Karma Automotive reveals new Revero GT prior to world debut

Karma Automotive, a Southern California-based electric vehicle company and a high-tech incubator, will reveal its long-anticipated 2020 Revero GT machine at the goldRush Rally ELEVEN prior to vehicle's official world debut. The event itself is 3,000-mile rally, nine-day automotive lifestyle ...

Karma brings latest AWD E-Flex platform to the fore

LOS ANGELES: Karma Automotive announced its latest flexible and modular E-Flex platform with two motor all-wheel drive (AWD) and extended-range electric vehicle (EREV) architecture. The new platform is the final of five demonstration projects designed to illustrate Karma’s technical ...

Karma Automotive team unveils SC1 Vision Concept at this year's Concours d'Elegance

Southern California-based luxury electric manufacturer and hi-tech incubator Karma Automotive announced that the world debut of the SC1 Vision Concept supercar will occur at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. Blending some cutting-edge technologies and design, SC1 is expected to showcase ...

Karma Automotive commemorates the final production of 2019 Revero lineup

Southern California-based automaker and high-tech incubator Karma Automotive has created four custom vehicles to commemorate final production of its 2019 Revero supercar. These four machines are the last 2019 Revero Karma produced before the beginning of production of the latest ...

Karma Automotive unveils new Revero GT at Supercar Weekend in Vancouver!

Southern California-based luxury electric automaker and high-tech incubator Karma Automotive is ready to unveil the 2020 Revero GT in Canada this weekend at the 10th Annual Luxury and Supercar Weekend in Vancouver, B.C. 2020 Karma Revero GT comes with elegant ...

Karma Revero GT takes home an honorable award

2020 Karma Revero GT was named Green Car Journal's 2020 Luxury Green Car of the Year for blending its environmental performance with high levels of luxury and exceptional driving experience. The prestigious award recognizes environmental achievements in the automotive industry ...

Karma Automotive team makes an European debut at the Geneva Show

Karma Automotive, the Southern California-based manufacturer of luxury electric vehicles and high-tech mobility incubator, will use its first European auto show presence to showcase the new Revero and Revero GT models at the Geneva International Motor Show 2020. Brand's focus ...

Karma Automotive expands its network of dealers!

Karma Automotive, the Southern California-based creator of luxury electric vehicles and high-tech incubator has announced the additions in its newest North American retail partner in Canada. Karma Calgary, operated by International Motor Cars, will expand brand's retail network, with more ...

Karma Autmotive reveals new electric E-Flex platform

Karma Automotive announced its flexible and modular E-Flex platform with an efficient flat floor battery electric vehicle (BEV) architecture. This new platform is one of the five demonstration projects that are exclusively designed in order to showcase Karma's technical direction ...

Karma's new E-Flex Platform: additional information

Karma Automotive today announced its latest and most advanced modular E-Flex platform with two motor AWD and extended-range electric vehicle architecture. This new platform is the final of five demonstrative projects designed in order to illustrate Karma's technical direction and ...

Karma Broward Automobile Dealership Launches Latest Models of Luxury Electric Vehicles

Press Release – Karma Automotive, the Southern California-based creator of luxury electric vehicles officially opened its doors during a recent Grand Opening celebration at Karma Broward in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The dealership is the most recent addition to Boca Raton-based ...

If you use Venmo or Credit Karma, this company might owe you money

Within the past several weeks, you might have received an email informing you that a company called Plaid owes you money. In fact, so many people received this notice that there’s an entire Snopes page dedicated to it. As ...

Karma Automotive & WayRay to Incorporate new AR Head-Up Display Technology in Vehicles

Karma Automotive and WayRay have announced they will be collaborating to integrate a new form of Augmented Reality (AR) Head-Up Display (HUD) technology in a fleet of future Karma vehicles. The WayRay True Augmented Reality (True AR) and Deep Reality ...

E-Week – From Karma to Canoo – Why California is The Golden State For Electrification

California has the perfect climate for innovation and electrification. From new automakers, such as Karma, Canoo and Alpha, to concerns for the environment and equity for all neighbourhoods, California is surfing the wave of electrification. As the Biden administration plans ...

Karma Automotive Launches GS-6 Series in ‘New Luxury’ Segment

Southern California-based Karma Automotive is introducing the GS-6 Series. The first model to be produced in the new series is called the GS-6, and while retains the same design of the Revero GT®, but will be offered at a ...

The Karma Automotive Hood Badge Is The Most Beautiful Modern Car Detail

The badge continues a unique-details theme that included reclaimed wood interior materials and paint colors inspired by different environments.

This new EV platform from Karma was built for pick-ups and SUVs

Will we soon see an EV pick-up or SUV from Karma?

Will Volkswagen revive the iconic Karmann Ghia?

How does an electric Volkswagen Karmann Ghia sound to you?

The 2021 Karma GS-6 Proves What Is Dead Can Never Die

It may have died off already, but this sexy plug-in hybrid refuses to go away.

Infamous Second Son Guide: Mission 11: Trash the Stash - Defeat the Drug Dealers and Build up Good Karma

You’ll now have the option of a blue and red star on the map. The blue star represents Good Karma, while the red one represents Evil. Since this guide is based on a Good Karma playthrough, head to the ...

Karma will Follow Tesla's Example

Photo: Fisker A few years ago, a very sleek-looking hybrid car arrived on the market: the Fisker Karma combined a GM drivetrain with electric motors. Designed by Henrik Fisker, the Karma sadly didn’t live up to expectations; after some ...

More Information About The Karma Revero

Photo: Karma We already told you about the return of the Fisker Karma; this sleek-looking sedan survived the bankruptcy of its original maker and will return as the Revero. Now owned by Chinese industrialist Wanxiang, the new automaker—named Karma—will ...

Karma Teases Pininfarina-Designed Concept Car

Photo: Karma Automotive Ever since Wanxiang Group purchased the Karma design and naming rights from Henrik Fisker in 2014, world-class styling has remained at the forefront of Karma Automotive’s strategy. But even the Southern California-based luxury electric automaker can ...

Pricing Announced for the 2020 Karma Revero GT

Photo: Karma The California-based producer of electrified vehicles is about to launch the new generation of its Revero sedan, and a base price has been announced. The current car, born in 2011 as the Fisker Karma, is available in ...

Karma Automotive to Jump on the Electric Truck Bandwagon

Photo: Karma Automotive Karma Automotive seems to be on the right track since Chinese auto group Wanxiang rescued the brand from the ashes of Fisker. Sure, the lineup only has one model, the Revero (offered in base, GT and ...

2021 Karma GS-6 Introduced as Cheaper Revero

Photo: Karma Automotive The Karma Revero GT is getting a twin. The small Californian automaker born from the ashes of Fisker Automotive (and now owned by China’s Wanxiang) has announced a new evolution which is really the same vehicle ...

Karma. Incarnation 1 Review

The best word to describe Karma. Incarnation 1 is ‘oddball’. It’s a surreal, Dali-ist point and click adventure, and you play a big, black Pac-Man-like creature.  There are a few reasons why summarising the story of Karma. Incarnation 1 is ...

Career Karma lands $40 million to evolve into a edtech employee benefit

Career Karma raised its first millions off of a pitch that resonates with anyone who has ever googled coding bootcamps: a navigation tool for aspiring students and working professionals. Instead of creating its own curriculum, Career Karma helps students ...

Yeah, That’s Karma For You! Brake-Checking Ford Driver Gets What He Deserves

It’s always a good idea to drive cautiously around large semi-trucks given how much given how much longer it takes for them to stop compared to typical passenger cars. Evidently, the owner of a Ford Mondeo in France didn’t ...

1955 – 1974 VW Karmann-Ghia Type 14

1955 – 1974 VW Karmann-Ghia Typ 14. The Volkswagen Type 14 was a 2+2 marketed from 1955 to 1974 by Volkswagen in coupe and convertible bodystyles — combining the chassis and mechanicals of the Type 1, evocative styling by the Italian ...

Volkswagen Karmann-Ghia Coupe (1956-59)

Volkswagen Karmann-Ghia Coupe (1956-59) The Car Coming soon The Specs Below are the technical specifications and any performance numbers we could get. Engine Bore & Stroke 77mm x 64mm Displacement 1192cc Firing order 1432 Oil pressure (hot) 28 lb./sq. ...

Review Karma Incarnation 1

Stories of romance and tragedy have been told through the ages. People are fascinated by other’s pain and misfortune and vie for the underdog to save their one true love. This theme is as popular today as it always ...

Karma prices GS-6 plug-in hybrid arriving quickly, teases electric SUV due in 2022

Karma Automotive Monday revealed pricing for its far more cost-effective plug-in hybrid luxury automobile, the GS-6.  With its arrival this month, the GS-6 begins at $83,900. A higher-functionality GS-6S model begins at $103,900. A fully electric GSe-6 model, set ...

Executive Electrics: Fisker Karma vs Tesla Model S

Although most established auto brands are targeting their electric development at mass market models, these US start-ups are aiming at the top-end of town...

Base Polestar 2, Karma GS-6 review, Rivian and Samsung SDI: Today’s Car News

Rivian confirms its battery supplier. Polestar reveals more affordable models with more range. Yamaha is moving fast into being a performance EV supplier. And we drive the Karma GS-6. This and more, here at Green Car Reports.  A couple ...

Karma GSe-6: Fully electric Revero priced vs. Tesla Model S, Lucid Air

California-based Karma Automotive set pricing Friday for the GSe-6, its upcoming battery electric version of its Revero, until recently slated to be called the Revero GTE.  The GSe-6 will cost $79,900, but that’s before a yet-unannounced destination charge ($1,800 ...

Karma GS-6 plug-in hybrid will be more affordable, slotting below revamped Revero GT flagship

Karma Automotive is planning its first all-electric production model, but it seems plug-in hybrids will remain a substantial part of the company’s lineup. On Wednesday Karma announced a reshuffling of that lineup, including a new plug-in hybrid model called ...

California clean cars opposition, Karma GS-6, Best Car To Buy tech: Today’s Car News

Eight automakers still oppose California’s right to set its own vehicle emissions rules and mandate EVs. California’s Karma is revealing a more modestly priced plug-in hybrid. And our Best Car To Buy shortlist is at the tech forefront. This ...

Battery Day tech, free VW ID.4 charging, electric Karma: Today’s Car News

Tesla Battery Day steals the show today. Volkswagen ID.4 owners get free fast-charging for three years. And Karma has taken the Revero name off its electric version of it. This and more, here at Green Car Reports.  Today is ...

Karma plans US-built all-electric pickup and SUV

Fully electric pickups are suddenly all the rage—or, we should say, the possibility of them, as none of them have actually arrived. Monday, news broke of another electric truck potentially in the works—this one from California-based, Chinese-funded Karma Automotive.  ...


Karma pitches extended-range electric truck possibility to fleets

Tesla Cybertruck, E-tron safety, Karma’s coupe, greener tires: Today’s Car News

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2020 Karma Revero GT breaks cover–with smaller mustache

Karma to expand dealerships to 13 US cities, 19 countries by year-end

Karma GS-6 pricing, Alpha Jax EV rally car, Mirai and Toyota EVs: Today’s Car News

Karma prices GS-6 plug-in hybrid arriving soon, teases electric SUV due in 2022

2018 Karma Reveros recalled for side curtain airbag issue

Karma plans to relaunch with three new models at Shanghai auto show

Pininfarina's Italian design may be good Karma for plug-in carmaker

Dodge Challenger electric boost, Karma styling, limited autobahns: Today's Car News

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Karma gets hit with Fisker recall over airbags

Aston Martin Rapide E, Karma Revero GT, Tesla battery recycling: Today's Car News

Karma presents its electric-car vision to China and vies for partners

Karma rebirth takes shape with coupe teaser, new design center

Karma Revero gets more power, BMW 3-cylinder

Karma gets farther from Fisker with 2020 Revero GT, electric car concept

VW widens electric net, Karma Vision, FCA emissions recall: Today's Car News

2019 Mazda CX-5 diesel, Mercedes-Benz EQC, more Karmas, more Nikolas: Today's Car News

Kona Electric pricing, Ford charging software, Karma recall, EV racing: Today's Car News

California plug-in hybrid maker Karma Automotive now accepts Bitcoin

Pininfarina-kissed Karma GT plug-in hybrid heading to Monterey Car Week

Karma bites back at Nissan boss

California, NHTSA lawsuit; Karma GT; Canada tax credits; self-driving mpg: Today's Car News

Karma boasts its extended-range EV platform is very, very flexible

Rivian’s delay, Lucid’s 400-mile range, Karma’s E-Flex: Today’s Car News

2020 Karma Revero leads a new plug-in hybrid charge with 61-mile EV rating

Karma Revero GTS punches up Revero GT performance and price

Lordstown electric truck, Karma Revero range, Toyota and BYD: Today’s Car News

Karma Revero goes electric; GM ups renewables; cheap gas and few green-car deals: Today’s Car News

Will an all-electric, 400-mile Karma Revero be enough for a Tesla Model S rematch?

Karma GS-6 plug-in hybrid gets same EPA ratings as current Revero GT

Karma will test a hydrogen fuel-cell car without the infrastructure hurdles

Karma sues EV startup Lordstown, claims it stole infotainment tech

Karma GSe-6, not GTE, is the name of fully electric Revero due in 2021

Mustang Mach-E range, Karma vs. Lordstown, Nissan and Hercules: Today’s Car News

Karma GS-6 review, Aptera performance, EQS reveal, MX-30, hybrids before Prius: The Week in Reverse

LA MOTOR SHOW: Wild 809kW Karma SC2 shocks

Karma goes after fleet market with plans to electrify commercial trucks

Battery boost for recalled Bolt EVs, inside Subaru EV, synthetic fuels, Karma trucks: Today’s Car News

Karma Automotive to produce EVs in China

New Karma Revero plug-in hybrid to debut next month

Karma Revero previewed, looks similar to Fisker Karma (video)

2017 Karma Revero makes official debut at Laguna Beach

Karma SC2 concept debuts at LA show; 1100hp, 0-60mph in 1.9 seconds

Karma plans for good karma from Pininfarina

BMW to supply 3-cyl engine for Karma Revero

Karma Revero GT pays tribute to Mustang

Karma Revero goes out in a blaze of colour

Karma brings Pininfarina-designed coupe to Pebble Beach

Space Age Road Rage: Right Of Way Above The Karman Line

Watch Bad Drivers Get Slammed With Satisfying Instant Karma

First Drive: 2020 Karma Revero GT

Manitoba Driver Experiences Instant Karma After Tossing Speeding Ticket 

Karma to reveal New Direction in Shanghai

BMW assists Karma with Electrification

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