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Now that Christmas is practically here, the largest return season of the year is also right around the corner. Get a jumpstart on replacing the gifts you’re likely to take back with fantastic savings on powerful AirPods, convenient robot vacuums, and more.

Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) For $199.99 ($49.01 Off)

deals, black friday


Over years of development and iteration, Apple has perfected the wireless earbuds formula with fantastic options for all types of consumers. This week, the latest Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Gen) are back down to their Black Friday sales price of $199.99 ($49.01). For the cash, you get a pair of brand-new buds with enhanced noise cancelation for quieting the world around you, personalized spatial audio that immerses you in whatever you’re listening to, wireless charging capabilities for ultimate convenience, and 33% better battery life than the previous version.

Roborock S7 MaxV Plus Robot Vacuum For $869.99 ($290 Off)

deals, black friday


Another item that’s back down to its Black Friday sales price is the Roborock S7 MaxV Plus robot vacuum. At $869.99 ($290 off), this beast is one of the best options the company has to offer. It comes with a durable all-rubber brush, retractable vibrating mop head, it will achieve some of the most intense suction power ever found in a commercial robot vacuum, and it includes an auto-empty dock that lets the S7 MaxV Plus empty itself.

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential For $27.99 ($42 Off)

deals, black friday


If one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to get more sleep and/or cut down on the time you spend on your phone, this Lenovo Smart Clock Essential can help. At just $27.99 ($42 off), you can charge your phone in the other room every night and rely on this fella to wake you in the morning, provide weather updates, and field questions with some help from Alexa. It may be small, but the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential has a lot to offer, so much so that it earned our coveted Editor’s Choice badge in our official review.

Anker New Nylon USB-C to Lightning Charging Cord For $15.19 ($3.80 Off)

deals, black friday


Though Apple will soon have to start putting USB-C ports on all of their new devices, chances are you’ll need Lightning cables for all of your existing devices for years to come. If you’re the type that would rather stock up on cables now before they’re hard to find, look no further than this Anker option for $15.19 ($3.80). Each cable is 6 feet long, supports Power Delivery for fast charging, and MFi-certified, so they’re guaranteed to work just as well as Apple’s official cables.


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This Tiny MSI PC is Packed With Power

MSI Following the example set by the Mac Mini, many Windows-powered compact PCs have popped up recently with solid hardware. If none have quite caught your eye, though, maybe this PC by MSI will. MSI has just released a new tiny PC called the Cubi 5 12M, and it’s ...

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Logitech’s New Colorful Keyboards and Mice Look Great

Logitech Logitech makes some of the best keyboards and best mice around, and you might be familiar with the company’s RGB-packed gaming products. These new peripherals are really packed with color, but we’re not really talking about lights. Logitech has announced a range of new colors for a bunch ...

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Daily Deal: Buy a 10,000mAh wireless charging power bank for just $54

There are power banks and power banks with a wireless charger built-in, this one’s the latter. Samsung’s 10,000mAh battery pack provides the best of both worlds. Not only does it have a significant capacity but it’s also capable of wirelessly charging your device. The 10,000mAh capacity is more than ...

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