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VCE is the file format associated with Visual CertExam Suite. This simulator is used for creating IT certification courses and certification exam preparation. Many companies use this model to certify technical workers: Cisco, Microsoft, Nortel, among others.

One thing these exams have in common is that they were built with Visual Certification Exam Software and are in the VCE file format. If you get a copy of the exam for practice purposes, you’ll need Visual CertExam Suite to open the files. If you don’t have it installed, you can always opt for the PDF version of the exam paper but will needneed to convert VCE to PDF. In this tutorial, we highlight the best free VCE-to-PDF converters to use.


  • 1. DoPDF
  • 2. VCEPlus
  • 3. CutePDF Writer
  • 4. VCE to PDF
  • 5. Avanset
  • Frequently Asked Questions

1. DoPDF

Price: Free / $10

DoPDF is a great tool to convert VCE to PDF. This freeware is more than just a converter. Once installed on your PC, it acts as a virtual printer that can be used to print PDF files. You’ll also be able to see it in your printer list.

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One thing to note is that doPDF doesn’t work alone. To convert VCE to PDF, you’ll need to install another tool known as VCE Designer. This is basically a VCE tool that lets you create, edit, and print VCE files. Once you have installed the programs on your computer, open your VCE file with VCE Designer, go to “Print Options,” then select DoPDF as the printer. The program will convert your VCE file to PDF within seconds.

2. VCEPlus

Price: Free

If you’d prefer not to convert your files on your own, check out VCEPlus. Instead of offering a converter, the site actually has thousands of exams pre-formatted as PDF files, and most of them are downloadable for free!

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Image source: VCEPlus

To locate an exam, use the search bar to enter the onr you’re looking for or use the tabs at the top to search based on the software company that created the exam. When you find the one you are looking for, click on the exam number. This will direct you to a page where you can either pay for a “premium” version or scroll down and download the PDF for free.

Additionally, you can use VCEPlus to convert files the other way, turning PDF practice exams into VCE files, as needed. However, this service requires you to email VCEPlus customer support and can take 24 to 48 hours and is not free.

3. CutePDF Writer

Price: Free

CutePDF Writer works in the same fashion as DoPDF. To convert VCE to PDF, this freeware interacts with extensions such as VCE Designer. Just open your VCE file with VCE Designer, then choose CutePDF as the printer. The program will convert your file and save it as a PDF.

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Image source: CutePDF

This tool is small in size and doesn’t use many resources. It is also easy to use and supports languages other than English. Overall, it’s one of the best, free-to-use VCE-to-PDF converters.

4. VCE to PDF

Price: Free

VCE to PDF may be one of the easiest web-based converters on this list. Unlike doPDF and CutePDF, VCE To PDF doesn’t require additional software – just a VCE file and an Internet connection.

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When you visit the site, you will need to know the exam provider, the VCE file size (in MB), and where you plan to open the PDF file (meaning the device’s operating system). Choose the file and press “Start.”

VCE To PDF is a completely free converter. However, the site only allows ten uploads at a time. When you try to upload, you may receive a “Busy Alert” message and will need to wait a few minutes before trying again.

5. Avanset

Price: starts at $66/month (paid quarterly)

Avanset is known as one of the top VCE exam simulators on the market. However, along with providing a way to work through practice exams, you can also use it to convert VCE to PDF.

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Image source: Avanset

Avanset’s VCE Designer lets you create, edit, print out your VCE Practice exams, and convert them to PDF. You can download the Avanset software, use the Designer to open a VCE file or create your own, then choose to save the file as a PDF.

Unfortunately, Avanset isn’t available for free and will cost you a small fortune to get started with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do VCE to PDF converters also convert other file types?

Most of the VCE to PDF converters on this list are designed to only work with Visual CertExam files and not other file types. However, there are many free PDF converters available online.

Can I convert VCE files from a mobile device?

There are programs that will allow you to open VCE files on mobile devices. Some of the converters on this list, especially those that are web-based like VCE To PDF, will work on mobile devices, too.

Where can I get VCE exam files?

There isn’t a single place that offers every single exam online for free. However, there are sites that offer free downloads, such as ExamLabs and ExamCollection.

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