The best Xbox Game Pass Streaming accessories can support mobile AAA gaming with these portable wonders


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Having the best Xbox Game Pass streaming accessories makes all the difference when settling down for another long gaming session. Although they aren’t required to enhance your experience, they can massively benefit every gamer, so they are worth looking into when you seek something to add an extra flair to your setup.

The best Xbox Game Pass streaming accessories are created to enhance the already incredible capabilities of the Xbox Game Pass, which plays into the debate of Xbox Series X vs PS5 more than the everyday gamer would expect. Some of the best games on Xbox Series X have become available through Game Pass, which makes the Xbox worth every penny. 

You’ll need the higher Xbox Game Pass Ultimate tier to access Xbox Cloud Gaming, but if you’re looking for an upgrade, we would recommend it. Playing via the Cloud is a fantastic way to experience some of the best games at a moment’s notice. 

But a phone alone won’t do; while some games now support touch controls, whether you own a Samsung Galaxy S22 or iPhone 13, you’ll often need a gamepad to make Xbox games shine. You can use an Xbox Wireless Controller, DualShock 4 pad, and plenty more. No matter the gamepad, we recommend buying a clip that holds your phone above it, or a gamepad specifically made for the job. Some turn your phone into a device, like a Nintendo Switch.

There are plenty of pads officially supported with Xbox Game Pass Streaming – these feature the classic “Xbox” button. However, there are plenty of other pads available that will also work, so long as they have the right sticks and buttons. These are some of the best Xbox Game Pass Streaming Accessories to check out.

Best Xbox Game Pass Streaming Accessories

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Razer Kishi

Kish bash bosh, your phone’s a Switch

Reasons to buy


Latency-free wired connection


No weight balancing issues


More-or-less universal

Reasons to avoid

Need to use Bluetooth headphones for best results

Some sub-Xbox/PS4 pad button quality

Not phone-case friendly

The Kishi is Razer’s universal follow-up to the Junglecat controller, which was only really designed to work with a handful of phones. Two halves of a controller joined by a back support turn your phone into something that isn’t a million miles from resembling a Nintendo Switch. When not in use it folds up into a package that’s smaller than an Xbox controller. 

Unlike most gamepad accessories, the Razer Kishi connects to your Android via USB-C (iPhone version available), getting rid of the latency of a wireless connection. Usefully, there’s a pass-through USB-C port on the outside of the Kishi for mid-play charging. It’s a neat design that fits almost all phones, and it doesn’t suffer the weight distribution issue associated with a console controller clamp.

On the downside, the Razer Kishi will affect your phone’s sound quality, despite having gaps in the design to cater for the areas in which most primary phones house their speakers. You won’t be able to plug in wired headphones, either; you’ll need to remove your phone’s case if you use one. 

Unsurprisingly, button quality doesn’t quite match that of an Xbox Controller or DualShock 4 either, although by the standards of third-party kit in general, it’s great. Factoring in the Razer Kishi’s issues, this is still one of the best Xbox Game Pass Streaming controllers available.

Read our full Razer Kishi review here.


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PowerA Moga Mobile Gaming Clip

Got the kit? You just need a clip

Reasons to buy


Low-cost add-on, if you own an Xbox/PS4


Flexible hinge design


Rubberised interior

Reasons to avoid

Still needs a pad (obviously)

There are stacks of Xbox Wireless Controller clips available that clamp the pad to your phone. In fact, such hardware was around long before Xbox Game Pass Streaming was a thing. But the PowerA Moga Mobile Gaming Clip gets the official nod from Microsoft. 

This means you can expect better quality than the clip you’ve spotted on eBay that has a price of $1.39 and an estimated six-week delivery time. There isn’t a great deal we can say about a piece of plastic that holds your phone at an angle, except that the PowerA Moga Mobile Gaming Clip has all the features we’d expect. 

A dual-hinge design allows for 220 degrees of screen rotation, and the clamp itself is finished in a layer of rubber to help keep your phone in place without leaving a dent in your device’s plastic sides. The PowerA Moga Mobile Gaming Clip will fit phones with a width up to 79mm, which should cover the majority of handsets. With larger phones you may need to remove their cases, however.


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PowerA Moga XP5-X Plus

The Game Pass Streaming pad with power

Reasons to buy


Built-in power bank


Can be used with PC or Android


Includes everything you need


Programmable buttons

Reasons to avoid

Costs a bit

The PowerA Moga XP5-X Plus looks like an Xbox One Controller, but this is 100% a pad for mobile and PC gaming. It’s a Bluetooth controller with a clip-on phone holder that offers 220 degrees of rotation. This effectively means you can angle the screen as you like, thanks to the dual hinge mechanism in the phone stand. 

It accommodates phones up to 79mm wide, which covers the majority, including some housed in their cases. So why opt for the Mega XP5-X when you could pick up Xbox’s official pad and a clip-on accessory for less? Because it comes with a 3,000mAh power bank, so you can play without killing your phone’s battery. 

A couple of programmable rear buttons take their cues from Microsoft’s Elite Series 2 Controller, but if ergonomics and absolute parity with button quality to an Xbox One pad are a priority, then we’d recommend opting for the standard Xbox Wireless Controller and clip instead.


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8Bitdo SN30 Pro For Xbox Cloud Gaming

Modern streaming with a retro flavor

Reasons to buy


Retro-inspired design


Phone-mount clip included


Relatively small and light (for portability

Reasons to avoid

Annoyingly small and light (for ergonomics/weight balancing)

No modern gamepad grip

8Bitdo is a purveyor of fine third-party pads for many platforms, which bear resemblance to SNES controllers. All use the same core hardware, but hunt down the specific “for Xbox Cloud Gaming” unit to pair with Xbox Game Pass. It features the iconic Xbox button, an (almost) all-black paint job, and comes with the 2-axis clip that connects the pad to a phone.

Other than some remnants of retro charm, its size is a key appeal: the 8Bitdo SN30 Pro For Xbox Cloud Gaming is smaller than an Xbox pad. This makes it handy for portable use. In addition, it weighs just 111g, which is less than half the weight of an Xbox One Controller without batteries, and the 8Bitdo SN30 Pro For Xbox Cloud Gaming has an 18-hour lithium rechargeable battery built in. 

Again, that’s great for bag-stashing, but not ideal for balancing a larger phone, which could easily weigh 200g on its own. Despite its small size, the 8Bitdo SN30 Pro For Xbox Cloud Gaming makes room for all the primary Xbox pad buttons, including dual triggers on each side. Check out the “plus” version, too, which has a PlayStation pad-style grip. Unfortunately, the latter model doesn’t come with a phone clip included. 


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Google Stadia Controller

Intruder alert, but this pad still works

Reasons to buy


Inter-platform pad


Good design and build quality

Reasons to avoid

Not the cheapest option

Pad button/trigger feel not quite up there with PS4 and Xbox

Stadia is made for Google stuff, right? True, but even though that service is closing down, the Google Stadia Controller will also work for Xbox Game Pass. That’s because it has Bluetooth and features the right sticks and buttons. Simply pick up a Power Support Claw – designed for Google Pixel devices, but which works with almost all other phones, too – to physically connect the pad to your phone.  

The obvious question is why you’d buy a Stadia to play Xbox Game Pass streaming. It wouldn’t be our top choice, but it’s your best bet if you want to dig into multiple game streaming services to see which is the best. The Google Stadia Controller supports Wi-Fi, allowing it to connect to Stadia servers directly. This lets you see Stadia at its best. 

But we’re talking about Xbox Game Pass here, where the Stadia might take the place of the DualShock 4 or Xbox One controller. The Stadia Controller feels like a mix of the two, with grips shaped like those you’d find on the DualShock and a button layout closer to an Xbox pad. We still prefer the consoles’ controllers for button feel, but the Stadia isn’t too far off. 

Read our full Google Stadia Controller review here.


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Razer Raiju Mobile

The Pro’s choice

Reasons to buy


Quality buttons and pad design


Can be used wired or wirelessly


Advanced pad customisation

Reasons to avoid

High price

Limited phone tilt

The Razer Raiju controller originally appeared in 2016 as a “pro” PS4 controller. Now there’s a version for Android phones. It looks similar to an Xbox pad, but has a phone clamp built into its top. It’s a neat design, which makes it look and feel just like a standard console controller. Since the Raiju series is designed to compete with advanced pads like the Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller, there’s extra features. 

For example, competitive gamers will appreciate the switches on the rear to alter the sensitivity of the primary trigger buttons, reducing the travel required. Further down the back, you’ll find the Razer Raiju Mobile’s other bonus buttons, which can be used to temporarily reduce the sensitivity of the analogue sticks for precise aiming. All the bonus buttons can be customised. 

In terms of negatives, the minimalist design of the phone mount means the screen can only tilt in a 60-degree arc, not the 220 degrees you get with a dual-hinged design, and at $149.99 the Razer Raiju is expensive. However, it also makes a great general-use pad for PC gamers. The Razer Raiju can work as a wired or wireless Bluetooth controller – handy if the (now minimal) lag of Bluetooth is bothersome. 

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