How To Check Airpod Battery On Android Phone

Airpods are compatible with all smartphones. This includes both iOS and Android. Even if you have no problems connecting to other Bluetooth devices, you won’t be able to use some of its features.  This would also mean that you will ...

How to Change Samsung Keyboard Theme Using Good Lock Modules

Although One UI provides numerous customization options, not all of them are easily accessible. For instance, if you try to change the theme of your Samsung Keyboard, you’ll only see four basic options—Light, Solid Light, Dark, and Solid Dark. Fortunately, ...

Learn How To Clear Cache On Android

Clearing the cache on an Android phone is an easy way to free up space. It will speed up your phone and fix issues like frequent app crashes. Here’s your go-to guide for everything related to the clear cache on ...

How To Turn Off Safe Mode On Android: 5 Easy Ways

Losing your phone can be challenging, mainly when you can’t track it. And if by any chance your phone is turned off, the task only becomes tougher. But there is nothing to worry about. Here’s everything you should know about ...

Contacts Disappeared From Android? 7 Best Fixes

If you are an Android user on a regular basis, the Contacts app is likely to have become an important part of your daily conversations. The extensive list of contacts allows you to communicate with people all around the world. ...

How To Stop Spam Texts On Android

Mobile messaging is set to overtake email as the most common form of communication. This implies that the spam emails you once used to receive over your emails have morphed into spam text messages on your android phone.  These Spam ...

How to Create and Edit Collages in Google Photos on Mobile

Do you want to share some old memories with friends and family? Instead of sending multiple pictures in chats, you can create and send collages too. Google Photos can not only backup photos on your desktop but also allows you ...

3 Ways To See How Much Time You Spend On Your Android Phone

Did you know that if we could total humanity’s mobile screen time, it would amount to almost the same time we humans took to first appear on the face of the earth? How much time do you spend on your ...

5 Best Ways To Edit Photos On Android

Smartphone photography has increased in popularity over the past several years due to smartphones’ constantly improving cameras. Also increasing is the demand for a good Android picture editor. You used your Android phone to capture a really lovely photo. You ...

How To Turn Off Amber Alerts On Android And iPhone

How to turn off amber alerts? If a child goes missing in your area, luckily, you will receive an AMBER alert on your smartphone. These alerts are beneficial because they spread essential information among the community. And you have a ...

3 Tips To Download YouTube Videos On Android

You like the video very much and want to watch it repeatedly. Or you have restrictions on daily data and can’t afford to rewatch the clip over the Internet connection. There are various ways to download youtube videos on android.  ...

4 Easy Steps To Set Up Visual Voicemail On Android

Installing visual voicemail on your Android is just a few taps away. Let our step-by-step guide show you how to set up visual voicemail on Android in minutes. Despite the technological advances of past decades, voicemail remains a widely used ...

7 Best Ways: Change Your Ringtone To A Song On Android

Do you want to change your ringtone to a song on android device? Learn how to change the ringtone on Android here. Are you fed up with trying to find the best ringtone for your device but can’t seem to ...

4 Best Apps To Hide Text Messages On Android

Nowadays, privacy is the biggest concern for most people. To make everything private, people found deleting as an option. But you can also hide text messages on Android without deleting them.  Not only text messages but also you can hide ...

4 Easy Methods To Recover Deleted Text Messages On Android

Your phone is nothing less than a mini-mineral source these days. Be it from regular calling services to different games, fitness, and banking apps. Everything is available at the command of your fingers. One such essential app is the text ...

Top 14 Free Music Download Apps For Android

What are the best free music download apps for android? If you’re a music enthusiast who enjoys listening to music, you can’t deny that mp3 music downloader applications are among the best Android apps accessible. And when it comes to ...

How To Transfer Files From Android To Android

Have you recently bought an Android phone, or have you just grown out of your old Android? If so, you might be looking for ways to transfer files from Android to Android. We save lots of memories, important files, apps, ...

8 Best Apps For Making Memes On Android

Whether you use Facebook, TikTok, Imgur, Snapchat, etc., you cannot do without posting a meme. Making memes is easier said than done.  With so many meme generator apps available, it can be hard to know which is best. This article ...

How To Transfer Files From Android To iPhone

“It’s difficult to share files from an iPhone to an Android. In this guide, you can find easy and fast methods to transfer files from Android to iPhone.” When shifting from iPhone to Android, users have often reported that they ...

10 Fixes: Security Policy Restricts Use Of Camera On Android

Are you unable to access your Camera app? The notification ‘Security policy restricts use of camera on android’ when trying to access the Camera or take a snap. Many users, especially those who have Samsung, have reported this. Let’s look ...

5 Easy Ways to Transfer Pictures from Android to Mac

The option to capture and save photos on Android smartphones is handy. The greatest advantage is that you get to carry your cherished moments everywhere you go. But that is not the only scenario. If you are changing the phone ...

6 Methods To Transfer Pictures From Android Phone To Computer

Is your Android Smartphone low on space? Are you trying to transfer pictures to someplace else? Well, we have got you covered.  We are way past the era when we used Digital Cameras to capture memories. And way into the ...

Top 6 Ways to Stop Wi-Fi From Turning On Automatically on Android

Does your Android phone keep connecting to random Wi-Fi networks on its own? There could be several reasons behind it, ranging from misconfigured Wi-Fi preferences to a rouge third-party app. Fortunately, it’s possible to stop Wi-Fi from turning on automatically ...

9 Best Ways to Fix Samsung Keyboard Lag in Galaxy Phones

Unlike most Android phones, Galaxy phones come with their own keyboard app—Samsung keyboard. It’s an excellent keyboard app with many useful features like swipe typing, text shortcuts, automatic sticker suggestions, and more. However, all of those features may not matter ...

Top 9 Ways to Fix Snapchat Not Working on Mobile Data

Even with the intense competition from the likes of Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, Snapchat still remains popular among the young generation. It’s a preferred social network for teens to quickly share live moments with friends and family. But what if ...

9 Fixes: Unfortunately Messaging Has Stopped

The messaging app is the default application for sending and receiving text messages on Android. However, several Android users have recently reported that when trying to send SMS using this app, Messaging keeps freezing. Regardless of what is causing the ...

How To Get Water Out Of Your Phone Speaker On Android

When it comes to smartphones, water is one of the worst enemies as it will make the gadgets not function at all. However, nowadays, some phones come with waterproof technology to a certain degree. But when the liquid stays in ...

How to Sign Out of Samsung Account on Phone and TV

When you are logged into a Samsung account on your phone to TV, you get benefits like the ability to download new apps, Samsung Pay, Samsung Health, and more. But if you want to troubleshoot your device or you want ...

How To Put Two Pictures Side By Side On Android

Want to put two photos side by side on your Android phone? It’s quite easy. We will show you how to do it in an uncluttered way. Everyone loves to capture images of remarkable physical transformation, cute pictures with friends ...

9 Best Fixes for App Icons Missing on Samsung Galaxy Phones

Can’t find some of the installed apps or games on your Samsung Galaxy phone? That can happen if you’ve accidentally hidden your app, placed it inside one of the app folders, or disabled it. If you don’t know the exact ...

How to Change WiFi Network On Chromecast

If you have switched to a New Modem/Router or moved to a New Place, you also need to change the WiFi Network on your Chromecast Device. Change WiFi Network on Chromecast When you change or replace the Router/Modem in your ...

How to Add a Website to Home Screen on iOS and Android

Do you find it time-consuming to find and open frequently visited websites on your smartphone? Every time going to the browser and typing the URL to open the website. There’s an easy way to deal with this situation. Let me ...

Pixel 7 Pro Tips and Tricks for Gestures

In this tutorial, I’ll show you the best Google Pixel 7 Pro tips and tricks for gestures. Google Pixel 7 series includes a new quick tap gesture to quickly access functions like take screenshot, play or pause media, toggling flashlight on/off, ...

How To Transfer Pictures From Android Phone To SD Card

We all wish our phones had unlimited storage. Especially if you have a great phone camera, the high-resolution and crystal-clear photos start to take up a lot of memory space on your android phone. However, there is an easy solution. ...

6 Methods To Transfer Data From Android To Android

There are numerous methods to transfer data across android phones without data loss. This instruction explains how to transfer phone data. A brand-new smartphone, how exciting. Isn’t there something wonderfully magical about opening a package, peeling off the protective plastic, ...

How To Transfer Pictures From Android Phone To iPhone

You will surely wish to transfer your photos from one device to another, irrespective of whether you are switching from Android to iPhone or vice versa. There are several ways to do this, each of which has its pros and ...

How to Use Lensa AI to Create an Avatar

Everyone is uploading their magical avatar made by AI on social media these days. Are you wondering how to create an avatar for yourself? Let me help you with this. The app that is trending these days for making these ...

How To Recover Deleted Photos From Android After Factory Reset

You may need to perform a hard reset on your Android smartphone in various conditions, including boosting your smartphone, solving some faults and bugs, wiping personal info before selling your mobile phone, and so on. If you find yourself in ...

How To Recover Deleted Photos From Android With Computer

We may occasionally delete images. Most Android phones have the ability to have images accidentally erased. On certain outdated Android smartphones, except the Apple or Laptop, there seems to be no “Recently Deleted” sub-folder or trash compacter in the Android ...

How To Recover Deleted Photos From Android Gallery Without Google Photos

Android phones are good for capturing images. It saves thousands of photos like your camera images, WhatsApp images, screenshots, and so on. But however, when in a hurry, people might delete some important moments of their life or work-related images.  ...


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