GMC Promises Hummer EV Won't Suffer Bolt's Biggest Failure

Failure is not an option this time. The Chevrolet Bolt EV and Bolt EUV battery fire investigation appears to be coming to an end. The American automaker recently announced that a fix has been found. The next step is to ...

GMC Hummer EV Is Way More Important Than You Realize

Think of the off-roader as future guidance. The GMC Hummer EV truck and Hummer SUV not only represent the future of the off-road premium brand but also General Motors. The duo are the first vehicles to make use of the ...

GMC Needs An Electric SUV That Isn't The Hummer

This looks like an awesome adventure vehicle. We are currently living through one of the greatest eras in automotive design, and the proliferation of digital design programs means that significantly more people have the ability to try their hand at ...

Hyundai Makes Hummer's Crabwalk Even Better

Look out, cars will be driving in all sorts of weird ways in the future. The GMC Hummer won't be the only SUV crabwalking its way around town if a new patent from Hyundai goes into production. It shows a ...

2022 GMC Hummer EV deliveries starting in December 2021

It’s much too big to fit under your Christmas tree, but owners of the heavy-duty 2022 GMC Hummer EV should be getting their pickups in time for the festive season. AutoNews reports word from global Buick and GMC vice president ...

GMC Takes On Tesla And Ford With New Hummer Easter Eggs

They're really cute. The race for the king of the electric hill is in full swing, and most major domestic manufacturers are getting ready to launch an all-electric truck in the near future. Ford has its F-150 Lightning, Tesla Has ...

GMC Hummer Traffic Explodes After Biden Visits Plant

Call it the presidential treatment. The GMC Hummer EV got the “Biden Bump” after the President visited the company’s new Factory Zero in Hamtramck, Michigan. According to GM vice president Duncan Aldred, the Hummer had its best month for reservations ...

GMC Will Offer Nearly 200 Accessories For New Hummer EV

The modified truck will appear at the SEMA show next week. GM is taking the all-new GMC Hummer EV to SEMA to showcase the extensive range of accessories it has created for the all-new electric truck. GM is taking three ...

2022 GMC Hummer EV Has Less Range Than We Hoped

Details have been leaked by an unlikely source. When the 2022 GMC Hummer EV was revealed last year, General Motors estimated the electric pickup could travel over 350 miles on a single charge. This was impressive for a big and ...

One-Off GMC Hummer EV Neiman Marcus Isn't Cheap

Calling all rich collectors. It’s that time of the year when luxury retailer Neiman Marcus releases its Fantasy Gift list. Nothing is too extreme and everything is seriously expensive. So it makes perfect sense for a one-off GMC Hummer EV ...

GMC Hummer EV Could Benefit Big Time From New Tax Credits

But the plan remains controversial. The topic of tax credits for new electric vehicles has been hotly debated this year. In July, we reported on proposed changes to EV tax credits that could raise the maximum amount to $12,500, up ...

GMC Hummer Returns To Military Service

The electric Light Reconnaissance Vehicle could be transporting soldiers (via batteries) in a few years. The original GMC Hummer was inspired by the military-spec AM General “Humvee”, which was one of the baddest vehicular creations ever to roam the planet. ...

2022 GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 to have 329 miles of range, too heavy for official EPA rating

General Motors has confirmed a 329-mile range for the 2022 GMC Hummer EV electric pickup truck in its Edition 1 launch spec, but you won’t find that number on the EPA website. That’s because, with a preliminary gross vehicle ...

2022 GMC Hummer EV Ready for Production, Deliveries

Here’s some good news for the 125,000 handraisers on lists to get a GMC Hummer EV full-size electric pickup truck. Preproduction is coming to an end at the Factory Zero plant in Detroit-Hamtramck and the factory is moving to final ...

President Biden Shows How To Launch The New EV Hummer

The Secret Service was probably not impressed. In case you've been living under a giant boulder, you must have heard of the massive bipartisan infrastructure deal. It has tremendous implications for the automotive industry, ranging from adaptive headlights finally becoming ...

GMC will begin Hummer EV deliveries in December

GMC The first electric Hummers will be making their way to their new owners this holiday season. According to Autoblog, GMC boss Duncan Aldred has announced that deliveries of the Hummer Edition 1 — the all-electric truck variant that’ll ...

2022 GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 Pickup Enters Production, Costs $112K

All-electric truck offers 329 miles of range and is classified as a heavy-duty vehicle.

GMC Hummer EV Pickup Edition 1 Deliveries Will Start in December

Those who were anxious to drive a Hummer that will not burn fossil fuels will be able to do so starting in December. According to GM, that’s when deliveries of the GMC Hummer EV Pickup Edition 1 will begin.

GM packs a weekend full of optional accessories for electric Hummer “supertruck”

Image source: GM is taking three all-new electric Hummer models to a major auto show in Las Vegas this week, highlighting the nearly 200 optional accessories that would make anybody’s weekend. GM will display the GMC electric SUV, ...

GM’s Hummer EVs Are Coming this December for Preorders, Reservations; When’s the Wide Release?

General Motors Corporation (GM) is soon releasing its initial batch of Hummer EVs to the public, but it is limited to those that have pre-ordered or reserved a vehicle, as stocks remain limited. The popular electric pickup trucks of the ...

GM’s Hummer EV has 329 mile range, “Edition 1” deliveries start in December

Hummer EV deliveries are imminent, slated to begin next month as confirmed today by GMC brand chief Duncan Aldred. While the truck will not be EPA rated, GM says it will have an all-electric range of 329 miles. Aldred ...

GMC Hummer EV range is 329 miles; deliveries in December

It’ll be a very Hummer Christmas for some households, as General Motors says it will begin deliveries of the electric GMC Hummer pickup in December, according to GMC boss Duncan Aldred. And we now know the truck’s EPA range number: ...

First GMC Hummer EVs to reach reservation holders in December

© Provided by Roadshow GM’s Factory Zero has officially moved to producing customer vehicles. General Motors Spurred on by last week’s event at its Factory Zero facility in Detroit where President Joe Biden took a spin in the GMC ...

First GMC Hummer EVs Hit The Road In December, As Promised

Other variants will debut in 2023, some with improved range.

GM to begin Hummer electric pickup deliveries in December

The new GM logo is seen on the facade of the General Motors headquarters in Detroit, Michigan, U.S., March 16, 2021. REUTERS/Rebecca Cook DETROIT, Nov 23 (Reuters) – General Motors Co (GM.N) will begin deliveries of its GMC Hummer ...

GM crab walked the Hummer EV truck up and down Woodward this weekend

Sometimes, manufacturers like to show off their fancy new wares at the Woodward Dream Cruise. It’s largely done through static showcases with big displays for the public to gawk at. However, GM did something a little different with its GMC ...

Hummer electric vehicle announced plus 12 other new EVs for the Middle East

© Provided by The National The 2022 GMC Hummer EV is a first-of-its kind supertruck developed to forge new paths with zero emissions. Photo: General Motors General Motors on Monday showcased its plans to offer an electric vehicle “for ...

Joe Biden Drives Hummer EV at Factory ZERO Opening

GM gets ready to build electric pickups in renovated Detroit-Hamtramck plant.

The 2022 GMC Hummer EV Is Shaping Up To Be Quite The Off-Roader

The GMC Hummer EV has the potential to be one of the most exciting off-roaders launched in recent years and a handful of journalists recently had the opportunity to test it out in prototype form. The example tested was ...

Interested In A Mini Hummer SUV? Meet The GMC Boulder Design Study

The GMC Hummer EV came out to great acclaim this year. Acclaim that was less forthcoming for the Blazer, which wasn’t exactly the Bronco competitor the original one was. Enter the Boulder. The creation of one Ryan Schlotthauer, a Transportation ...

US President Joe Biden Tries His Hands on the New GMC Hummer EV - Watch Video

© Provided by News18 US President Joe Biden Tries His Hands on the New GMC Hummer EV – Watch Video The president of the United States, Joe Biden, is one of the most influential people in the world and ...

A Nissan Rasheen With A Hummer Face Won’t Fool You, But It’ll Surely Make You Smile

There is a Facebook Group called Unnecessary automobile nose swaps and while most posts are photoshop-edited pictures, there is a real car listing that perfectly encapsulates the group’s theme. The car hiding behind the Hummer’s face is a 1995 Nissan Rasheen coming ...

Hummer Could Re-Enlist In The Military Thanks To GM Defense

Hummer’s return to civilian life could be short-lived as GM Defense is working on a version for the military. Speaking with CNBC, GM Defense President Steve duMont confirmed plans for an “electric Light Reconnaissance Vehicle” (eLRV) based on the GMC Hummer ...

Watch President Joe Biden Hammer The GMC Hummer EV At Factory Zero

It wasn’t that long ago that Joe Biden was driving the all-electric Ford F-150 Lightning at the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center. Now, he’s been filmed driving the 2022 GMC Hummer EV pickup at the opening of GM’s Factory Zero. ...

Watch: President Joe Biden floors it in the new GMC Hummer EV

Photo / Supplied President Joe Biden has been seen driving a few new cars lately, just recently he was filmed driving the all-electric Ford F-150 Lightening at the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center. Now, he’s been videoed flooring it in ...

President Biden takes GMC Hummer EV for spin as GM kicks off production

As President Joe Biden hits the road to sell the successes embedded in the recently signed Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal, he received the opportunity for a special test drive. On Wednesday, the president was present for GM’s opening celebrations at the ...

Motorcycle Monday: 1956 Harley-Davidson Hummer

Beautifully restored, this American classic is ready to ride and display. Harley-Davidson has been a titan in the motorcycle industry for decades. While many of its modern bikes are big cruisers, going back to the company’s roots uncovers some far ...

Joe Biden Takes the Wheel of a Hummer EV at the Factory ZERO Opening

Photo credit: GM General Motors celebrated the opening of the renovated Factory ZERO electric vehicle plant in Michigan on Wednesday of this week, with President Joe Biden in attendance. The grand opening followed a $2.2 billion investment in the ...

Watch President Joe Biden Drive The GMC Hummer EV

"Anybody want to jump in the back? On the roof? This sucker's something else."

Light Up The Night In This Slantback Hummer H1

Aww, your Jeep’s LED light bar is so cute! Born out of military necessity, the Hummer H1 became an icon of off-roading opulence in the ’90s, and as these rough and rugged SUVs get more affordable, expect to see more ...


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