Humble Games’ 2022 Lineup Shines a Spotlight on Southeast Asian Creators

While many are familiar with the Humble Bundle and the plethora of fantastic packages they have for those who want a bunch of games for a reasonable price, Humble has also been publishing their own games since 2017. From the ...

Summerfall Studios and Humble Games Announce Partnership For Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical

Summerfall Studios and Humble Games announced their partnership to bring the newly named Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical to life.

It may not be cute, but here’s why the humble yabby deserves your love

Am I not pretty enough? This article is part of The Conversation’s series introducing you to Australia’s unloved animals that need our help. For children growing up in rural areas, going “yabbying” in farm dams is a rite of passage. ...

Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing: This Humble Octavia With 600 Bhp Can Give Some Serious Supercars A Run For Their Money

The mods on this OCTY cost lakhs of rupees, which are well worth in its pursuit of becoming the Ultimate Sleeper! In a country where efficiency is the first and foremost criterion while buying cars, some carmakers are brave enough ...

Humble Games shares its 2022 line-up of awesome looking indie titles – includes Monaco 2 and Stray Gods

Image via Humble Games In its first ever press showcase, Humble Games has shared details on a number of upcoming indie games it’s aiming to publish throughout 2022. Most of them lack an exact release window or release platforms, ...

Humble Games showcase reveals Monaco II, other indies

Earlier this week, publisher Humble Games held its first-ever Humble Games Showcase. Similar to Nintendo’s Nindies videos, the presentation revealed details about upcoming indie titles and reinforced the company’s commitment to both charity and social causes. One of the biggest ...

Stray Gods, The Iron Oath, Coral Island, and more revealed as part of Humble Games' release roadmap

Humble Games, the publishing arm under Humble Bundle, has revealed nine games joining the brand as part of its roadmap for 2022 and beyond. Among those nine titles, Humble includes RPGs like Stray Gods:The Roleplaying Musical, The Iron Oath, Coral Island, ...

Humble Games 2022 Showcase: Monaco 2, Stray Gods, and more

Humble Games revealed their games roadmap for 2022 and beyond, with the publishing arm showing off nine new titles to come in their Humble Games Showcase. Humble Games is investing deeper into iconic indie IPs, acquiring the rights to the ...

Humble Games Reveals Monaco 2 and Much More

While not all is confirmed for Switch, here’s hoping the branching musical, Souls-like Metroidvania, and rhythm RPG come Nintendo’s way. Humble Games revealed nine new games coming to their growing stable of games, including Monaco 2 (sequel to multiplayer heist ...

Here's everything shown in the Humble Games showcase

Still hungering for more indie-flavoured video game news following last night’s big Xbox showcase? Well, you’re in luck, courtesy of Humble Games, which has just given its slate of upcoming titles an airing in a livestream of its very ...

Monoco 2, Stray Gods, And More Announced From Humble Publishing

The publishing arm of Humble Games has announced its 2022 slate with a high-profile indie sequel and a musical RPG.

Everything We Saw at the Humble Games Showcase

Stray Gods, Monaco 2, and more announced at the Humble Games Showcase.

Can A Humble Kia Seltos Get Ahead Of Mercedes-Benz GLA In A Drag Race?

The Seltos’ turbo-petrol generates more power than the Mercedes-Benz Kia Seltos Turbo Petrol With 7-speed DCT proved that even mass-segment manufacturers can offer high-performance SUVs. The Mercedes Benz GLA is one of the most sought-after compact luxury SUVs. It has ...

EA Origin Keys Expire in Just Four Days on Humble Store

EA games are no longer available from the Humble Store. Anybody who has purchased EA or EA Origin games from the Humble Store has just four days to redeem those keys before they are rendered invalid. The good news ...

Esports Arena set Pro League record, humble the competition in ALGS return

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment Split two of the ALGS Pro League began in North America on Saturday, ending a two-week pause of all pro Apex Legends competition after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Esports Arena showed they’d stayed sharp ...

Humble Store delists EA titles

Keys purchased on Humble Store cannot be used from March 18th

EA and Origin games removed from the Humble Store, customers have one more week to redeem keys

Image via EA Games are removed from digital storefronts all the time. Metal Gear Solid titles were delisted last fall, and the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U eShops are closing down in March 2023. Usually there’s some notice when ...

Humble's Best of Boomer Shooters bundle is packed with fantastic 90s inspired FPS games

Humble has launched its Best of Boomer Shooters games bundle and it’s probably one of their best value collections yet. If you love old-school first person shooters, you won’t want to miss out on this horde of retro-style FPSes. It’s ...

Drag Race With A Twist: Humble Hero Splendor VS Mighty Suzuki Hayabusa

Watch the outcome of this funny drag race between a 100cc commuter and a full-blown superbike A single-cylinder 100cc commuter is no match for a 1,300cc plus four-cylinder superbike. But this funny drag race video of Hero Splendor and the ...

Humble's Boomer Shooter bundle is one of the best FPS collections I've seen

Get eight quality shooters—Amid Evil, Ion Fury, Prodeus, Dread Templar and more—and a pair of coupons for just $12.

Humble is discounting Assassin’s Creed games up to 85 percent off

Games like Valhalla, Odyssey, Origins and more are on sale

Humble’s Boss Fight Gaming Bundle Gives You 31 Books For Less Than £15 and Helps Prevent Malaria

Humble Bundle is offering a massive 31 Boss Fight Books, eBooks, all for less than £15. If you’ve never tackled one of Boss Fight Books’ tomes, you’re in for an absolute treat. Each book, penned by a different author, ...

Get Sid Meier's Ultimate Collection for cheap from Humble Bundle

If you’re looking for a new game to get lost in for hours on end, you won’t want to miss out on Sid Meier’s games as they’re absolute time sinks. Perhaps the most well-known of the Sid Meier series’ is ...

Why the humble battery will play a starring role in the next technology era

We are far more dependent on battery technology than we realize

Where to buy and sell Humble Gifts in Sea of Thieves

Image via Rare Sea of Thieves is known for hiding a boatload of secrets throughout its vast network of islands and watery playgrounds. One of these secrets, of course, is the Humble Gift, a type of Gift Item that ...

Humble Hyundai Tiburon Transforms Into A BMW Coupe

The Hyundai Tiburon is an affordable two-door coupe from Korea with a flashy design, but what happens if you want something more premium-looking? A Korean owner found the solution after transforming his Hyundai into a BMW impersonator. The man who ...

Total War games are on sale on Humble Bundle

Ready your credit cards for battle, because various titles in Creative Assembly’s Total War series are now on sale on Humble Bundle. Humble Bundle’s Total War Weekend sale sees a number of the classic strategy games discounted by as much ...

Help Crush Cancer With Humble Bundle’s Swedish Cancer Society Bundle

Want to help fight cancer and get a gaming bargain at the same time? Humble Bundle’s new Fxck Cancer bundle has you covered. The bundle is in memory of Mikael Nermark, former Starbreeze Studios CEO who passed away from ...

Humble’s Massive Freedom Bundle Supports ACLU, IRC and Doctors Without Borders

As hard as we may try, it’s not always easy to avoid politics in video gaming, a medium whose best quality is arguably escapism, especially in America 2017. We’ve had one developer encourage Trump supporters to both “f*** off” ...

Humble Freedom Bundle Becomes Their Second Highest Seller Of All Time

Humble Bundles have raised a lot of money over the years, that’s for sure, and that doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon. With Humble’s Freedom Bundle, which included more than 40 indie games for at least a ...

New Humble Bundle Spotlights Capcom, SEGA, and Atlus

In what is a rather surprising collection of cheap digital games, the newest Humble Bundle pulls together titles from across the various releases of Capcom, SEGA, and Atlus. This unique collaboration brings together a maximum total of 12 games, ...

Humble Bundle Bought by IGN, Terms of the Purchase Undisclosed

Humble Bundle has been acquired by IGN, the popular gaming, and entertainment-centric site. Humble Bundle started out offering game bundles with part of the proceeds donated to charity. The concept was so popular that many gaming bundle sites now ...

Guacamelee Super Turbo Champion Edition free on Humble Bundle

How lucky we are as gamers! The kind folks over at Humble Bundle are giving away Guacamelee Super Turbo Champion Edition free with every newsletter subscription. Thanks, Humble Bundle! From now until May 19 at 10AM Pacific time, everyone ...

Capcom X SEGA Humble Bundle Announced

SEGA and Capcom have teamed up for the Capcom x SEGA Humble Bundle special. If you’re ready to support some amazing charities, as well as buy some fantastic video games, then don’t go anywhere and keep reading on to ...

Get 13 PC Games For $10, And Help Fight Cancer With The F*** Cancer Humble Bundle

Dead by Daylight, Payday 2, and 11 other PC games are all yours for only $10.

Frankfurt 2015: Suzuki Baleno Compact Hatch Shows Its Humble Offerings

As reported earlier, Suzuki has finally taken the covers off its all-new Baleno at the on-going Frankfurt Motor Show. Toshihiro Suzuki, President, Suzuki Motor Corporation said, “The Baleno stands out in terms of styling and utility as well as in terms of ...


Humble Monthly July games are Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Surviving Mars

Believe It Or Not, This Beast Is A Humble Mahindra Bolero Under The Skin

Humble Bandai Namco Bundle 3 includes Tekken 7

Humble sale brings major deals to Square Enix, Capcom, Bethesda, and more

Humble Bundle premiers Nintendo Direct-style game reveals

Get games and fund cancer research with Humble Bundle’s new ‘F*ck Cancer’ bundle

Humble Indie Bundle 21 leak reveals upcoming game deals

Humble's newest bundle pays tribute to Starbreeze CEO who died of cancer

Get Spec Ops: The Line for Just $1 in Humble 2K Bundle 2

Get 11 Games for $15 in the Humble Capcom PlayStation Bundle

Humble Bundle will limit how much money is donated to charity with new options

For Better or for Worse, New Humble Choice Service Replaces Humble Monthly Today

Humble Bundle is making its subscription service simpler and cheaper

Humble Bundle’s Australian Fire Relief game package is now live

Humble Bundle Offering Spyro, Crash Bandicoot and Call of Duty In Its Latest Monthly Bundle

Humble Bundle Is Giving Away Free Copies Of Dirt Rally

Dodgeball Academia Is Getting A Physical Release, Thanks To Humble Games

How to complete Humble Gatherer quest in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Borderlands 3 and the Director’s Cut DLC are in February’s Humble Choice bundle

Capcom Humble Bundle includes more than $300 of games for $20

How a humble mushroom could save forests and fight climate change

Virtual Visor: Bosch re-invents humble sun visor

Humble urban garbage truck gets high-tech battery makeover

Humble Bundle Reintroducing Donation Limits

Humble Bundle and Sega Team Up With Oceana for Sonic’s 30th

Use This Script to Download All Your Humble Bundle Games

2021 Suzuki Swift is Now Available in Singapore: The Humble Hatch is Priced at S$86,900

Several titles published by Humble Games are coming day one to Xbox Game Pass

Humble Games is Bringing Ten Indie Titles to Xbox Game Pass at Launch

New EV Start-up Humble Unveils an SUV Powered by Sunlight

Powered by The Sun – Humble Motors’ Founder Dima Steesy on Its Solar-Charged Concept SUV

Review: Day of Infamy is a humble yet hardcore shooter that is unwelcoming to casual players

I was humbled by the Toyota Gazoo Racing Vios Cup Autocross Challenge

This Humble Mitsubishi Van Is Your Next Adventure Vehicle

Humble Motors is another automaker that believes in solar power

These New Winter Tires Turned My Humble VW Into a Snow-Conquering Beast

These custom Honda TMXs will change your mind about the humble ‘pantra’

Mac and Linux Support for Humble Choice Subscription Service Ending Soon

New Roblox developer starter kit available through Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle Drops Linux and macOS, Gives Customers Mere Weeks to Save Their Games

Humble Mahindra Bolero & Force Gurkha SUVs transformed into Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Humble Cars Of BILLIONAIRES: Mark Zuckerberg’s Honda Fit To Jeff Bezos's Honda Accord

HUMBLE Indian motorcycles converted to Suzuki Hayabusas: Bajaj Pulsar to Hero Karizma

‘Tank Girl: Bad Wind Rising #1-4’ Review (Humble Bundle)

Mac and Linux games leave Humble Bundle’s Trove after January 31st

Humble Bundle shifts to game subscriptions, killing Mac support in the process

Humble Bundle’s Hubris, Support For Linux And Apple Ends February 1st

Humble Choice to retire Mac and Linux offerings starting February 1

Humble Bundle subscription drops Linux and Mac support

Popular Humble games subscription drops support for Mac

Download Your Humble Bundle Mac and Linux Games Before They’re Gone for Good

Looking Back to 2005 and Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved – Humble Beginnings

Humble subscription service is dumping Mac, Linux access in 18 days

Happy’s Humble Burger Farm Review

Humble Choice is changing once again, this time for the better

Humble Bundle Are Giving Out Batman Games For $1

Happy’s Humble Burger Farm is Fast Food With a Side of Fear

Humble Bundle updates Choice membership with all-access library

Humble Bundle's simplified game subscription will include a members-only library

The Strategy Game Kingdom: Classic Is Free Right Now Via The Humble Store

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