Tesla Model Y LR Owner Shares His Experience After Three Months

While he loves the car, he is now selling it for the same price he paid when the Model Y Long Range was brand new.

Tesla investor believes company still supports ESG cause following removal from index

Following Tesla’s removal from the S&P 500’s Environmental, Social, and Governance index last week, an investor in the automaker still believes the company believes in the ESG’s cause despite CEO Elon Musk calling it a “scam.” John Streur, President ...

New Long-Lasting Tesla Battery Now Being Studied; LFP To Have a New Nickel-Based Power Cell Competitor

A new long-lasting Tesla EV battery is now being studied by the automaker together with an advanced Canada-based research group.  (Photo : Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)Tesla vehicles are displayed in a Manhattan dealership on September 08, 2020 in New ...

Tesla Model S Driver Who Killed Two Will Stand Trial For Manslaughter

The driver may have engaged Tesla Autopilot prior to the deadly crash.

Lucid delays Air Touring availability to Q4 2022

Customers who wish to place new orders for the Lucid Air Touring variant may be up for an extended wait. As could be seen in the electric vehicle maker’s online configurator, new orders for the Lucid Air Touring are ...

Judge rules that Tesla sexual harassment suit can proceed in court

A California county court judge ruled Monday that a sexual harassment suit against Tesla can proceed in court, rejecting the automaker’s request for closed-door arbitration, according to Bloomberg. That means that Tesla must defend itself in open court against ...

Tesla request to move sexual harassment lawsuit to arbitration thrown out

Tesla’s request to move a sexual harassment lawsuit to arbitration, which would move the case to be heard in private, was thrown out by California Superior Court Judge Stephen Kaus on Monday. The lawsuit accuses Tesla workers and supervisors ...

This Tesla-Based EV Swap Kit Is Specially Made For Land Rover Defenders

Its makers say it is a simple drop-in kit that works with pretty much any version of the old Defender.

Tesla jumps 35 spots up Fortune’s 500 list following blockbuster 2021 results

Tesla is continuing its climb up the Fortune 500 list, with the electric vehicle maker jumping an impressive 35 spots to claim the No. 65 spot in this year’s rankings. This, according to Fortune, was due to Tesla’s stellar ...

Tesla loses bid to move sexual harassment lawsuit to arbitration

Reuters Tesla A California state judge has rejected Tesla Inc’s bid to send a lawsuit alleging widespread sexual harassment at the company’s flagship assembly plant to private arbitration, allowing it to move forward in court.California Superior Court Judge Stephen Kaus ...

Tesla Model 3 Owner Provides Details On Recent EV Fire In California City

A Tesla Model 3 caught fire while parked, right after the owner canceled plans to drive it to a dinner party.

IDRA teases 9,000-ton Giga Press with cool Tesla-inspired color scheme

IDRA, the company responsible for producing Tesla’s house-sized Giga Press machines, has been teasing its latest and possibly greatest creation yet. While Tesla’s 6,000-ton Giga Presses for the Model Y are already monstrous in their own right, IDRA has ...

Hacker Claims To Open, Start Teslas Remotely

But this hack works on virtually every modern car out there… Out of all the mainstream car brands on the market, we hear of thieves stealing Teslas less than pretty much anything. In the past, the American automaker has taken ...

Tesla Research Partner Publishes Details About 100-Year Battery

Forget the million-mile EV battery, it seems 100 years is a better option.

Tesla wins big among EV shoppers in KBB’s Q1 2022 Brand Watch report

Tesla is still maintaining its lead in the US electric vehicle sector, but veteran players like Ford are gaining ground. This was according to Kelley Blue Book, which recently published its Q1 2022 Brand Watch report. Rising fuel prices in ...

Tesla battery supplier CATL execs no ICE vehicle sales by 2035 at the latest

CATL, one of Tesla’s key battery suppliers, recently shared some bold estimates on the auto industry’s adoption of electric vehicles. According to a CATL executive, there will likely be no new internal combustion-powered cars on the market by 2030 ...

VW CEO Follows GM's Lead, Aims To Overtake Tesla's Sales By 2025

Multiple automakers are aiming for Tesla, but supply chain issues are making it difficult to forecast what lies ahead.

In Q1 2022, Tesla Outsold All Luxury/Premium Car Brands In The U.S.

The sales advantage over the second top brand (BMW) expanded to over 33,000 registrations.

Tesla plans to ramp up to pre-lockdown output in Shanghai by today

China-made Model 3s rolling off the Tesla plant in Shanghai in this file pic. — Reuters SHANGHAI: Tesla Inc plans to restore production at its Shanghai plant to the level at which it had operated before the city’s Covid-19 ...

Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory exports over 8,000 cars to Europe in a month

Today, the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology revealed on its official WeChat account, that as of May 19, since the resumption of work at the Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory, a total of 26,000 vehicles have been rolled off the ...

Elon Musk has provided 12,000 Starlink dishes to Ukraine

Ukraine’s Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation, Mykhailo Fedorov, said that Elon Musk’s Starlink dishes have become a crucial part of the country’s cyber war against Russia. At the 2022 Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum ...

Tesla Supercharger is Now the ‘Largest 150 Kw+ Public Fast-Charging Network’ in Europe

Tesla Supercharger is now the “largest 150 Kw+ public fast-charging network” in Europe after the giant EV maker owned by Elon Musk started opening the door of its infrastructure to other brands. (Photo : Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)FREMONT, CA – AUGUST ...

Volkswagen ID.4 GTX with LGES batteries sets Guinness World Record for EVs

LG Energy Solutions’ global communications team informed Teslarati that Rainer Zietlow set a new Guinness World Record with a Volkswagen ID.4 GTX powered by LG Energy Solution batteries.  In 2021, Zietlow won the title for the longest continuous journey with ...

SpaceX now offers Starlink for RVs for remote travels

SpaceX now offers Starlink for RVS, connecting customers traveling to remote locations in quite a few areas around the world. “Starlink now available for RVs, campers & other large vehicles users (note antenna too big for cars),” tweeted Elon ...

Tesla investor John Streur says carmaker still believes in ESG

ETtechTesla Inc CEO Elon Musk may have denounced business use of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors as a “scam” last week but one sustainable investing pioneer thinks the electric carmaker still believes in the cause.John Streur, president of Calvert ...

Tesla’s Shanghai factory on way back to full production, good news for Australia

Source: Tesla Tesla is moving back towards full production of around 2,600 electric cars a day at its Shanghai gigafactory in what could be promising news for Australian customers waiting for a Model 3 electric sedan or the chance ...

Tesla hack allows thieves to access and steal cars within seconds

Photo / Supplied A security researcher has found a hold in Tesla’s security system which allows him to not only unlock a Tesla, but drive away in it without ever having to touch a key. In a video shared ...

Tesla Giga Shanghai has produced 26k vehicles since resuming production: report

Tesla China may be taking some time before it hits its pre-lockdown output levels, but it’s getting there. Despite operating with only one shift since resuming vehicle production last month, Gigafactory Shanghai has been able to produce 26,000 vehicles. ...

Mind-Melting’ 2022 Lucid Air Steals Top Luxury EV Spot From Tesla

Tesla has long sat atop the electric vehicle market, but now it’s getting a run for its money from the competition. For example, the 2022 Lucid Air recently won a coveted prize from an automotive website, showing that Tesla’s no ...

Tesla opens European Supercharger network to other brands

Tesla’s Supercharger Pilot program is being expanded in Europe, allowing non-Tesla owners in more countries to access its charging network. First limited to The Netherlands, Norway and France, the trial program now allows non-Tesla electric vehicle owners in the United ...

SpaceX valuation set to reach $127 billion after new $1.7 billion funding round

CNBC reports that SpaceX is seeking to raise at least $1.725 billion in its first funding round of 2022, potentially boosting the private company’s valuation as high as $127 billion. The report signals just the latest in a long line ...

Free Tesla Model 3 car share program announced by MO real estate firm

Residents at TLC Properties in Springfield, MO, will have chance to avoid the rising gas prices in the area. Thanks to a newly-launched program, residents at TLC Properties’ Township 28 apartment complex will have the opportunity to use a ...

Former Shell consultant accuses gas giant for doing “extreme harms” to the environment

Caroline Dennett, a senior safety consultant, has accused oil giant Shell of causing “extreme harms” to the environment. In a video posted on LinkedIn, Dennett stated that Shell shows a “disregard for climate change risks,” making the company far ...

Rivian’s GA plant is becoming a political issue: “It’s a woke CA company whose mission is to turn the world green”

Rivian’s planned Georgia facility, which is expected to create about 7,500 jobs and produce up to 400,000 EVs annually, is becoming a critical political issue among Republican candidates ahead of their primary next week. In recent comments, Donald Trump-backed ...

Tesla Model Y Performance Owner Lists 10 Things He Hates About It

After owning the car for two months and 1,400 miles, Mike talks about the 10 most annoying things he's noticed.

Tesla Autopilot allegedly hits a person to death, driver charged for homicide

Automobile companies and also AI-related companies are trying to build self-driving cars for years. However, there are several challenges to overcome ahead of launching this kind of product. In the same way, you can imagine the headache that will be ...

Tesla Cybertruck Shows Up In Michigan At Formula SAE Booth

The event at Michigan International Speedway was an engineering competition where Tesla could recruit new employees.

Volkswagen launches new factory to expand electric vehicle production network

Volkswagen announced on Friday that it had officially started production of the ID.4 all-electric crossover at a new facility in Emden, Germany. The plant is the newest electric vehicle manufacturing facility for Volkswagen and is another step in the automaker’s ...

U.N. Official is hopeful Elon Musk will ‘step up’ to solve world hunger after 2021 Twitter clash

The United Nations’ World Food Programme Director, David Beasley, is still hopeful Tesla CEO Elon Musk will “step up” to help solve world hunger. The comments come after the two disagreed with one another last year. Musk made comments ...

Hyundai to build $5.54 billion EV production facility in Georgia

Hyundai Motor Group announced on Friday that it has entered an agreement with the State of Georgia to bring the automaker’s first fully-dedicated electric vehicle and battery manufacturing facilities to Bryan County. The new facilities represent an investment of approximately ...


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Tesla Giga Shanghai output will return to pre-lockdown levels by Tuesday

Tesla to pilot opening up supercharger network

Elon Musk Says Tesla To Have True Full Self Driving Next Year Onwards

Tesla submits plans for massive Santa Monica Drive-in Theater Supercharger

Boeing Starliner joins SpaceX’s Crew Dragon at the International Space Station

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Texas Tesla Owners Receive Charging Warning Message as Heatwave Worsens; Here's the Automaker's Advice

Tesla is Setting Up a ‘Litigation Department’ for its Lawsuits—Elon Musk is Hiring a ‘Dream Team’

Judge throws out TSLAQ lawsuit against Tesla, Elon Musk, and Model 3 owner

Elon Musk announces formation of Tesla’s “hardcore litigation department” to initiate and execute lawsuits

Tesla driver involved in tragic California crash to stand trial

Tesla Said To Build Battery And Electric Vehicle Plant In Indonesia

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Accused of Sexual Misconduct at SpaceX

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Tesla China to stay in closed loop system until mid-June, Giga Shanghai workers to move into dorms

Environmental groups look to halt Tesla’s battery plant permits at Gigafactory Texas

Tesla Model Y Structural Battery Pack Is Removable Via 143 Steps

Tesla Building The World's Largest Supercharger Station In The Mojave Desert

New Tesla Structural Battery Pack's Removable Feature is Actually a Problem, Experts Say

Tesla aims to build battery and EV plant in Indonesia

Volkswagen to electrify India, partners with Mahindra to supply MEB components

Tesla Dominates EV Sales In 2022 Despite Mounting Competition

New all-electric Volkswagen Aero B saloon to rival Tesla Model 3

Tesla considers building BEV & battery factory in Indonesia

'Poor Elon' trending as Tesla's Musk says he 'can no longer support' Democrats

Tesla Supercharger network UK: trial to allow other EVs begins

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