Founder in Five: Q&A with Encord CEO Ulrik Stig Hansen

Ulrik Stig Hansen is the co-founder and CEO of Encord, a London-based computer vision training data platform. The company’s platform is used by businesses to make unstructured data readable by machines. Its tools include data annotation, evaluation, and management ...

Building & Operating High-Fidelity Data Streams

Transcript Anand: My name is Sid Anand. Given that this is a data track, I'm sure many of you are already familiar with streams, but for those of you who are new to it, this might serve as a ...

Enabling Engineering Productivity at the Financial Times

Transcript Wells: Today's track is all about optimizing your organization for speed. I want to spend a bit of time talking about that, because the key element of speed that I think matters the most is how long it ...

On a Quest to Sustainable Happy Profit: How to Create a Sustainability Framework That Works for You

Key Takeaways We are living in a pivotal time for the whole world, where Green Recovery can act as an enabler. It is possible to have sustainable, happy profits while benefiting people and the planet Sustainability goes beyond just ...

Fujitsu Computing as a Service launched via public cloud

Fujitsu has unveiled its new service portfolio, Fujitsu Computing as a Service (CaaS), to accelerate digital transformation (DX) and empower customers globally by offering access to some of the world’s most advanced computing technologies via the cloud for commercial ...

Data Cloud Alliance created to solve modern digital transformation challenges

Google Cloud and many of the fastest-growing data, analytics, storage, and database providers in the tech industry have formed an initiative to ensure that global businesses have more seamless access and insights into the data required for digital transformation. ...

EleutherAI Open-Sources 20 Billion Parameter AI Language Model GPT-NeoX-20B

Researchers from EleutherAI have open-sourced GPT-NeoX-20B, a 20-billion parameter natural language processing (NLP) AI model similar to GPT-3. The model was trained on 825GB of publicly available text data and has performance comparable to similarly-sized GPT-3 models. The release ...

Importance of cloud labelling increasing in global supply chains

Almost three quarters (73%) of companies believe the cloud will be the preferred method for labelling applications within the next three years. This is according to an annual report published by Loftware, a software company specialising in enterprise labelling ...

Using Patterns to Drive a Transformation towards Agility - Practical Insights from Large Companies

Key Takeaways What many companies call an “Agile Transformation” is in fact a transformational journey to increase an organisation's ability to adapt fast to changes. There is no blueprint for the journey to becoming an adaptive organisation. Instead of a ...

AI system inspects astronauts’ gloves for damage in real-time

Microsoft and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HSE) are working with NASA scientists to develop an AI system for inspecting astronauts’ gloves. Space is an unforgiving environment and equipment failures can be catastrophic. Gloves are particularly prone to wear and tear ...

The InfoQ Podcast - 2022 InfoQ Software Architecture & Design Trends

Each year, InfoQ editors discuss what we’ve been observing across the entire software development landscape, and create several trends reports, each with its own graph of the adoption curve. This helps the editorial team focus its reporting on innovative ...

Software Architecture and Design InfoQ Trends Report—April 2022

Key Takeaways “Data plus architecture” is the idea that, more frequently, software architecture is adapting to consider data. This holistically includes data quality, data pipelines, and traceability to understand how data influenced decisions and AI models. Innovative software architecture is ...

Beyond POSIX - Adventures in Alternative Networking APIs

Transcript Barker: For this talk, I'm going to survey a bunch of APIs that give you alternative approaches to accessing your networking infrastructure, ideally, with the goal of improving performance. This is a mechanical sympathy track. What I hope ...

Application-Layer Encryption Basics for Developers

Transcript Potoczny-Jones: I'm Isaac Potoczny-Jones. We'll explore how to choose between application layer and infrastructure layer encryption, and what we mean by those two things. When to choose asymmetric and symmetric encryption, at least at a very high level. ...

The Spectrum of Synchronousness

Transcript Stanier: The one thing I want you to take away from this talk is a great model that you can use to improve your communication at work, especially if you're in a hybrid or remote working environment. What ...

Lead with Speed

Transcript Kissler: My name is Courtney Kissler. I'm very excited to be here to talk about a topic that is near and dear to my heart, leading with speed. I'm going to share a little bit about the experiences ...

MIT launches cross-disciplinary program to boost AI hardware innovation

MIT has launched a new academia and industry partnership called the AI Hardware Program that aims to boost research and development. “A sharp focus on AI hardware manufacturing, research, and design is critical to meet the demands of the ...

InfoQ Culture & Methods Trends Report - March 2022

Key Takeaways Hybrid work needs careful redesign and reassessment of the workplace and will be a significant challenge going forward Culture matters more than ever before as people are reassessing their options around workplaces and styles Team topologies and being ...

Syntiant raises £42m to scale its global edge AI chip provision

Syntiant, a leading edge AI chip developer, has closed $55 million (£42m) in a series D funding round, bringing total investment in the company to $120 million (£91m) since its founding in 2017. The Silicon Valley-based firm bagged five ...

Otter's AI now spares you the pain of summarizing meetings

Otter You might not have cause to panic the next time you miss an important meeting. Otter is updating its collaboration tool with a beta “Automatic Outline” feature that uses the AI-based Assistant to automatically create a meeting summary. ...

UK firms ‘have limited awareness’ of cloud native security

Around a third of companies say that between 50-75% of their apps are cloud native, yet 20% have no cloud native security strategy in place. This is according to a study by Aqua Security, which also found that 68.3% ...

AI in the justice system threatens human rights and civil liberties

The House of Lords Justice and Home Affairs Committee has determined the proliferation of AI in the justice system is a threat to human rights and civil liberties. A report published by the committee today highlights the rapid pace ...

Platform engineering brings self-service centre stage

Platform engineering defined Platform engineering is the practice of building and operating a common platform for internal development teams to share and use for accelerating software releases. In practice, there are slightly different views of platform engineering. But a common ...

From Natural Language Queries to Insights: GCP BigQuery Data QnA Usage in Twitter

In a recent blog article, the Twitter engineering team has shared architectural details of their internal Qurious data insights platform and its advantages for real-time analysis. Designed for business customers, the platform allows users to analyze Twitter’s BigQuery data ...

Meta AI Labs Introduces BuilderBot, a Voice Control Builder for Virtual Worlds

Meta’s latest AI research introduces BuilderBot, a new tool to fuel creativity in the metaverse capable of generating immersive objects through voice commands only. Building for the metaverse will require major breakthroughs in artificial intelligence. Meta AI labs is ...

Meta Announces Conversational AI Model Project CAIRaoke

Meta AI Research recently announced Project CAIRaoke, an end-to-end deep-learning model for digital assistants. Project CAIRaoke is currently being used in Meta's Portal device and outperforms a previous conversational model when evaluated on a reminder task. Meta announced the model ...

South Korean AI-driven FinTech firm Akros Technologies raises $3.75M funding led by PeopleFund

South Korea-based artificial intelligence (AI)-driven asset management fintech start-up Akros Technologies (Akros) announced on Tuesday that it has raised $3.75 million led by South Korea-based peer-to-peer lending platform PeopleFund. Under the mission “engineering disruptive finance”, Akros seeks to address ...

Three myths about cloud costs debunked   

With the increased investment in remote workforces since the start of the pandemic and subsequent acceleration in cloud adoption and digital transformation, cost reduction initiatives have grown in importance as a critical consideration for technology leaders and C-Suite. According ...

Strategies for Assessing and Prioritizing Security Risks Such as Log4j

Key Takeaways Due to the high volume of vulnerabilities that exist in large production infrastructures, differentiating between vulnerability and exploitability can allow teams to focus on the most dangerous exploits first. A good first step in any security program ...

Babylon Health taps Google Cloud to boost scalability and innovation

AI-powered healthcare service Babylon Health has announced a partnership with Google Cloud to boost scalability and innovation. London-based Babylon Health is a digital-first health service provider that uses AI and machine learning technology to provide access to health information ...

Data Pipelines & Data Mesh: Where We Are and What the Future Looks Like

Transcript Nardon: My name is Fabiane Nardon. The panelists are Zhamak and Tareq, and Jacek Laskowski, who is the author of several books on technologies used for creating data pipelines, and creates data pipelines every day. Can I ask ...

Microsoft Introduces Azure Health Data Services: Protected Health Information on the Cloud

Microsoft recently announced Azure Health Data Services, a Platform-as-a-Service that allows organizations to upload, store, manage and analyze healthcare data in the open standards FHIR and DICOM. Part of Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, the new service is a collection of ...

Data Pipelines & Data Mesh: Where We Are and How the Future Looks Like

Transcript Nardon: My name is Fabiane Nardon. The panelists are Zhamak and Tareq, and Jacek Laskowski, who is the author of several books on technologies used for creating data pipelines, and creates data pipelines every day. Can I ask ...

Panel: Living on the Edge

Transcript Fedorov: Welcome everyone to the discussion panel for the API acceleration and edge computing track. From today's presentations, we've learnt a lot about architecting, and making our systems to optimize for data delivery, with solutions to bring compute ...

Sales automation startup Avnio exits stealth mode with £3m seed funding

London-based sales automation startup Avnio has exited stealth mode with a £3m seed investment led by early stage VC firm Felicis Ventures. Avnio will use the investment, shared exclusively with UKTN, to fuel its expansion to the US and ...

Gensyn funding: AI startup harnessing the power of idle GPUs raises £5m

London-based AI company Gensyn has closed a $6.5m (£4.92m) seed round of funding led by Web3 infrastructure VC Eden Block. The funding will go towards the launch of Gensyn’s decentralised computer network for training AI models. Gensyn harvests the ...

Methane detecting drone firm Flylogix flies high with £3m funding boost

Methane detecting drone company Flylogix has received a £3m equity investment from BP Ventures, the investment firm from British oil and gas company BP. The cash injection from BP is the latest part of Flylogix’s current funding round, led ...

Q&A: How to make AI systems learn better

Credit: Springer Artificial intelligence systems are smart. They can recognize patterns better than humans, for example. Yet humans are still very much needed. How can you better steer those AI systems? LIACS lecturer Jan van Rijn wrote a book ...

Insights into the Emerging Prevalence of Software Vulnerabilities

Key Takeaways A critical distinction between software bugs and vulnerabilities is that the former is often attributed to logic errors. In contrast, the latter is exploitable and can violate one or more security pillars, Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability (CIA). The ...

ICO chief: algorithmic transparency should come before commercial interests

The UK’s recently appointed information commissioner has said he intends to put consumers’ rights to algorithmic transparency above the intellectual property (IP) concerns of companies. Information commissioner John Edwards said in an interview with Sky News that he is ...


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Continuous Portfolio Management as a Contributor for Achieving Highly-Aligned, Loosely-Coupled Teams

Chipmaker Arm to cut hundreds of jobs after $40bn Nvidia deal collapse

Refugee enterprise learning platform Chatterbox raises £1.5m

Boltzbit bags £1.6m for low-code generative AI platform

Arm is cutting up to 1,000 jobs after Nvidia deal collapses

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