best youtube to mp3 converters ranked & reviewed

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Introduction: We have reviewed all the best YouTube Converters so you don’t have to…

If you haven’t discovered YouTube yet, you’re missing out.

It’s like falling down a rabbit hole that eats time like a 5-year-old eats gummy worms.

However, this isn’t always a bad thing – doctor’s office waiting rooms, the DMV, amiright?

Endlessly fascinating videos about every subject imaginable, and it’s right at your fingertips.

Problem is, you probably have school, or a job, and a life that keeps you on the go, so who has time to sit and watch videos beyond the occasional doctor’s visit?

(*cough*detention*cough*) That’s where YouTube converters come into play.

These days, it’s not just YouTube that has interesting, often useful content.

With the rise of apps like Instagram, Facebook and especially TikTok, there is an overwhelming amount, and regardless of what you may need it for, I guarantee, it’s out there.

As a film editor, I’m constantly needing to source from the web for news-clips, Behind- The-Scenes, random videos about Vikings, and an endless list of other things I can’t remember right now.

Sometimes I just need that one shot and being able to grab it, or quickly and easily “rip it” from the internet is such a blessing.

What are YouTube to MP3 converters?

Traditionally referred to as “YouTube to MP3 Converters”, or “rippers”, they basically allow you to pull videos from the internet, then convert them in all sorts of ways.

Perhaps you have a project about urban renewal from the 70’s, so you’d want to download footage and make it look older by changing the aspect ratio.

What about building a playlist of 40’s jazz from videos that you’ve aggregated from across the web, but you just want the audio?

You can easily separate the two and create MP3’s. Or maybe you just love a certain TV show and want to edit together a fan video.

It’s all out there and it can be converted any number of ways. Luckily, most converters are user- friendly and easy for just about anyone to use.

To help you out, since there are so many out there, we’ve compiled a list of the 9 best YouTube to MP3 converters, especially for you. Aw, you’re welcome!

Precautions that should be taken while using a free YouTube to MP3 Converter

A bit of caution before we dive into this. One of the biggest risks to downloading anything from the internet is viruses.

Converters that are 100% free, with lots of ads and no other upgraded software available are especially guilty of this, so make sure you have good anti-virus software installed.

Another best practice is looking up reviews for a certain piece of software.

If you can’t find any, it’s a pretty safe bet that you want to keep reading here as we point out the most amazing converters, downloadable, and without viruses. Luckily, we’re here to help!

Online Converter Vs Desktop Converter

Most MP3 converters are programs downloaded and installed on your computer.

Online converters are just that, you convert from their website and don’t have to download and install anything.

We’re going to focus on desktop/smartphone converters as they are more reliable, have way more options, and better download speeds.

Device Compatibility from YouTube to MP3 Converters

In our research, we found that there are always options for Mac and Windows, but many more Android converters than ones for iPhone.

I’m assuming it’s because it’s so easy to transfer files from a Mac to an iPhone using AirDrop.

AirDrop is a God send when you finish your conversions and want to drop them on your iPhone…until you accidentally AirDrop the Spice Girls Greatest Hits onto your upstairs neighbor’s iPhone.

I’m not saying it happened to me…okay, it was 98 Degrees but boy bands have made a comeback, right?

Benefits of YouTube to MP3 Conversion tools

Many of the programs that convert YouTube to MP3 have lots of additional tools that are super helpful for someone like me that uses videos and audio from all over the internet, with different codecs, formats, sample rates, and more.

Being able to convert them into something I can edit with makes my life so much easier because when you’re cultivating media from all over the world, you’d be surprised what you get!

Luckily, we have a few converters that can handle just about anything you throw at them, so keep reading!

Why Is MP3 The Popular Audio Format?

Obviously, MP3 is the most widely used format for audio.

This is because it’s compatible with just about everything, the files are 10% the size when imported from a CD, and very little loss in sound quality.

Works out well when storage is in short supply on your phone.

Features that YouTube to MP3 Converter can provide

A YouTube to MP3 converter has a lot of competition these days so it’s important to stand out.

Many companies have noticed that people are getting crazy creative making videos for different apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok.

Lots of converters are stepping up their game so someone can download, edit, add effects and adjust color, all in one place.

We have a few of these in our Top 9 so if that’s your thing, we’ve got you covered!

Is it illegal to download videos from YouTube?

The short, honest answer is, yes. Just by watching videos on YouTube, you’ve agreed to the company’s terms. See terms here.

But while they aren’t thrilled people are using downloaders, for now, they tend to look the other way.

But be aware that United States copyright law says it’s illegal to copy any content you don’t explicitly own or have obtained permission to use.

That said, many people only want to download videos for personal viewing, edit together a fan piece, use silly moments from video clips for their BFF’s birthday video or make something like a stitch TikTok.

As long as you aren’t using them for commercial use, aka, making money off of them by selling or promoting something you’ll be making money from, you should be fine but it’s always best to get the owner’s permission.

List of The Best YouTube To MP3 Converters

The moment you’ve all been waiting for! Hang onto your hats and large gauge earrings because we got some cool stuff to show you!

1.) 4K Video Downloader – Software for Your Specific Needs

best youtube to mp3 converters ranked & reviewed
(Photo : 4K Video Downloader)

4K has an impressive line of products.

The 4K YouTube to MP3, 4K Video to MP3, 4K to Tokkit, 4K Video Downloader and 4K to Stogram. Only audio? Only videos?

Heck, TikTok and Instagram specific toolkits will download whatever content you’re interested in and want to play with.

Subscribe to users or hashtags and 4K will download the latest posts in their own easy-to-find folders.

Change a video to audio only to create smaller files so you can download more stuff!

4K Video Downloader has a built-in music player so you don’t have to open up another program to listen.

Everything will be organized automatically into Smart Folders when you are blissfully downloading to your heart’s content.

No digging around looking for it, like you do your keys.

Think it can’t get better? Oh, it does.

Become a Premium 4K member and you’ll get access to exclusive content when you login as a YouTube premium subscriber.

And if you want to be a little sneaky and download at work, you can use an in-app proxy to change your IP address so you can get around your office’s pesky IT police.

Shhhhh, don’t tell anybody!

Subscriptions start with a lite version for $10 a year but for all the fun editing tools and In-app YouTube subscriptions, you need the Lifetime PRO version for $60.

Available for Mac, Windows with different bit rates, Android and Linux. I know! Linux!

    Has specific toolkits for Instagram, TikTok and YouTube

    Will automatically download new content when you subscribe to users or hashtags.

    Built-in music player

    Excellent organization with smart folders

    Access to exclusive content on YouTube Premium channels

    Available from Windows, Mac, Android and Linux

best youtube to mp3 converters ranked & reviewed
(Photo : 4K Video Downloader)

2.) HitPaw Video Converter

HitPaw has LOTS of toys! Obviously, a converter for all your audio/video download needs, but also a video editor, screen recorder, compressor, and photo enhancer.

Many things to play with and do just about anything!

On top of those fun things, you get a GIF maker so you can take that annoying face your friend makes and turn it into a GIF so the internet can be annoyed by it too

Within the tools, you can add a watermark, remove a watermark, slow down or speed up video, remove backgrounds and compress video.

There’s even a face animator to create impressive expressions that would make Jim Carrey proud.

Many powerful tools, all in one place! Available for Windows and Mac.

Subscriptions start at $19.95 a month and run up to $74.95 for a lifetime subscription.

(Mac is $5 more for each. Cheeky Monkeys!) The other tools are add-ons but well worth it if you are ready to dominate TikTok with your wild imagination!

On to the next!

    Additional tools like screen recorder, video editor, compressor and photo enhancer

    GIF maker

    Face animator

    Watermark remover

    Ability to slo-mo footage, or speed it up

    Available for Windows and Mac

best youtube to mp3 converters ranked & reviewed
(Photo : HitPaw Video Converter)

3.) YTD Video Downloader

Free video downloads from over 50+ sites, able to convert most formats, including MP3, MP4, AVI, MOV, FLV, and 3GP. Can convert videos all the way up to 8K!

Going PRO with this one is well worth it as you’ll have unlimited downloads and you can do multiples simultaneously.

Maybe you only want a certain section of a video? Well, you’re in luck because you set in/out points so it only records that specific section that you won’t have to edit later.

All downloads and conversions are lightning speed, as long as your internet can keep up.

It has a built-in video player so you don’t have to wait to watch your video.

You can also view free videos on other devices like, iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, Blackberry, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, and many more!

The interface is intuitive as long as you know how to copy and paste a URL, but I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be here if you haven’t mastered that.

Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS compatible!

A monthly subscription starts at $6.99 for Lite and goes up to $12.99 a month for the Ultimate.

If you want to purchase yearly instead, the Lite version is just under $36 and the Ultimate is just under $72. (No lifetime available)

    Ability to download from over 50+ sites

    Converts most formats, all the way up to 8K

    Ability to only download a part of a video that you choose

    Download multiple videos simultaneously

    Lightning fast downloads

    Built-in video player

    Windows, Mac, Android and iOS compatible

best youtube to mp3 converters ranked & reviewed
(Photo : YTD Video Downloader)

4.) Snap Downloader

Are you chomping at the bit to create the longest 90’s playlist ever?

Or maybe turning a season of podcasts into a single massive one for that hours-long drive you have next week?

This one’s for you! Download up to 100 links at a time!

Set it and forget it as it brings them in and builds hours of music or podcasts from over 900 sites.

Snap Downloader allows you to schedule your downloads and has a GIF maker so you can throw onto the internet, your friend’s hilarious slip on the ice.

Ok, maybe ask him first.

You can search YouTube for those downloads from within the app to save you the time of going back and forth, plus it’s got lightning-speed downloads even while you search.

Say you only want just a piece of a video, they got you covered there too -you can easily edit it within the app.

Snap Downloader can download YouTube subtitles in over 50 languages!

Download everything from 320p to 8K, then convert and output in 10 different formats.

Compatible with Windows and Mac.

Subscriptions for unlimited and other useful tools start at $7.99 a month and go up to $39.99 for a lifetime plan.

Pretty good deal!

    Can download up to 100 links simultaneously

    Pull hours of music from over 900 sites

    Schedule downloads

    GIF maker

    Ability to search YouTube within the app

    Ability to download just a section of a video


    Download YouTube subtitles in 50+ languages

    Download up to 8K

    Convert to over 10 different formats

    Available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS

best youtube to mp3 converters ranked & reviewed
(Photo : Snap Downloader)

5.) LEAWO Video Converter

This powerful tool is incredible for someone that wants a YouTube downloader to MP3, but it can also convert DVD and video to files in a wide range of formats, over 180 in fact!

Did you even know there were more than 5?

Yea, me either! Beyond that, it can burn DVD’s and videos to discs without quality loss, allows you to select subtitles, even change codecs and aspect ratios. Not much room left on your phone, and about to get on a 6 hour flight? Convert video to a lower resolution, for a smaller file, and off you go! You’ll never notice that seat hog next to you, stealing your armrest.

Leawo offers a host of amazing products, from music recording and DVD rippers, to PowerPoint packages and utilities like data recovery software.

However, today we are going to focus on their very cool Video Converter.

Hour flight? Convert video to a lower resolution, for a smaller file, and off you go! You’ll never notice that seat hog next to you, stealing your armrest.

One other fun feature is that you can take a 2D movie and turn it into 3D

with 6 different effects! Available for Windows and Mac, copy, burn, download, edit, and convert, all in one place! A lifetime license is only $69.95.

best youtube to mp3 converters ranked & reviewed
(Photo : LEAWO Video Converter)

    Convert DVD’s to video in many formats

    Burn DVD’s and create menus

    Lots of different software available

    Easy to use

    Turn a 2D movie to 3D

    For Windows and Mac

6.) iTubeGo

It’s called their “YouTube downloader” but YouTube is the tip of the online video iceberg!

Available for Windows, Mac, and Android, this one points out Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, and Dailymotion for downloading at 10 times faster speed, especially when downloading in bulk!

A two-hour movie will take minutes. Better yet it offers a private password-protected video folder so you can tuck away videos from young eyes.

From 480p up to 8K, it can handle it all.

If music is all you’re after, and you want to download a playlist, it will detect a playlist URL and also show you the list to be downloaded in case there are duplicates or ones you want to delete.

Might want to toss that Nickelback!

There’s a built-in web browser so you can download straight from it instead of performing that familiar back and forth of copy – paste, copy – paste between windows.

So much easier!

Also, it’s able to easily convert video to formats for iPads and Android devices.

What’s better is that if you only want part of a video’s audio, you can set “ins and outs” to select just that section.

Super handy for creating song mash-ups if you only want a chorus, bridge, or section of lyrics. Windows Lifetime Plan is $29.95, while Mac is $35.95 and they even have one for Android for $29.95, with free updates after purchase!

    Download in bulk a 10x faster speed

    Can convert up to 8K

    Can detect a playlist URL and pull all of it

    Ability to create secret, password protected folders

    Built-in browser

    Easily convert for iPad and Android

    Ability to download only the sections of a video you want

    Musify music downloader

    Available for WIndows and Mac

best youtube to mp3 converters ranked & reviewed
(Photo : iTubeGo)

7.) Video Proc

Touted as the number 1 fastest video processing software, the Video Proc converter is exactly that and so much more.

For our readers looking for powerful tools like a footage stabilizer, or the ability to flatten a fisheye, this is an excellent choice.

But also, for our audio-only seeking readers, you can make a M3U8 playlist for HTTP streaming, and record live streams.

Whether you’re shooting with a drone, your phone or camcorder, they got you.

It specifically has an iPhone video toolkit where you can crop, edit and transcode, all with a sharp image.

For GoPro, you can convert, stabilize, remove or reduce unwanted background noise, and resize 4K or HDR easily.

Video out of sync with audio? It has a “force a/v sync” to get it back in place.

For one computer, a lifetime license is only $39.95 for Mac and Windows.

If you want to share it with a few friends, a Lifetime “Family” license for 3-5 computers is $57.95. Quite a bargain when you split it 3 ways, no?

    Fast video processing

    Ability to stabilize footage and flatten fisheye

    Can make a M3U8 playlist for HTTP streaming

    iPhone video toolkit

    Works easily with drone, GoPro, camcorders and phones

    Can fix audio that’s out of sync

    Audio tools to remove background noise

    Runs on Windows or Mac

best youtube to mp3 converters ranked & reviewed
(Photo : Video Proc)

8.) WinX DVD

While it’s considered the Best Free DVD Ripper and the Video Converter is deemed the “No.1 Fastest”, the Platinum versions offer so much more.

Remember that DVD of your favorite movie you watched a thousand times but set aside, and almost threw out because it wouldn’t play anymore?

WinX DVD Platinum Edition can rip that entire disc in 5 mins with uncompressed original quality.

You can burn it to be a genuine duplicate, complete with menus, or turn it into one single quality-lossless MPEG2.

I mean, who wants to step through all those menus anyway?

Rip to your computer or directly to your phone.

WinX DVD will also let you rip 99-Title movies but keep in mind, it’s illegal to copy them and do anything with them beyond personal use.

WinX DVD Platinum Converter gives you editing capabilities as well.

Why struggle with popping around to different software?

It has advanced settings to adjust things like sample rates, resolutions, audio formats, and frame rates.

Outputs like MP4, AVI, MP3, MPEG, WMV, MOV, and many more, plus over 350 preloaded profiles for everything from iPad and iPhone, to Samsung, HDTV, and gaming consoles.

Click, and you’re done!

Convert, copy, burn and download everything from videos to live streams from YouTube, Veoh, Facebook, and 1000 more sites.

The multi-function Ultimate and Pro Video Converter for Windows and Mac are just $69.95.

    DVD ripper and converter considered the fastest

    Can rip DVD’s that are unplayable in regular player

    Rips a disc in 5 mins, uncompressed original quality

    Can rip and burn a genuine duplicate, complete with menus

    Advanced software to adjust multiple parameters

    Rip directly to phone

    Ability to edit in software

    Will rip 99-Title movies

    Will capture YouTube to livestreams

    For Windows and Mac

best youtube to mp3 converters ranked & reviewed
(Photo : WinX DVD)

9.) AVC – Any Video Converter

Is your favorite show a little dark? Not dark-drama-dark, but literally squinting to see what’s happening?

Any Video Converter offers you a way to adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation while comparing side by side to the original so you’ll know what the output will look like.

Something I learned too late after downloading 5 seasons of my favorite show and having to adjust them and re-export.

Huge waste of time! Luckily, AVC also has a host of built-in editing tools so you can further customize your videos.

Like the others, you can download videos and convert them to all the popular audio and video formats, but you can start with over 200 video formats so pretty much anything you find on the internet, you can download.

Turn them into a playlist or podcast for your listening enjoyment.

Perhaps you want to take all the battle scenes from your favorite show and put them in one place?

Grab a blank DVD disc and burn them to it and create a menu so you can pop it in your DVD player and find things quickly.

This software takes video coding that extra step by employing High- Efficiency H.265.

It doubles the compression of data from that of our usual H.264, while maintaining its high visual quality and taking up less space. Game of Thrones, here I come!

Fast conversion, batch conversion, free upgrades and highly praised customer service, this one is a real winner. Windows and Mac – Lifetime, $39.95 out the door!

Or into your download folder anyway.

    Ability to adjust brightness, contrast and saturation of picture

    Editing tools

    Download and convert to over 200 formats

    Burn DVD’s

    Ability to create customized menus for DVD’s

    Doubles compression data while maintaining high quality picture

    Fast batch conversion

    Windows and Mac compatible

best youtube to mp3 converters ranked & reviewed
(Photo : AVC – Any Video Converter)
best youtube to mp3 converters ranked & reviewed
(Photo : AVC – Any Video Converter)

Conclusion: Summary of Findings

Today, downloading things from the internet has become the norm, like it or not.

The upside is, music and movies you’ve never heard of are getting in front of more people.

Remember back in the day when you couldn’t bring a camera to a concert? (I’m talking way back) Today, clips from concerts go viral and while videos of concerts get a lot of play, there are even more people buying tickets to the concerts because of it.

FOMO, anyone?

The software available today is mind-blowing, albeit a little confusing if you don’t know much of the technical terms and such.

Every one of the products we looked at has a free version so you can take a test drive, but the good stuff, the reason you use these things, is in the upgraded versions and all of them are quite reasonably priced.

Luckily, many of the products we discussed are super user-friendly so even your mom could figure them out.

For most, it doesn’t really matter what the frame rate or sample rate is, as long as they can watch it, but for those of you doing epic sh*t, I hope this gives you a quick snapshot of some different options, whatever your needs are.


What are MP3’s?

MP3’s are a common format of audio files, compatible with most devices.

What are YouTube to MP3 converters?

YouTube is a website with all kinds of videos about everything and anything you can imagine!

Since it has so much, most people go there to find podcasts, music and other things.

To make them easier to enjoy, so you aren’t staring at a screen, most people download them and convert them to audio files (MP3’s) so they can listen on the go.

Why are some online converters and some are desktop?

Online converters are just that, you use them online versus downloading a program on to your computer.

The difference is that the ones online usually just convert, while ones you download, there are usually way more bells and whistles.

Are there any precautions I should take downloading something to my computer?

Downloading anything from the internet has the risk of also downloading viruses, not just converters.

Stay safe by not downloading anything that doesn’t have good reviews or by clicking on any ads on a page you visit.

Is my device compatible with these converters?

Each converter we looked at has a version for Windows and Mac.  A few of them also had apps for Android and iPhone.  We even discovered one for Linux!

Isn’t it illegal to download videos from YouTube?

In a word, yes.  When you watch anything on YouTube, you are agreeing to their terms.

Most people download things for personal use so they tend to look the other way because SO many people are doing it.

Just don’t use any of the content you download to sell anything or use in any way that you could make money from it.

What kind of “extras” do converters have?

All kinds of cool things!

There is so much competition that they want to stand out.

Some have editing capabilities including being able to download just a section of a video.

Say you want to download someones interview on a show with lots of guests, you can set the software to just download that section.

Some others will automatically download any new posts when you set a username or hashtag to follow.

It’s kind of amazing what they can do these days!

Anybody remember sitting yourself in front of your VCR or better yet, trying to capture that song on the radio onto a cassette?

Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Are there any benefits to MP3 converters?


Want to listen to a 2 hour concert you found on YouTube on your phone for those early morning workouts?

Download and convert it to an MP3 so it takes up less space on your phone.

Something you downloaded has a weird codec that won’t play on your phone?

The converter can change it to a codec your phone will recognize.

There are many benefits so you can take content with you anywhere, anytime.

What do I do if I don’t know what “Bueller? Bueller?” means?

Google it! I guarantee YouTube will have it and you’ll love it!

YouTube to MP3 Converters


Desktop or Online



Our Rating

4K Downloader

Video Downloader


Windows, Mac, Android & Linux

YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Facebook, Bilibili, Flickr, DailyMotion, Twitch, YouTube Gaming.


HitPaw Video Converter

Video Downloader, GIF Maker, Converter, Recorder and Editor


Windows and Mac

10,000 Popular Sites

YTD Video Downloader

Video Downloader, Player and Converter


Windows,Mac, Android & iOS

Vimeo, Facebook and 50+ more!


Snap Downloader

Video Downloader, GIF Maker, Editor and Converter


Windows,Mac, Android & iOS

YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Vimeo and many more.

LEAWO Video Converter

Video Downloader, Converter. Burn DVD’s and Editor


Windows and Mac

YouTube, Veoh, AOL, Vevo and many more


Video Downloader and Converter


Windows, Mac and Android

YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo and DailyMotion


Video Proc

Video Downloader, iPhone Toolkit, Converter and Editor


Windows and Mac

1000+ websites like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, DailyMotion, Twitch and SoundCloud.



Video Downloader, Converter, Ripper, Burn DVD’s  and Editor


Windows and Mac

YouTube, Veoh, Facebook, and 1000 more!


AVC – Any Video Converter

Video Downloader, Converter and Editor


Windows and Mac






Pro $60



Lifetime $74.95



Lite – $6.99/mo


Ultimate – $12.99/mo


 No Lifetime



Lifetime – $39.99



Basic – $29.95

Ultimate/Pro – $69.95



Windows Lifetime


Mac Lifetime



Lifetime 1 computer


Lifetime 3-5 computers





All the major sites


Lifetime – $39.95


best youtube to mp3 converters ranked & reviewed

(Photo : Kira Burt)

Author Bio: Kira Burt lives in Los Angeles, is a freelance writer, voiceover artist and film editor specializing in motion picture advertising. You can connect with Kira on LinkedIn here


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