meetboard, online class, interactive board
(Photo : AG Neovo)

Growing up in the technological era, you may be fortunate enough to have a smart board in your school or workplace. This interactive display has been in line to replace projectors and traditional visual aids used by academic institutions or corporate spaces. It is significantly more environment-friendly since it’s paperless and encourages a more immersive meeting experience.

Today, as more lectures, conferences, and other activities transition online, smart board technology’s interactive display can offer more than what’s expected. Fortunately, AG Neovo’s Meetboard 3 is one of these technologies.

What Does a SMART Board Do?

Even though smart boards are increasingly prevalent, some people may still be unaware of how they work. For starters, a smart board comes with an interactive display that employs touch sensing for user input.

It functions similarly to a computer. However, you use your fingers instead of a mouse to edit documents, surf websites, and work together on projects. Most importantly, an interactive whiteboard display on a smart board can modernize standard video conferencing techniques.

What Is a Smart Board Interactive Display?

The best smart board with interactive displays optimizes video conferencing in both online classrooms and business meetings. It does not only make conferences more participatory and entertaining but also eliminates a few flaws with traditional visual aids.

There’s the trouble of needing to connect each gadget to the projector, as well as the tangle of multiple cords. It is also insecure and makes annotating presentations difficult.

But there’s a system for wireless presenting to avoid that. Many of these solutions are already widely available on the market. AG Neovo’s Meetboard 3 is one of them.

This revolutionary wireless presentation solution based on a smart interactive screen eliminates the need for third-party devices while also making meetings more entertaining and productive.

AG Neovo Meetboard 3

AG Neovo Meetboard 3 is a user-friendly, powerful, and portable interactive display ideal for schools, conference rooms, and co-working spaces. Thanks to its configurable settings and simple app connection, you can build your collaboration experience no matter where you are.

meetboard, online class, interactive board
(Photo : AG Neovo)

Key Features and Benefits

    Meetboard 3 is an easy-to-use interactive display offering a unique launcher with four simple app shortcuts and a customizable sidebar menu. Users can quickly tap on the icon to get what they want in only one step.

    Choose from various colors and brush sizes to draw, clean, and swiftly annotate your web pages, YouTube videos, or any other file type. Connect to and access your content from various input devices, such as a USB drive or a laptop computer.

    Customize the assistive menu on Meetboard. Select your favorite applications and place them on the assistive menu.

    You can easily access local files, USB devices, and Cloud Drives, and access them even faster using the Finder App. IT administrators can also configure SAMBA services and FTP to make file access easier for intranet users.

    The optional mobile cart can transform any area into a remote meeting and learning space.

    Meetboard provides an intelligent Whiteboard App to help you visualize your unique ideas.

    You may save and publish meeting results by USB Drive, Cloud Drive, QR Code, or email with a single touch.

    AG Neovo listens to customer feedback and thus can optimize their product quickly based on them.

    Using apps on Meetboard 3 cannot be any simpler. There is no add-on license fee for you to purchase. Users can also integrate their preferable software on this Android-based platform.

Meetboard 3 is not only a display but a total collaborative solution with optional mobile carts and web cameras for all meeting spaces or classrooms.

Most significantly, Meetboard allows you to bring your own meeting anywhere. Using a single USB-C connection, fast and easily connect your devices to Meetboard. While charging your gadgets, mirror and touch the screen. It’s also simple to install an all-in-one web camera and preload your preferred video conferencing apps.

Can You Use a SMART Board With Zoom?

This interactive flat panel display smart board can work with Zoom and other video conferencing apps. It provides a video conference that allows your employees and teams to join from anywhere in the country. So if you’re searching for a video conference collaboration solution to help your business flourish with a remote workforce, Meetboard 3 features the following functionalities below:

Install Video Conferencing Apps on Meetboard

It works with all-in-one video conferencing cameras that use a single USB cable for simple installation. There is no need to install additional drivers or configure the system. For better resolution, the suggested cameras are:

    Logitech Meetup

    Logitech C930E

    Logitech C525

    Logitech BCC950

    AVer 342 / 342+

meetboard, online class, interactive board
(Photo : AG Neovo) How to Install Video Conferencing Apps on Meetboard?

Additionally, Meetboard interactive display runs on an open-source Android platform, allowing you to install your favorite video-conferencing software. You may install programs or APKs from official or third-party websites into the Meetboard system. However, consider that AG Neovo does not ensure the performance or compatibility of the said third-party applications.

    The first step in using Meetboard is downloading the software and saving it to a safe location. If you already have, you can store APK files on a USB drive.

    After saving the APK to a USB drive or downloading it into the Meetboard system, you must locate your downloaded file and prepare to set it up.

    Finally, you put the software file on your Meetboard, launch the application, and install it on your interactive display. You’re now ready to begin your conference call with your team members.

Using Digital Whiteboard App in Video Conferencing

You can also use this smart board as a presenting platform and organize a video conference with a connected camera and installed software for both on-site and online guests.

You can access your data through USB or internal memory and utilize all of the flat panel display’s functionalities, including the digital whiteboard program for taking notes, browser, video, and so on. Both on-site colleagues and distant online clients can observe your entire presentation on the screen at the same time.

BYOD Presentations on Meetboard During Video Conferencing

Now, when presentations by various presenters are taking place in the same conference room, most presenters would usually prefer to utilize their own devices during the video conference.

Fortunately, presenters can wirelessly show files on a large screen by synchronizing their own devices with Meetboard through AirPlay, Miracast, or Chromecast. As the meeting room organizer, the presenter may also control Meetboard capabilities and assign on-site or distant online guests for the next session.

meetboard, online class, interactive board
(Photo : AG Neovo)

However, one must first install the ScreenSharePro program or app on the device to use this function.

This is unquestionably the time to revamp your video conferencing and make them more interactive, engaging, and modern. Schedule a demo to get started with Meetboard. Plus, get a 20% off for one month on Amazon when you use the code Techtimes.


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