Acura MDX Hybrid not planned for the new generation, says report [Update]

The fourth-gen Acura MDX isn’t available with a hybrid powertrain, and it may not receive the option later in the lifecycle. In other words, the Acura MDX Hybrid may not return to the U.S. market. While more SUVs are ...

Honda’s Integra badge set for reboot in the USA, with Acura

The legendary Honda coupe’s nameplate is set to be resurrected after a break of more than a 10 years, but will it be a USA-specific, Acura-badged model only? CALIFORNIA, USA A certain corner of the car enthusiast world was ...

Acura Integra 2023: reborn sporty Honda to be five-door fastback

The Integra name is back, but it won’t be a two-door coupe like models of the nineties and noughties – instead, it will return to a five-door body.

Acura Integra: Honda’s new fastback will offer manual option, no news on Australia

The manual gearbox is not dead… yet, with Acura revealing its new Integra fastback will feature a slick-shifting six-speed unit

Acura Integra 2023: five-door Civic-based fastback debuts in late-stage prototype form

Take a first look at the new American-made Honda Integra that now adopts a Civic-based five-door fastback design

A Timeless Take on Acura’s Original Flagship NSX

For as much love and fanfare as the original Acura NSX gets from the general automotive public, it’s the dedicated Honda enthusiast that takes that infatuation to rather unhealthy levels. Heralded for its underdog aura, real world capability, and drop-dead ...

The 2022 Acura MDX Is Refreshingly Sporty

For a big SUV that seats seven, the new MDX is surprisingly fun to drive. And unsurprisingly easy to live with.

The Acura Integra Type R Is Special in Every Sense of the Word

From the archives: For 1998, Acura will again go through the mo­tions and machinations to bring just 700 Type Rs to America.

Acura reveals the new Integra Prototype

Acura Integra. Acura has revealed the Integra Prototype at AutoMobility LA. The prototype is supposedly inspired by Integras of old, and will also inform the 2023 Integra, which will become the new gateway performance model in the Acura lineup. ...

Worthy Revival? Can the $30,000 2023 Acura Integra Compete with WRX, GTI and Civic Si?

When Acura teased that it was going to bringing back its legendary “Integra” nameplate plate a few months ago, there was plenty of hype to go around. After all, the Integra was a beloved sport compact car and tuner icon ...

What If? The New Toyota Supra, Acura Integra and Nissan Z Could Have Been Very Different

Looking out into the automotive landscape these days, it’ll surprise no one that nostalgia reigns supreme. As more and more automakers forecast an end date to their development of internal combustion power plants, enthusiasts are increasingly looking backward to not ...

This Pristine 1998 Acura NSX-T Is A True Sports Car Great

Sure, the original Acura NSX has less power than the current Civic Type R but make no mistake, it is an icon of the automotive world and an especially gorgeous example is currently up for auction. This NSX is a ...

Drag Race: Acura TLX Type S Vs Infiniti Q50 Red Sport

Acura TLX Type S nd Infiniti Q50 Red Sport. One of these gets walked on a quarter-mile drag race When it comes to Japanese performance sedans, the new Acura TLX Type S has been the talk of talks lately. It ...

1996 Acura NSX Amazes Japanese Enthusiasts At The Auction House

Who will be the lucky new owner of this incredible Japanese super car? The Acura NSX is a fan favorite within the Japanese Domestic Market enthusiast community for its incredible style and high performance for its time. Fast fun fanatics ...

Acura TLX Type S Drags and Rolls Infiniti Q50 Red Sport, Close but Still Not Enough

Sometimes, it’s best to defy expectations. For example, Sam’s usual hosting duties for his Sam CarLegion channel on YouTube just got humorously subverted by his friend Jim. No worries, though, as the drags and rolls occurred exactly as planned.

Acura Integra's racing hopes hinge on Honda

The 2023 Integra has mostly failed to create the stir from long-time enthusiasts that Acura had hoped it would. However, all is not lost; Acura could perhaps regain some street cred if they took the Integra racing, like they ...

2023 Acura Integra

Overview Honda’s Acura luxury division will soon relaunch an iconic nameplate and shake up the entry-luxury compact segment with an all-new Integra, replacing the aging ILX sedan in the lineup. Some may wonder why a luxury automaker would choose ...

2022 Acura MDX

Highs Sharp styling, surprisingly nimble chassis, high-tech cabin. Lows Tight third row passenger space, mediocre fuel economy ratings, fussy infotainment touchpad. Verdict Acura’s flagship SUV benefits from a comprehensive redesign for 2022, but it not quite as posh as ...

2022 Acura TLX

Highs Attractive styling and stance, communicative driving characteristics, better value than some luxe rivals. Lows Small back seat for the sedan’s size, not as engaging to drive as top peers, hindered by hefty curb weight. Verdict The stylish TLX ...

2022 Acura NSX Type S

Highs Eye-catching styling, flexible hybrid powertrain, comfortable interior. Lows Not as quick as some rivals, interior trimmings don’t feel special, stingy on in-cabin storage. Verdict The NSX doesn’t offer as much performance as some of its rivals, but it’s ...

Pierre Gasly channels Ayrton Senna, laps COTA in original Acura NSX

During last month’s 2021 United States Grand Prix weekend, AlphaTauri Formula One driver Pierre Gasly took a first-generation Acura NSX for a hot lap of the Circuit of the Americas near Austin, Texas. It makes for some very entertaining ...

We Like The 2021 Acura TLX, But Here's Why We're Waiting For The Type S

The TLX is much improved, but it's not perfect. The 2021 Acura TLX arrived earlier this year, completely redesigned to take on the crowded compact luxury sedan segment. Acura let the outgoing TLX get pretty long in the tooth, so ...

6 Reasons The Acura NSX Is A Real Daily Driver Supercar

The term “daily driver supercar” is grossly overused, but not in this case. The term “daily driver supercar” gets thrown about a lot among enthusiasts and journalists alike. The most popular cars that get mentioned under that banner are the ...

Supercar Showdown: McLaren Artura Vs. Acura NSX Vs. Porsche 911 Turbo

The past takes on the future. But the past isn't going without a fight. It's not just for economy-minded commuter cars anymore; even sports cars and supercars are going hybrid. The roster of hybrid supercars has grown yet again with ...

Why The 2022 Acura MDX Is One Of The Best SUVs On The Market

Acura's best-selling SUV is improved in every way. With over one million copies sold, the Acura MDX is the best-selling three-row luxury SUV of all time. Now in its fourth generation, the 2022 Acura MDX has some big shoes to ...

2022 Infiniti QX60 Vs. 2022 Acura MDX: Family Luxury Faceoff

Both SUVs are all-new. It's been nearly a decade since the current Infiniti QX60 launched as the JX35, and a new version is finally here. The 2022 Infiniti QX60 arrives with a completely refreshed design language, modernized interior, and updated ...

What We Want To See From The Revived Acura Integra

For the love of everything… don't make it a crossover. The 600-horsepower NSX Type S was Acura's big reveal at this year's Monterey Car Week, but an even more exciting announcement came in the form of a teaser for the ...

Why You're Wrong To Hate The New Acura Integra

The complaining is making us roll our eyes. Recently, Acura unveiled the prototype for an all-new Integra model, and a million fanboys cried out in pain. Well, that's what it seems like, anyway. If you believe the weight of negativity ...

Pricing For 2022 Infiniti QX60 Aimed Squarely At Acura MDX

Base and top prices mirror its competitors in the Acura MDX and Volvo XC90. Infiniti revealed the slick 2022 QX60 SUV a few weeks ago with the lovely actress Kate Hudson as the spokesperson. We learned about the returning VQ-series ...

Is This Proof An Acura NSX Type R Is Coming?

Fingers are firmly crossed. The Acura NSX is a genuinely usable supercar that you can drive every day, much like the surprisingly liveable Audi R8. Despite this, the car doesn't sell very well in some markets and is thus being ...

Acura Teases NSX Send-Off With A Hardcore Type S Version

The NSX we've been waiting for is almost here. We recently spotted Acura testing a mysterious NSX prototype, leading us to believe a new version would arrive imminently. Just a few days later, Acura has officially announced that 2022 will ...

The First Acura NSX Type S Will Sell For Big Money

Supporting youth education in the United States. In just over one week, Acura will debut a new hardcore version of its NSX hybrid supercar. The 2022 Acura NSX Type S was teased for its Monterey Car Week debut, and just ...

The New Acura NSX Type S Sounds Incredible

This latest teaser is pure engine soundtrack. The arrival of the Acura NSX Type S is bittersweet, at least from our perspective. We've been clamoring for an even more powerful Type S variant since the second-generation NSX's debut back in ...

Official: The Acura Integra Will Return In 2022

And in profile, it looks a lot like the Integra we remember. In 2021, Acura has worked hard to rediscover the engaging driving experience that used to be one of the brand's trump cards. Examples include the new MDX Type ...

2022 Acura NSX Type S Is A 600-HP Supercar Send-Off

Saying goodbye to the second-generation NSX in style. It's all going down at Monterey Car Week in California this weekend. A new Lamborghini Countach is being unveiled, Pagani is bringing a special edition Huayra to the event, and even Koenigsegg ...

50k-Mile Acura NSX Has Something In Common With Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

And it's not an unhealthy fixation with pepperoni pizza. The Acura NSX is about to get a special send-off with the Type S treatment, and people are going wild for it. Teasers haven't revealed very much just yet, but we ...

New Acura NSX Type S to sign off pioneering hybrid supercar

Faster, lighter and more focused, but Acura NSX Type S will not mark a return to the UK

The First 2022 Acura NSX Type S Just Sold For Big Money

A familiar person bought it. We knew this was going to happen and now it has. The first 2022 Acura NSX Type S hybrid supercar, revealed only a few days ago, has just been auctioned off at this year's Mecum ...

Detailed Acura NSX Model Comes With Real Lights And Sound

But you have to assemble it yourself. Ferrari recently announced that its customers can order a 1,000-piece matching model of their car for a hefty $3,215. That's far from the most detailed model offered, as some of these scale models ...


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