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After Bitcoin’s surge of 2.32% from the $16,800 support level yesterday, the cryptocurrency market seemed to regain its footing Friday in the $16,800 to $17,300 range. However, as risk asset markets took a turn downward in the afternoon, crypto markets followed the trend, with Bitcoin losing 0.43% so far today at $17,118 and Ethereum losing 1.14%, to trade at $1,263 as of writing. 

For those looking to take positions in the crypto markets, today’s picks of promising coins include both higher cap coins as well as some that are currently in presale, including IMPT, TWT, D2T, GRT, and RIA. If you do choose to take positions in coins already listed, as always, use risk management and be careful. Presales can be a great way to get coins at discount, but never invest more than you can afford, and choose coins only with solid fundamentals and great teams like those below. (IMPT), a carbon offsetting, and climate change initiative, is nearing the completion of its token presale after raising over $16.1 million in two months. The presale looks like it will raise considerably more before finishing on Dec. 11 with over $1 million raised in the last 24 hours alone.

The project connects users to hundreds of environmental projects globally, working with thousands of well-known retail brands that donate a designated portion of each sale on the platform towards the projects.

The IMPT token will be listed on exchanges at $0.0253, which is 10% higher than the final presale price. Exchanges LBank and Changelly have already confirmed listings, with seven more exchange listings currently underway. allows users to be rewarded with NFT-based carbon credits for shopping from affiliate brands, which they can then sell or use to retire/burn for unique rewards.

calvaria, ria, dash 2 trade, d2t, impt, twt, trust wallet token, grt, the graph, amazon, microsoft

Not only do shoppers receive IMPT tokens when they make a purchase, but a portion of their spending will also be donated to an eco-friendly project working to fight climate change. Credits not retired can also be exchanged on the IMPT marketplace.

IMPT’s cutting-edge platform has already partnered with major brands including Netflix, Microsoft, Amazon, Samsung, Macy’s, and Domino.

Trust Wallet Token (TWT)

calvaria, ria, dash 2 trade, d2t, impt, twt, trust wallet token, grt, the graph, amazon, microsoft

TWT closed yesterday with a strong 6.73% rise in the charts. It is now up by 7.78% for the week as it is currently trading at $2.62 as of writing. As the cryptocurrency looks to break its all-time high, it is showing some weakness today and may be due for a retracement with the RSI failing to breach RSI 70. However, if it does break out, it may be a great buy, so traders looking to take a position should watch carefully.

Plotting Fibonacci retracement and extensions shows the levels of possible support and resistance from the initial run-up. As observed, the price has been reacting with the Fib 0.5 and Fib 0.236 levels, which are the immediate supports for TWT. The target level if the price breaks out beyond the all-time high is the extended Fib -0.236 level at $2.92, which is also approaching the psychological resistance of $3.

Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

The much-anticipated launch of Dash 2 Trade, a new trading and analytics platform for crypto traders and investors, is now sooner than expected.

Because of the recent FTX scandal, there has been a marked uptick in interest for Dash 2 Trade’s tools that can help to detects crypto scams. The team has therefore announced that their platform will be launching much sooner than initially planned and that the token presale will now be shorter. 665 million D2T tokens were originally supposed to be sold through 9 stages of the presale, but this number has been reduced down to only 4 stages with 262.5 million tokens up for grabs.

The platform will offer the following features to traders:

  • Buy/sell signals
  • Social sentiment analysis for identifying what’s being talked about online
  • On-chain analysis to identify trending coins
  • Smart tools that make it easy to try out new strategies
  • Scores for presale cryptos so investors can decide which ones are worth checking out

The use of D2T tokens will be necessary for most of Dash 2 Trade’s functions, which is likely to result in a high demand for the token. So far, the D2T token presale has raised $9.3 million and 70% of tokens have been sold.

The Graph (GRT)

The Graph indexes and queries data from blockchain systems like Ethereum and Filecoin in the same way Google indexes content on the web. Subgraphs — which are open APIs that anyone can access — compile this indexed data so it’s easier to locate what you need quickly.

Despite the crypto market crash, investors continue to show an unwavering demand for The Graph’s subgraphs. This is reflected in the increasing query fees paid on a daily basis — reaching peak levels of 110k GRT as of early December according to The Graph Explorer. As such, it comes with little surprise that the token price has followed suit and seen a marked rise since then.

The anticipation for GRT’s upcoming second-anniversary celebrations in Buenos Aires, Amsterdam, Singapore, and Lagos on Dec. 17 mounting, may also be driving GRT prices higher. Although no major announcements have yet been reported related to these events, speculation abounds that a game-changer will be revealed.

After breaking the short-term resistance area of $0.0656 to $0.0662, the price is currently retesting the resistance turned support area as it trades at $0.0659. If the price is to continue rising, support must remain strong in this area. If it holds and moves upwards, the next resistance is at $0.721 for a potential 9% – 10% move.

Calvaria (RIA)

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is an NFT battle card game that allows players to earn rewards by playing. The game is becoming popular with crypto investors who see huge potential in its unique game mechanics and potentially addictive gameplay. In Calvaria, players use cards representing different characters within an after-life-themed realm made up of three factions. Each character has unique abilities and a 3D character model that takes the battlefield when the card is played.

The game will have both a free-to-play version and a play-to-earn version. The purpose of the free version is to onboard players into the paid one by demonstrating how they can gain rewards and become involved in the trading community.

NFTs can be traded using RIA tokens in the game’s marketplace and holders of the digital asset also have governance power over the game’s decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Furthermore, by staking the token, those interested can generate extra income passively.

The game’s experienced developers are using the Polygon Network to create an immersive, play-to-earn experience with NFT trading. The game has rapidly gained support from a growing community of investors and, as a result, has raised $2.4 million dollars in its presale so far — with only 23% of tokens left out of the $3 million goal. Because demand for the game is high, developers are ending the presale earlier than originally planned. This means that only 150 million tokens will be available instead of the initially planned 300 million.


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