu.Pick Advanced System Settings from the menu.Select Factory Reset on step 3.Type the unique code from the screen’s bottom right corner, then click OK.Hold off till the procedure is over. Place the TV in place and see if it has become snappy.You may easily reset the device by holding the reset button on the TV’s back. 

There may be a pinhole button on certain vintage TVs. Such buttons should be pressed with a pointed instrument.


Who wants a slow Roku TV? Sure no one does, and that is exactly why we have elaborated 9 major strategies you can apply to ensure you don’t have to wait long minutes for your Roku TV to deliver action.

We hope your problem is solved, and if it isn’t, you may as well contact Roku TV customer care to get help delivered to your doorstep.


Why Is My Streaming Video And Audio Out Of Sync?

The audio and visuals on your TV may not be in sync for various reasons, including the broadcast itself or a poor connection between your cable or satellite set-top box when viewing the TV.

How Do I Get To The Roku Secret Menu?

Press the Home button five times, then the directional pad on the remote’s Up, Left, Up, Up, Up buttons to enter this secret menu. The HDMI hidden menu provides information on whether your Roku device and the TV support HDMI outputs, including 1080p, 4K @ 60Hz, 4K HDR and more, as illustrated in the image below.

What Is The Roku PIN Code?

To assist you handle payments, subscriptions, and services, you may generate a Roku PIN (personal identification number) via your Roku account. Any transaction that requires authorization must first be authorized using a PIN.

Is My Roku Outdated?

Models 2400 to 3100 of Roku devices will no longer get service as of June 24, 2020. This also includes the Roku streaming stick, models 3420 or earlier. Up to the switchover date, you may still use these older Roku models to access Hulu.

Why Is My Roku TV So Slow?

Update the newest version and restart your Roku TV if it runs slowly. Check the remote connectivity and the internet. The RAM is used by out-of-date software and unnecessary apps, which slows down the Roku TV.


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