Replaced our Nissan Micra Active with a pre-owned Honda Jazz

As a fill it, shut it, forget it city car, the Honda Jazz is surprisingly good. This was a pure head over heart decision. BHPian sauravpat recently shared this with other enthusiasts. Replacing a Nissan Micra with a Pre-Owned ...

2022 Toyota RAV4 wait time too long? Some family SUVs have stock available now or short wait times, like Hyundai Tucson, Honda CR-V, Nissan X-Trail and Mitsubishi Outlander

If you’re after a new medium SUV right now, Hyundai has plenty of diesel Tucsons in local dealerships. Getting your hands on a brand-new car at the moment is challenging, to say the least. Parts shortages caused by pandemic-related ...

Honda’s Prologue Electric SUV Sketched Out

Honda’s all-new Prologue electric SUV has been unveiled in sketch-form, serving as an opening act for future Honda EVs. The Prologue is said to be an “adventure-ready” EV, capable of both daily drives and weekend getaways. It will serve ...

5 Things to Know About the 2023 Honda Accord Midsize Sedan

Is there a new Honda Accord coming out? The answer is yes, but we don’t have much information other than that at this moment. The new 2023 Honda Accord midsize sedan is in the works and should be arriving sometime ...

5th-gen Honda City: Petrol vs Diesel vs Hybrid. Which engine to buy?

The petrol and hybrid powertrains come with a CVT gearbox, however, the diesel engine does miss out on the transmission option. Honda Cars India launched the 5th-generation City sedan in the Indian market back in July 2020. The 5th-gen ...

Honda HR-V hybrid wait time tops six months

All-new green compact SUV proves popular with consumers as supply shortage hits

Video: Police arrested man in viral video for assaulting elderly Honda City driver

Over the weekend, multiple videos of a man beating up an elderly Honda City driver in Padang Jawa went viral on social media. The Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) has now arrested the man for further investigation. According to a ...

2023 Toyota Camry vs. 2023 Honda Accord: Refreshed vs. Redesigned Midsize Sedans

Camry vs. Accord comparison highlights: The Toyota Camry sees minor updates for the 2023 model year The Honda Accord will be completely redesigned for the 2023 model year The 2023 Camry will likely be slightly more powerful than the new ...

2022 Honda Civic Si vs Toyota GR86: A Real-World Comparison

The sport compact segment is heating up with the rivals like the 2022 Toyota GR86 and the Honda Civic Si. Technically speaking, these two aren’t really direct competitors since one is a sedan and the other is a coupe. Also, ...

All-electric Honda Prologue SUV revealed in first sketch

Honda Prologue. Honda, together with General Motors (GM), is working on an all-electric SUV called the Prologue, which will make its debut in 2024. The Prologue has been developed as part of Honda’s collaboration with GM to develop new ...

2022 Honda CR-V vs. 2022 Honda Pilot: Hi Big Brother!

Are you considering buying either the CR-V compact SUV or the Pilot midsize SUV? To help you with your buying decision and find out the differences between the two Honda SUVs, we created this 2022 Honda CR-V vs. 2022 Honda ...

2 Reasons the Honda Prologue Could Be an Epic Fail

Honda is a compact SUV veteran. The Japanese automaker’s CR-V small SUV has competed with the best SUVs in its segment for decades. Honda knows how to produce a popular SUV, but things could go either way for the Honda ...

3 Things You Should Know About the Honda Prologue SUV

The Honda Prologue will be Honda’s first electric SUV for the American market. The Prologue is scheduled to release in 2024. Here are three important Prologue details that will provide you with some context about Honda’s new electric vehicle. The ...

Microsoft Flight Simulator Honda Jet Release Date Announced; Buffalo Niagara, Gary/Chicago, Yakutat, Xijiao Airports, & Reefworld Released

Third-party developers shared announcements and releases of Microsoft Flight Simulator add-ons, including another snazzy aircraft. Speaking of the snazzy aircraft, the Honda Jet by Marwan Gharib (published by FlightFX) now has a release date, and it’s coming on May 31. ...

Why Is the 2022 Honda Ridgeline the Most Expensive Midsize Truck?

Do y’all think the Honda Ridgeline is overpriced? It’s time to investigate to provide an answer to that question. We know that the 2022 Honda Ridgeline is the most expensive midsize truck, but let’s dive in and see what comes ...

Lockdown Project: The First Phase of a JDM Honda NSX Makeover

Midway through 2020, we saw quite a few people posting about how the Covid lockdowns would end up producing a wave of new builds that would eventually see the light of day once things got back to “normal.” That prediction ...

Should You Buy This Used Honda Ridgeline for the Price of a Ford Maverick Lariat?

The Honda Ridgeline dominates compact pickup truck rankings. One used Honda Ridgeline model year is within the same price range as the Ford Maverick Lariat. Which compact truck is the better buy for the money? You can buy a used ...

Upsized 2023 Honda CR-V could move up in price and segment to rival Mazda CX-8, Toyota Kluger and Hyundai Santa Fe

The design of the new-gen Honda CR-V was leaked earlier this week. Honda’s fifth-generation CR-V SUV has been on sale in Australia since mid-2017, and is in dire need of an update to keep pace against the likes of ...

Clutch noises from my Honda City: Disappointing service & diagnosis

The sedan is 3.5 years old, having done around 18,500 km BHPian clement.lloyd recently shared this with other enthusiasts. Honda city service centre – Poor diagnosis for clutch noise- disappointment all over. Of late I had been experiencing a ...

HR-V too expensive? Circa RM 75k price hinted for this Ativa-rivaling Honda SUV RS concept

It has been half a year since Honda showcased the Honda SUV RS Concept during the 2021 Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show 2021 (2021 GIIAS), but the model has yet to go on sale, as Honda is currently gauging ...

The RM 75k Honda SUV RS Concept be the second gen Honda WR-V, aimed right at the Ativa

It has been half a year since Honda showcased the Honda SUV RS Concept during the 2021 Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show 2021 (2021 GIIAS), but the model has yet to go on sale, as Honda is currently gauging ...

Honda CB300R: First service experience & issues faced

The headlight performance is very poor. This is by far the biggest blunder from Honda which is more than the pricing to say the least. BHPian amvj recently shared this with other enthusiasts. First service update: Odometer Reading: 673KM ...

2024 Honda Prologue Electric SUV Design Sketch Revealed

2024 Honda Prologue electric SUV is presented with a retro appearance. Honda recently presented us with its ambitious electrification plan with which it wants to reach 2050 by being a carbon-neutral company at a global level, a plan that, ...

2024 Honda Prologue EV SUV: Release Date, Price, and Specs — Honda’s First All-Electric Car!

Compared to other automakers, Honda is late to the EV party. However, the Japanese automaker is on track to release its first all-electric model: the 2024 Honda Prologue EV SUV, which comes from a collaboration with General Motors. Find out ...

Is a Ford Maverick Lariat a Better Buy Than a Base Model Honda Ridgeline?

The Ford Maverick has taken the compact pickup truck vehicle segment by storm. The Honda Ridgeline was once considered the best small truck by many different automotive publications. The two small pickup trucks are nowhere near the same price range. ...

Comparison: 2022 Honda Civic Touring vs Toyota Corolla XSE

Brian Harper: The compact sedan segment may have lost some of its shine over the past decade as buyers flocked to crossovers, but it still generates appreciable sales volumes, especially our two rivals here, Elle. In the Honda Civic, we ...

What Is the Cheapest Honda to Lease Right Now?

New car prices are sky-high, however, you can still score a pretty good lease deal with certain automakers. For example, Honda is currently offering a few spectacular leases for the month of May. Here is the cheapest lease deal that ...

La Chine dévoile une photo du nouveau Honda CR-V – et ça nous dit (presque) tout

Le nouveau Honda CR-V 2023 est attendu pour cette année. Jusqu’à tout récemment, nous n’avions vu que des images d’un prototype camouflé (nos images en fin d’article). Mais voilà qu’une série de photos de la sixième génération du VUS s’est ...

Honda Teases Prologue Electric SUV for 2024 and Shares Plan to Accelerate EV Sales Toward 2030

Honda released the first sketch previewing the design of the all-new Prologue full-electric SUV launching in 2024. The first Honda model designed primarily through virtual reality visualization technology. “The Prologue is Honda’s first electric vehicle in Canada and is the result ...

The New Longjia XDV 150 Wants You To Think It's A Honda ADV150

If you squint your eyes and tilt your head, you probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

My pre-owned 3rd gen Honda City: 60000 km service update

There was also a slight rattle from the driver side. First one in a nearly 10 year old car. BHPian Hamza123 recently shared this with other enthusiasts. Time for an update after a long long time. The Silver Arrow ...

This is the 2024 Honda Prologue EV crossover

Prologue to use GM EV platform

More info on Honda's Amaze-based compact SUV

The new compact SUV will be based on an updated version of the Amaze platform (PF2). In early January, we had reported about Honda’s plans to launch a compact SUV in the Indian market. Now, a new media report ...

Honda Prologue: First Electric SUV of the Japanese Automaker to Launch in the US—When?

The Honda Prologue is coming to the United States, and it will be the Japanese automaker’s take on the electric sports utility vehicle (SUV) that will be available in the country soon. It is also Honda’s first electric SUV to ...

Honda ZR-V hybrid confirmed, to bridge gap between HR-V and CR-V in Europe

North American market model shown After USA and China, the larger Honda Civic-based Honda ZR-V has been confirmed to launch in Europe in 2023. The C-segment SUV will slot between the -based Honda HR-V and the (also) -based Honda ...

Honda Prologue Electric SUV Teased – New Look Of Dealer Showroom

The Honda Prologue electric SUV does not try too hard to look outlandish or futuristic, but it does look good Honda Prologue Electric SUV Teaser The rapid shift in the paradigm towards electric vehicles has been giving rise to mergers ...

2024 Honda Prologue teased, upcoming rival to the BZ4X co-developed with GM

Honda’s fully-electric ambitions are in gear with the latest sketch of its first electric SUV built from the ground up being unveiled. The 2024 Honda Prologue is co-developed with General Motors (GM) and is expected to be built on ...

Is it Cheaper to Lease a 2022 Chevrolet Camaro Than a Honda Accord?

If you had to pick between a 2022 Chevrolet Camaro with a V8 and a Honda Accord, which one would you choose? In terms of practicality and fuel efficiency, the Honda Accord would be the clear winner. But what if ...


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Quebec Family Throws 1992 Honda Accord Owner Surprise Party

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1966 Honda S800

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