Modded Ford Mustang Drags Tuned Dodge Demon, Nearly Misses the Unfazed Winner

Drag racing fans in general and Dodge Challenger SRT Demon aficionados, in particular, have probably heard of Herman Young and his YouTube channel nicknamed Demonology. While it suggests nefarious stuff is going on, that’s not entirely accurate.

1950s Dodge M37 Was the U.S. Army's Idea of a Custom Truck

Not every military 4x4 starts off in life as a machine of war and winds up on the streets of civilian America. Sometimes, it's the other way around.

Widened Go Mango '70 Dodge Challenger Gets 426 Hemi-Blown to Purist Smithereens

Some people enjoy a subtle passing through life. Others like to go the polar opposite. At least as far as their virtual realm creations are concerned. So, how about setting fire to another classic car purist convention?

Chevy Camaro ZL1 Vs. Dodge Hellcat Drag Races Show Not All Muscle Cars Are Equal

Not long now and the most up-to-date cars will not have an internal combustion engine under the hood when they race each other. So, people better relish and cherish every traditional V8 encounter they can find. So, here’s a quartet of them.

1973 Dodge Charger Found in a Junkyard Flexes a Mysterious V8, Not for the Faint of Heart

According to some rough estimates, Dodge produced close to 120,000 Chargers for the model year 1973, and the SE version was unsurprisingly among the rarest, especially when ordered with the 440 (7.2-liter) big-block.

Dodge Will End Hellcat Production After 2023

Dodge has new plans rolling out over the next two years, but the Hellcat as we know it will not be a part of it.

Sleeper Express: A Daily Drivable, 1,000 HP Cummins Diesel-Powered Dodge Ram

It can tow the camper to the track, then unhook and run low 7’s in the eighth—or it can drive 300 miles to a dyno competition and lay down a four-digit number. In the winter, you can find it digging ...

Jack Of All Trades: Ken Phillips’ Bracket-Racing, Daily-Driven, Cummins-Powered Dodge Workhorse

It can daily commute, drive to other states on a whim (and see 20-mpg while doing it), make repeatable passes down the drag strip, dig its way through 8-inches of snow in the winter and it has no issue pulling a ...

The '21 BMW M4 Competition Vs. Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 & Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye: Which Muscle Machine Hits Hardest?

The BMW M4 coupe has been redesigned for 2021, and while its new front-end styling can be generously described as ‘controversial,’ there’s little to debate when it comes to its performance. Base versions of the car feature a 473hp 3.0L ...

Dodge Charger and Challenger SRT Hellcat Jailbreak Models Break All the Rules

Dodge just unlocked new, unrestricted, personalization options with new Jailbreak models for 2022 Dodge Charger and Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye Widebodies. Basically, the Jailbreak models unlock color-combination ordering restrictions and add new factory-custom options. That gives owners the freedom to ...

The Dodge Super Bee Added High Impact Muscle To Mopar's Hemi-Powered Drag Machines

The Plymouth Road Runner is a name familiar to most muscle car fans as the low-buck, high displacement option from Mopar that appeared on the scene at the end of the 1960s to lure in bargain-seeking speed demons. A little ...

Hemis, Hellcats & Beyond : Everything You Need to Know About the Modern Dodge Challenger

It’s amazing to think that it’s been nearly 13 years since the “new” Dodge Challenger first hit the market. And while most cars would be quite stale having been on the market that long, Dodge has done a fantastic job ...

The Guide to Buying a Second Gen Dodge Viper

It’s one of the most iconic cars of the ’90s—the Dodge Viper. While the Viper platform has a storied past, one thing is for sure, the 1996 to 2002 second generation cars are skyrocketing in value. Even with the surge ...

Legacy’s Latest 1947 Dodge Power Wagon Costs An Extraordinary $400,000

You can buy a lot for $400,000, including a Lamborghini Aventador or a rather nice house. Alternatively, you could also spend $400,000 on this, a special restomod 1947 Dodge Power Wagon created by Legacy Classic Trucks. Legacy has been modifying ...

Dodge Kills The Durango Hellcat

Don’t believe the spin you see in the media… From the first reveal of the Durango Hellcat, Dodge has been pretty upfront about the limited nature of the big kitty. For anyone who’s been paying attention, it’s not surprising that ...

Florida Man Uses Dodge Charger To Run From The Cops

Yeah, he didn’t get away… By now if you haven’t heard the Legend of Florida Man you’ve obviously not been on the internet for years. Well, he’s at it again, this time using a Dodge Charger to lead police on ...

2022 Dodge Durango adding R/T Plus trim

For the 2021 model year, the entry-level Dodge Durango SXT trim and the next-level GT trim offer enhanced SXT Plus and GT Plus versions. Among the changes planned for next year’s Durango, Mopar Insiders reports that the Plus formula ...

This Yellow Dodge Van's Interior Gives an 80s Vibe for When You’re Feeling Nostalgic

When you take a look at this 1970s Dodge van, besides the clean exterior, you probably wouldn’t give it a second glance. But the inside takes you back to the same decade, giving you a strong 70-80s vibe.

Men Of ’70s Culture, Here’s Your Chance To Own A Dodge Shag Wagon

This 1977 Dodge Tradesman B200, currently up for auction in Washington, proves that vans can be cool. Obviously, some significant modifications have been made to the Dodge van since it first left the factory. For example, it has been repainted ...

Custom 1949 Dodge Power Wagon With Suicide Doors Will Have You Singing Jeepers Creepers

In the world of iconic horror movie cars, three stand head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to looking scary and imposing. You can rank them in whichever order you’d like, as long as you don’t even dare look beyond this group: Christine (Plymouth Fury), The Car (custom 1971 Lincoln Continental) and the Jeepers Creepers truck (a 1941 Chevrolet Cab Over Engine).

Davyn Smith on DriveTribe: Dodge Ram TRX. A 707hp 6.2L? V8 superc

SpottingDavyn Smith posted in Car Spotters8h ago37

Ends Tomorrow: Get More Entries To Win This Rare 1969-½ Dodge Super Bee

You are going to lose your chance to win this dream car soon! If you like Mopar you may be dreaming about driving a Charger or Challenger. Modern muscle or old school original, these are great cars with plenty of ...

These Are the Results of Tuning a Stock 2000 Dodge Viper and How It Is Done

The world of tuning is as vast as the world of automobiles. At any given time, there was someone who wanted more out of their vehicle, and tried to get that extra bit of performance. Some solutions worked better than others, and that is why we have reliable ways to tune a vehicle today.

El Salvador loophole gives Bitcoin traders a chance to dodge tax bills

© Provided by The Telegraph Bitcoin is now legal tender in El Salvador The taxman risks missing out on millions of pounds in revenue from Bitcoin traders after El Salvador became the first country to make the cryptocurrency legal ...

New Dodge Durango Trim Could Be A Problem For Jeep

Isn't internal competition not supposed to happen? The current Dodge Durango generation, which received a minor facelift for 2021, is expected to be retired following the 2023 model year. Production of the Hellcat-powered variant will end in the coming few ...

Este Dodge Power Wagon de 1947 es un espectacular restomod

1/8 SLIDES © Copyright Legacy Classic Trucks Dodge Power Wagon restomod 2/8 SLIDES © Copyright Legacy Classic Trucks Dodge Power Wagon restomod 3/8 SLIDES © Copyright Legacy Classic Trucks Dodge Power Wagon restomod 4/8 SLIDES © ...

Jailbreaking the Charger and Challenger Hellcat: Dodge's Most Customizable Line-Up Ever

Full customization and breaking all the previous rules of option combinations when outfitting a vehicle, that's Dodge's definition for a genuine jailbreak regarding its Charger and Challenger Hellcat Redeye Widebody muscle car heroes. They are throwing everything on the table for their new 2022 models, removing all previous ordering restrictions, resulting in a tenfold array of conceivable selections.

2022 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat

Highs Acceleration can cause involuntary cursing, intimidating from outside but accommodating inside, nimbler than it looks. Lows Not a nice interior for the lofty price, prone to roasting its rear tires, steering feel–what steering feel? Verdict The 717-plus-hp Charger ...

2024 Dodge Challenger eMuscle

Overview There’s no better indication that electric vehicles are taking over than the 2024 Dodge Challenger Muscle. Electrifying one of the brawniest muscle cars is a big undertaking, but it’s one that comes with big performance payoffs. The Challenger ...

2022 Dodge Challenger

Highs Powerful and melodic V-8s, there’s no all-wheel-drive Camaro or Mustang, comfy inside and relaxed ride. Lows Won’t be confused for a sports car, listless manual shifter action, cabin plagued by low-rent materials. Verdict The Challenger is big, brash, ...

2022 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat

Highs Horsepower ratings that start with 7 and 8, throwback bodywork and soundtrack, inhabitable back seat. Lows Fuel-economy ratings as low as 13 mpg, Camaro and Mustang handle much better, starting to show its age. Verdict The Challenger SRT ...

2021 Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat

Highs A three-row SUV with 700-plus horses, as quick as a 797-hp Hellcat Challenger, surprisingly deft handling for its size. Lows Precipitous price tag, miserable fuel economy, omnipresent supercharger whine can get annoying. Verdict The Durango SRT Hellcat is ...

2022 Dodge Durango SRT 392

Highs Muscle-car powertrain, three-rows of seats, rubber-burning acceleration. Lows Reprehensible fuel economy, stiff ride, limited cargo space with third row in use. Verdict The Durango SRT 392 is a muscle car in family-friendly camouflage. Overview With the attitude of ...

2022 Dodge Charger

Highs Two mighty and melodic V-8 options, more agile than its size suggests, old-school vibes with a touch of modern. Lows Unremarkable cabin materials, largest wheels diminish ride quality, steering lacks feedback. Verdict The Charger is flawed, but it ...

2022 Dodge Durango

Highs Rad-dad styling, class-leading towing capacity, powerful optional V-8 engine. Lows Could be more fuel efficient, lacks standard driver-assists, snug third row. Verdict Dodge applies its muscle-car formula to a three-row family crossover with convincing results. Overview Few three-row ...

Tested: 2006 Chevy Corvette Z06 vs. 2006 Dodge Viper SRT10

From the Archive: Two tire punishers face off in a Motor City grudge match. It's not going to be pretty.

1992 Dodge Viper RT/10 vs. 1965 Shelby 427SC Cobra

In which the lesson seems to be that going 60 mph in a Town Car is not at all like going 60 on a skateboard.


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