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New World comes with 12 different crafting skills for players to master. Arcanists specialize in crafting potions, tinctures, and magical weaponry like staves. With 200 crafting levels to master, there is a lot that an Arcanist brings to the table.

New World Arcana Skills

  • Level 0: Iron Fire Staff, Iron Life Staff, Iron Ice Gauntlet, Weak Health Potion, Weak Mana Potion, Common Blight Tincture, Common Corruption Tincture, Weak Alkahest
  • Level 1: Common Health Potion, Common Alkahest
  • Level 2: Common Mana Potion
  • Level 3: Common Regeneration Potion
  • Level 5: Falmea’s Wrath, Hope Manifest, Common Focus Potion
  • Level 7: Common beast Coating
  • Level 8: Common Lost Coating
  • Level 9: Common Corrupted Coating
  • Level 10: Common Ancient Coating
  • Level 11: Common Angry Earth Coating
  • Level 25: Shaman Initiate’s Staff, Earth Wisp, Fire Wisp, Air Wisp, Water Wisp, Soul Wisp, Death Wisp
  • Level 26: Sparklight
  • Level 27: Adept Cryomancer’s Gauntlet
  • Level 50: Steel Fire Staff, Steel Life Staff, Steel Ice Gauntlet, Strong Health Potion, Strong Blight Tincture, Strong Corruption Tincture, Strong Alkahest
  • Level 52: Strong Mana Potion
  • Level 53: Strong Regeneration Potion
  • Level 54: Strong Endurance Potion
  • Level 55: Strong Focus Potion
  • Level 56: Strong Encumbrance Potion
  • Level 57: Strong Beast Coating
  • Level 58: Strong Lost Coating
  • Level 59: Strong Corrupted Coating
  • Level 60: Amrine Temple Fire Staff, Obelisk Guard Fire Staff, Amrine Temple Life Staff, Obelisk Guard Life Staff, Amrine Temple Ice Gauntlet, Obelisk Guard Ice Gauntlet, Strong Ancient Coating, Sateen Arcane Embroidery, Hardwood Prayer Beads, Ancient Beaded Toten, Etched Dryad Bark, Rugged Leather Corrupted Fetish, Vial of Swirling Energy, Ancient Silver Talisman
  • Level 61: Strong Angry Earth Coating
  • Level 62: Strong Ancient Ward Potion, Strong Angry Earth Ward Potion, Strong Beast Ward Potion, Strong Fire Absorption Potion, Strong Lost ward Potion, Strong Arcane Absorption Potion, Strong Nature Absorption Potion, Strong Lightning Absorption Potion, Strong Void Absorption Potion
  • Level 75: Gaia’s Whim, Earth Essence, Fire Essence, Air Essence, Water Essence, Soul Essence, Life Essence, Death Essence
  • Level 76: Purest Intentions
  • Level 77: Whisper from the Frozen Vale
  • Level 80: Corrupted Life Staff
  • Level 81: Breach Hunter’s Fire Staff
  • Level 82: Arctic Dusk
  • Level 100: Starmetal Fire Staff, Starmetal Life Staff, Starmetal Ice Gauntlet, Powerful Health Potion, Powerful Blight Tincture, Powerful Corruption Tincture, Powerful Alkahest
  • Level 102: Powerful Mana Potion
  • Level 103: Powerful Regeneration Potion
  • Level 104: Powerful Endurance Potion
  • Level 105: Powerful Focus Potion
  • Level 106: Powerful Encumbrance Potion
  • Level 107: Powerful Beast Coating
  • Level 108: Powerful Lost Coating
  • Level 109: Powerful Corrupted Coating
  • Level 110: Deepwatcher Fire Staff, Shipyard Sentinel Fire Staff, Deepwatcher Life Staff, Shipyard Sentinel Life Staff, Deepwatcher Ice Gauntlet, Shipyard Sentinel Ice Gauntlet, Powerful Ancient Coating, Silk Arcane Embroidery, Wyrdwood Prayer Beads, Ancient Inscribed Totem, Carved Dryad Bark, Layered Leather Corrupted Fetish, Vial of Pulsing Energy, Ancient Gold Talisman
  • Level 111: Powerful Angry Earth Coating
  • Level 112: Powerful Ancient Ward Potion, Powerful Angry Earth Ward Potion, Powerful Beast Ward Potion, Powerful Corrupted Ward Potion, Powerful Lost Ward Potion, Powerful Fire Absorption Potion
  • Level 113: Powerful Arcane Absorption Potion, Powerful Nature Absorption Potion
  • Level 114: Powerful Lightning Absorption Potion
  • Level 115: Powerful Void Absorption Potion
  • Level 125: Earth Quintessence, Fire Quintessence, Air Quintessence, Water Quintessence, Soul Quintessence, Life Quintessence, Death Quintessence
  • Level 135: Devout Worry
  • Level 136: Insatiable Want
  • Level 137: Subduer’s Wrath
  • Level 140: Grasping Light, Balance of Life
  • Level 141: Eruption
  • Level 142: Thundersnow
  • Level 146: Magma Core Staff
  • Level 147: Brine of the Frosty Shore
  • Level 150: Orichalcum Fire Staff, Orichalcum Life Staff, Orichalcum Ice Gauntlet, Infused Health Potion, Infused Blight Tincture, Infused Corruption Tincture, Infused Alkahest
  • Level 152: Infused Mana Potion
  • Level 153: Infused Regeneration Potion
  • Level 154: Infused Endurance Potion
  • Level 155: Infused Focus Potion
  • Level 156: Infused Encumbrance Potion
  • Level 157: Infused Beast Coating
  • Level 158: Infused Lost Coating
  • Level 159: Infused Corrupted Coating
  • Level 160: Garden Keeper Fire Staff, Lazarus Watcher Fire Staff, Lazarus Watcher Life Staff, Garden Keeper Life Staff, Lazarus Watcher Ice Gauntlet, Garden Keeper Ice Gauntlet, Infused Ancient Coating, Infused Silk Arcane Embroidery, Ironwood Prayer Beads, Ancient Encrusted Totem, Runic Dryad Bark, Infused Leather Corrupted Fetish, Vial of Powerful Energy, Ancient Platinum Talisman
  • Level 161: Infused Angry Earth Coating
  • Level 162: Infused Ancient Ward Potion, Infused Angry Earth Ward Potion, Infused Beast Ward Potion, Infused Corrupted ward Potion, Infused Lost Ward Potion, Infused Fire Absorption Potion
  • Level 163: Infused Arcane Absorption Potion, Infused Nature Absorption Potion
  • Level 164: Infused Lightning Absorption Potion
  • Level 165: Infused Void Absorption Potion
  • Level 185: Echo of Grace
  • Level 186: Rage
  • Level 187: Master Cryomancer’s Gauntlet
  • Level 190: Windsinger
  • Level 191: Waning Crescent
  • Level 192: Frost Fairy’s Gift, Glacial Rage
  • Level 195: Blessed Wildwood Life Staff
  • Level 196: Enchanted Flame Staff
  • Level 200: Meteor Trail, Gortan’s Tainted Staff, Crystalline Curse

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