Foxconn chairman: Lordstown pickups will begin shipping this year

Famous as a major iPhone assembler and would-be electric carmaker, Foxconn chairman Young Liu said on Sunday that electric pickup trucks will begin rolling out of the Lordstown, Ohio plant in the second half of this year. In an ...

Lordstown – From Tesla competitor to federal investigation

Lordstown Motors Corp. is being probed by the U.S. Justice Department in relation to claims that the company exaggerated potential sales of its electric Endurance pickup truck, a person familiar with the matter said. The probe is related to ...

Electric Truck Maker, Lordstown Motors Corp. to List on NASDAQ Through Merger

Lordstown Motors Corp, a U.S. maker of electric light duty trucks, and DiamondPeak Holdings Corp, a special purpose acquisition company, have announced they have entered into a merger agreement. The business combination will result in Lordstown becoming a publicly ...

Lordstown Motors Reveals First Endurance Betas Fresh off the Production Line

Lordstown Motors, a US automaker that designs and manufactures electric vehicles, has unveiled two Beta vehicles, the first to be completed on the company’s new production line.  Following the success of this milestone, Lordstown Motors will get to work ...

Lordstown Motors CEO Steve Burns And CFO Julio Rodriguez Resign With Immediate Effect

Lordstown Motors has announced that Steve Burns has resigned as Chief Executive Officer and from the Company’s Board of Directors, and Chief Financial Officer Julio Rodriguez has also resigned. All changes are effective immediately and the Company has engaged ...

Lordstown Motors And U.S. Retailer Camping World Partner to Electrify Recreational Vehicles

Ohio-based EV manufacturer Lordstown Motors and U.S. retailer Camping World have announced a partnership to develop and promote electric recreational vehicles (RVs). Lordstown CEO, Steve Burns, and Camping World CEO, Marcus Lemonis, announced the  partnership at a press conference in ...

Lordstown Endurance wants to be first electric pick-up

Newcomer Lordstown Motors arrives with big EV pick-up ambitions with the Endurance

The First EV Camper Could Arrive Soon, With Help from Lordstown Motors

Lordstown has entered a partnership with Camping World that could have exciting implications for....well, the camping world.

Lordstown Endurance EV Pickup Makes Live Debut

Photo: Lordstown Motors So, June 25 is proving to be a big day for pickups. This morning, Ram announced that the almighty, Hellcat-powered Rebel TRX will be revealed later this summer. And tonight, the next-generation 2021 Ford F-150 will ...

Watch Lordstown's EV Motors Shrug Off Punishment In Extreme Testing

“All the motors that came off the crash test vehicles still function.” Formed in 2018, electric vehicle startup Lordstown Motors is a relatively new name on the automotive landscape. With a steadfast focus on electric pickup trucks, the Ohio-based company ...

Meet the Lordstown Endurance, a new $52,500 electric work truck

The reveal is being livestreamed from Ohio.

Short-selling firm accuses Lordstown of exaggerating truck pre-orders

Lordstown CEO claimed to have 50,000 "very serious orders."

Lordstown has binding orders, says limited production starts this year

The EV startup will need funds to increase production past 20,000 trucks a year.

The CEO and CFO of Lordstown Motors both just resigned

The resignations follow a "going concern" warning earlier in June.

Lordstown Motors now says that it has no binding orders for EV truck

It clarified with the Securities and Exchange Commission that it has no firm orders.

Lordstown Motors warns its electric vehicle business may fail

Stock falls after filing flags "substantial doubt" over future operations.

Lordstown confirms electric van for 2022 manufacturing, LG Chem batteries for Endurance pickup

Ohio-based mostly Lordstown Motors launched the most significant update on its enterprise in several months, detailing, amid other items, the battery supplier for its Endurance electric pickup truck, and confirmation of an electric van for 2022. Lordstown Endurance After ...

Ford F-150 Lighting vs Tesla Cybertruck Stat Comparison | Rivian R1T & Lordstown Motors Endurance

Item Specs Tesla Cybertruck: It will come in a couple of variants: solitary-motor rear wheel create, twin motor all-even although push and tri-motor all-wheel drive. The storage possible is one hundred cubic ft and the towing possible ranges from ...

Rivian vs Nikola Tesla Stock Analysis | Ford F150 & Lordstown Endurance Truck DPHC RIDE

Rivian’s R1T hit the floor managing for a while, but Tesla’s Cybertruck unveil officially began off the race for worksite hauling and adventure with zero emissions. Nikola Motors later on adopted up with its personal truck – the Badger ...

Breaking Debut News: The Lordstown Endurance Is Gunning To Be The World’s First EV Truck You Can Buy

( ) In advance of the Tesla Cybertruck and Rivian R1T, this Lordstown Stamina aims to be the initially mass-manufacturing electric pickup on sale when it goes into output in 2021. The Ohio-primarily based manufacturer debuted the truck ...

Lordstown Motors Merger Approved! RIDE Stock Analysis DPHC vs Tesla, Hummer, Rivian, Ford F-150

Sign up for this channel to get access to rewards: Disclaimer: All my motion pictures are entertainment functions only of me expressing my opinion. I am not a monetary adviser you must do your quite personal investigate. The ...

Lordstown sees the F-150 Lightning as validating its electric-truck model

On a Monday afternoon call with investors, Lordstown Motors CEO Steve Burns sounded positively bullish about the recent rollout of the Ford F-150 Lightning, which he called “a watershed moment.”  The Ford truck includes a $39,974 Lightning Pro model ...

Lordstown reveals SEC inquiry, insists it will be mass-producing electric trucks in September

Ohio-based Lordstown Motors started its first-ever call with investors, as a publicly traded company, with a strange twist: It is being probed by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission The SEC inquiry stems from a report issued by the ...

Lordstown controversy, Lucid ramp-up, Kia EV6, VW solid-state plans: Today’s Car News

Lordstown Motors faces a lot of questions. Lucid readies for production. We look at Alpha Motors’ latest EV designs. And Kia shows its first dedicated electric vehicle. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. Kia on Sunday revealed ...

Fuel-cell Defender; Lordstown upheaval; taxi battery swapping; Ford, Rivian, and VW: Today’s Car News

Battery swapping might come to U.S. electric taxis soon. Land Rover is working on a hydrogen fuel-cell version of its Defender SUV. Ford still sees Rivian and VW an important part of its EV strategy. And Lordstown Motors’ CEO ...

Lordstown update, Kia EV6 reveal, VW battery plans, BMW iX and i4 details: The Week in Reverse

Where did Tesla lobby for higher taxes on gas and diesel vehicles? Which two electric vehicles had their identical recall issues handled differently—showing an advantage to over-the-air updates? This is our look back at the Week In Reverse—right here ...

Lordstown SEC probe, Tesla and fuel taxes, Polestar and Volvo updates: Today’s Car News

Tesla has tried to convince the UK to raise its fuel tax. A recall on two EVs underscores how over-the-air updates can simplify some safety recalls. And Lordstown Motors asserts that it will be cranking out an Endurance electric ...

Nikola, Lordstown, Fisker: SPACs have already raised $7.5 billion for EV-related startups

Special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) have already raised $7.5 billion for more than a dozen EV-related startups, but with relatively little to show for it, according to new data from Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF). SPACs are publicly-listed shell ...

Lordstown confirms electric van for 2022 production, LG Chem batteries for Endurance pickup

Ohio-based Lordstown Motors released the most substantial update on its business in many months, detailing, among other things, the battery supplier for its Endurance electric pickup truck, and confirmation of an electric van for 2022. Lordstown confirmed that it ...

Lordstown Motors claims 50,000 orders for electric pickup, arriving fall 2021

Lordstown Motors announced Monday that it had accumulated 50,000 pre-orders for its Endurance electric pickup truck, which is now scheduled to start deliveries in fall 2021, with a full production ramp-up in 2022. The pre-orders are non-binding, and come ...

Lordstown electric truck update, $35K Tesla Model 3 nixed, Canoo wraps: Today’s Car News

The Tesla Model 3 Standard Range is now even off the secret menu. Canoo plans to use wraps to help customers customize their subscription EVs. And Lordstown Motors reports a lot of interest in its electric truck. This and ...

Lordstown thrashes the skateboard for its Endurance electric truck, in-wheel motors and all

Skateboard platforms are becoming a common go-to for startup electric vehicle makers, as they’re essentially self-contained—packaging most of the core mechanical and propulsion components together in a “rolling chassis.” That building block, with a little modification, can be tested ...

Hydrogen price parity, Lordstown electric truck reveal, CATL million-mile battery: Today’s Car News

California’s energy policy agency thinks hydrogen has a future and will reach price parity soon with gasoline. Lordstown Motors is rolling out the production-bound version of its electric truck this week. And the million-mile battery is up for grabs ...

Lordstown Motors CEO Steve Burns: 10 questions on Endurance electric truck origin and future

Lordstown Motors serves as a fresh start in a couple of respects. On one hand, it gives a new life to the 53-year-old former GM plant in Lordstown, Ohio. On the other hand, it gives Steve Burns, formerly the ...

Trump budget could affect Lordstown Motors funding, again seeks to end EV tax credit

As part of a budget summary for fiscal year 2021 submitted Monday, the Trump administration seeks to eliminate the Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Loan Program.  The future of the program, called ATVM within the auto industry, could potentially affect ...

EV startup Lordstown Motors signals steeper financial challenges in regulatory filing

Ohio-based Lordstown Motors surprised investors and potential customers alike on Tuesday afternoon with a going-concern notice—essentially declaring that without additional capital, it won’t have enough money to ramp up production of its Endurance electric trucks.  In last month’s call ...

VP Mike Pence says Workhorse deal to proceed for GM Lordstown plant (Updated)

On a visit to Ohio on Tuesday, Vice President Mike Pence announced that Workhorse Group has secured financing to buy GM’s factory in Lordstown, Ohio, to build electric trucks. After General Motors idled the small-car factory in March, Lordstown ...

Porsche charging, Lordstown Motors electric truck, Tesla Cybertruck details: Today’s Car News

Tesla is working on a very smart suspension for the Cybertruck. Yamaha moves into the electric-motor business. Porsche has built the highest-power fast-charging station in Europe. Lordstown Motors is planning to put four motors inside its pickup’s wheels. And ...

Polestar’s future flagship, Lordstown’s hub motors, CR-V Hybrid: The Week in Reverse

What upcoming vehicle did Hot Wheels celebrate with radio-control toys? Which automaker has set up the highest-power fast-charging station in Europe? This is our look back at the Week In Reverse—right here at Green Car Reports—for the week ending ...

Lordstown Endurance electric pickup prototype: In-wheel motor goes off-road

Lordstown Motors released a handful of updates on its efforts to get an electric pickup truck into production at a discarded General Motors factory, including a statement on the company’s response to the global coronavirus pandemic. The company released ...


Tesla production surge, Honda-GM EV partnership, Lordstown electric-truck action: Today’s Car News

GM, LG Chem announce joint Lordstown battery plant for new electric cars, pickups

Lordstown electric truck, Karma Revero range, Toyota and BYD: Today’s Car News

Electric Mustang; no more Maven; updates from Polestar, Lordstown, and Lucid: The Week in Reverse

Look inside Lordstown, E-Tron Sportback range, car buyers and mpg: Today’s Car News

Panasonic battery boost, Tesla Model Y drive, Lordstown Motors ad: Today’s Car News

Ford Mach-E details; all-electric Lyft; Lucid and Lordstown reveal dates: The Week in Reverse

Will Lordstown Motors outsell electric trucks from GM, Ford, and Rivian?

Toyota Venza first drive, Kia Soul EV, Lordstown Motors IPO: Today’s Car News

Lordstown reports orders for Endurance electric work truck, teases hill-start traction

Lordstown delay, Maven done, Shell and BP target net-zero: Today’s Car News

Lordstown electric pickup will use Elaphe in-wheel motors, made in-house

Lordstown Motors plans to deliver Endurance electric trucks in January 2021

Tesla build quality, Lordstown Q&A, super-size batteries and range: Today’s Car News

GM invests in potential future rival electric truck maker Lordstown Motors, as it seeks IPO

France incentivizes EVs, Lordstown going big, more geeky Mach-E details: Today’s Car News

Lordstown Endurance electric pickup: A premiere, a political rally, and a push back to summer 2021

Interior sketches of Lordstown Endurance electric pickup shown ahead of June 25 debut

GMC Hummer EV timing, Lordstown in-wheel motors, SparkCharge test: Today’s Car News

Ford F-150 Hybrid, Lordstown Endurance, electric trucks in California: The Week in Reverse

Lordstown Motors updates on Ohio factory, will reveal Endurance electric truck in June

Lordstown Motors ad shows electric trucks at work

Lordstown Motors tours former GM plant where they’ll build electric pickups

Lordstown Motors shows electric truck interior, confirms 40,000 pre-orders

California ban, $25,000 Tesla, inside Lordstown electric truck: Today’s Car News

Endurance electric truck vs. Ford F-150: Lordstown shows off in-wheel motor system

Karma sues EV startup Lordstown, claims it stole infotainment tech

Toyota Sienna hybrid minivan, electrified Ram pickup, Fisker and Lordstown go public: The Week in Reverse

Bollinger trucks’ new look, F-150 mpg, Lordstown platform tested: Today’s Car News

Mustang Mach-E range, Karma vs. Lordstown, Nissan and Hercules: Today’s Car News

Lordstown electric van, Faraday Future revival, Lucid assembly plant: Today’s Car News

GM electric delivery van, Nio solid-state battery, Lordstown order update: Today’s Car News

Detroit’s climate-science legacy, Lordstown stock, Toyota Sienna first drive: Today’s Car News

Lordstown Endurance electric pickup will spawn electric RV project with Camping World

Mirai first drive, Lordstown electric RV, VW smart-grid wallbox: Today’s Car News

Lordstown Motors becomes publicly traded, before delivering its electric trucks

Lordstown crunch, Apple car batteries, ride-hailing and charging deserts: Today’s Car News

Lordstown confirms 100,000 orders for Endurance electric pickup, September production start

Lordstown CEO out as report confirms order scandal, deems in-wheel motors “viable”

Activist short-seller that rebuked Nikola accuses Lordstown of "fictitious orders"

Model S Plaid yoke, Lordstown upheaval, Polestar and Canoo US EV production: The Week in Reverse

Electric Ford Explorer, Ioniq 5 subscription, Lordstown update: Today’s Car News

Rivian R1T first drive, Lucid Air production, Genesis GV60 up close, Lordstown deal: The Week in Reverse

Rivian community, ELMS electric van, Foxconn, Fisker, and Lordstown: Today’s Car News

Lordstown Endurance electric truck delayed to Q3 2022, as Foxconn acquires factory

Military Hummer EV, Lordstown Endurance delay, urban fast-charging: Today’s Car News

Lordstown Endurance EV pickup revealed, uses innovative hub motors

Lordstown Motors Debuts 'Race-Ready' Endurance Electric Truck—Soon Competing in San Felipe 250 Race!

iPhone Manufacturer To The Rescue: Lordstown Electric Truck Not Dead Yet

The American Pickup’s Future is Electric and Possibly Lordstown, Ohio

Lordstown Endurance Electric Truck Reveal FAIL!

Lordstown Motors shows off Endurance race truck concept

Lordstown Motors attempts damage control as Tesla rival’s CEO & CFO resign

Lordstown Motors woes worsen with binding order update

Justice Department begins probe into Lordstown Motors claims report

Foxconn may purchase an old GM factory from Lordstown Motors

2022 Nissan Pathfinder tested, 2022 BMW X3 previewed, Lordstown Motors sputters: What's New @ The Car Connection

Lordstown signs agreement with LG Energy Solution

Lordstown runs short of funding for serial production

Lordstown considers letting other manufacturers into their factories

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