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Following the posting of a video on TikTok that included vital iPhone information, an Apple repair employee is under fear of termination for breaking company policies.

After Breaching Corporate Policy, an Apple Employee is Threatened With Termination

An employee who released a TikTok video with essential iPhone security advice presumably faces a threat from Apple of termination. Paris Campbell, the employee, claims she was informed that she had violated corporate policy by identifying herself as an Apple employee and tweeting on Apple-related issues.

Although Apple forbids employees from tweeting about technology, the company’s social media policy does caution staff from discussing clients, coworkers, or private information online.

In postings, tweets, and other online exchanges, you should be courteous in addition to being yourself, according to an internal policy.

Campbell, a single mother from New York, has worked for Apple for almost six years as a repair technician. According to scary text messages she received after helping a TikTok user who lost her iPhone at Coachella, her personal information would be sold on the black market until she unplugged the iPhone from her Apple ID.

She said in her response video, “I can’t tell you how I know this, but I’ve been a certified hardware engineer at a firm that loves to talk about fruit for the past six years.”

Five million people viewed that video in 24 hours. On August 12, Campbell was told to remove the video or face disciplinary action, including termination. The manager returned his previous answer when she questioned what would happen if she left the video online.

Campbell produced a second video titled “dear Apple” over the weekend in which she indicated she was an Apple employee expecting to be fired.

Since 2011, Campbell has performed stand-up comedy, and she has a sizable social media following, including 439,000 TikTok followers.

However, her popular posts may not save her job. Apple fired two campaigners last year for revealing confidential information. However, Campbell claims that there is nothing in her films that isn’t previously well known.

Federal Court in California Approved Apple’s $30M Settlement on Staff Bag Checks

Apple Inc.’s $30.5 million settlement in a complaint filed almost ten years ago alleging that the firm underpaid 15,000 retail employees by failing to compensate them for time spent in security checks after a federal court in California has approved their shifts.

On August 13, US District Judge William Alsup in San Francisco authorized the resolution of the class action from 2013. The California Supreme Court cited the case in 2020 to find that workers must be compensated under state law when they undergo required security checks.

The plaintiffs in Apple’s lawsuit said that after clocking off, retail employees often had to wait several minutes, sometimes much longer, to have their bags searched before they could exit the locations where they worked.

Alsup had rejected the complaint in 2015, claiming that since the employees were not allowed to bring personal goods to work that would need to be checked, they were not within the company’s control during security checks.

The California Supreme Court was requested by a federal appeals court to rule on the issue of whether post-shift screening time needed to be reimbursed under state law.

The state court ruled against Apple in 2020, stating that it was unreasonable to demand that workers not bring their things to work. The matter was brought back before the federal court, and Alsup said last year that he intended to award the plaintiffs summary judgment and order a trial on damages.


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