Mac users often encounter the error 102 on their Mac when trying to update an app or operating system. The error may surface in various forms. Some of the common error messages include – 

  • crapFlavorNotFoundErr = -102, /* == noTypeErr*/
  • oTypeErr = -102, /*No object of that type in scrap*/
  • sOldSystem = 102, /*System is too old for this ROM*/

What Are The Reasons Behind Mac Error 102

If you have constantly been getting error 102 on your Mac while trying to update or install an app or while trying to update your OS, it could be one of the following reasons – 

  • Disk permission issues
  • Presence of junk files on Mac 
  • Corrupt system files or directories  
  • Outdated apps or OS  
  • Presence of malware arising out of unauthorized or suspicious apps  
  • Incompatible apps   

How To Fix Mac Error 102?

1. Clean Startup Items

It could be that the problematic app is in your startup items and triggering issues. So, one way to deal with Mac error 102 is to remove the problematic app from the Startup items list. To do that, follow the steps mentioned below – 

1. Click on the Apple menu.

2. Click on System Preferences. 

advanced uninstall manager

3. Open User & Groups.

advanced uninstall manager

4. Select Current User from the left and click on the Login Items tab from the top. 

advanced uninstall manager

5. Find the problematic app and click the checkbox next to it. 

6. Click on the – button at the bottom. 

2. Uninstall The Problematic App and Reinstall It

If the error 102 frequently occurs on Mac when trying to update an app, the best fix is to uninstall it entirely and then reinstall it. There are times when you might not be able to uninstall an app using conventional methods. Here you can bring into force a dedicated uninstaller app for Mac. Advanced Uninstall Manager is one of the best Mac utilities to uninstall apps on Mac with no leftovers. Using Advanced Uninstall Manager is very simple – 

1. Download, install and run Advanced Uninstall Manager. 

2. Click on Uninstall from the left-hand side. 

advanced uninstall manager

3. Drag and drop the problematic application in the circle and click on the Start Scan button. 

4. You can delete other items like Plugins, Preference Pane, and Downloads.

advanced uninstall manager

5. You can even delete Login Items as well. 

advanced uninstall manager

3. Reset PRAM and SMC

Sometimes your Mac might act up, indicating a hardware-related issue. If error 102 on Mac has resulted because of a hardware-related problem, you can try resetting the PRAM and SMC. We have already covered an exhaustive guide on how you can reset PRAM and SMC and the need to do that. To reset PRAM – 

1. Shut down your Mac and press the Power button 

2. Press and hold down Command + Option + P + R key combination until the Mac restarts. 

3. Once you hear the startup chimes two times, it means you have reset the PRAM.

As for SMC, we have covered the ways in the hyperlinked post above. Before you reset the PRAM and SMC, it is advisable to take a backup of your data on Mac. 

4. Clean Junk Files

Over time, as you use your Mac, junk files are bound to accumulate since your Mac preserves some history of the usage of apps and their functionality. It is also advised that you get rid of junk files from time to time as these files may cause issues such as the error 102 on your Mac. However, it might not be possible for you to clean the junk out of your Mac manually. This is where you can take the help of a Mac cleaner. For instance, CleanMyMac X is one of the best Mac cleaning apps. With the help of this tool, you can get rid of System Junk in the form of user and system cache and log files and broken login items.   

advanced uninstall manager

5. Fix Disk Permissions

You can fix the disk permissions to deal with files and application-related issues, such as error code 102 on Mac. More specifically, by running Mac’s built-in Disk Utility, you can scan the disk to fix the problems with system permissions. Here are the steps for the same – 

1. Open Finder

2. Click on Applications

advanced uninstall manager

3. Double-click on Disk Utility

advanced uninstall manager

4. Head to Startup disk and further click on the First Aid tab

5. Click on Repair Disk Permission

6. Run and Antimalware Solution

A popular notion says that Mac can’t be hit by malware. This is not true. Quite possibly, if you are dealing with error code 102 on Mac and despite having tried every trick in the book, if the error persists, it is advisable that you check your Mac for malware. For this, you can choose from among some of the best Antivirus software for Mac. Remember, the CleanMyMac X we talked about just a while ago, too, has a Malware Removal mod. 

advanced uninstall manager

7. Reinstall macOS

advanced uninstall manager

While we are sure that after you have tried the steps above, you will be able to resolve error code 102 on your Mac, should things not turn how you expected, you can reinstall macOS. This step will help preserve apps, settings, and files while helping you get rid of corrupt system files that might be responsible for the issue. 

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, after trying one or all the steps mentioned above, you won’t see error code 102 while downloading an update or app on your macOS. And if that’s the case, share your success story with us in the comments section below; for more such topics, go through WeTheGeek.


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