Co-founder of Excel Esports sues the company he made

Image via Michal Konkol/Riot

Kieran Holmes-Darby, Excel Esports co-founder, is taking on the company he helped create. Holmes-Darby is reportedly pursuing legal action in a British employment tribunal case over an alleged wrongful dismissal. 

Due to British media laws, the ability to access information regarding employment tribunal cases that aren’t completed isn’t allowed. So, unfortunately, there aren’t any specific details available at this time.

Seven years after co-founding Excel with his brother, it was announced in January that Kieran Holmes-Darby would no longer be working for the company and was to be replaced by former Fnatic CEO Wouter Sleijffers. Sleijffers took over Holmes-Darby’s position as CEO. 

Holmes-Darby’s brother, Joel, took on the positions of both chief gaming officer and chief people officer. 

Originally reported by The Jacob Wolf Report, the trial is said to be heard on Oct. 11.

When asked by Wolf, Excel CEO Wouter Sleijffers said ”A case has been filed by Kieran against EXCEL LEC Ltd…It would not be appropriate for me to comment on the case at this stage.”

Kieran previously released an update regarding his position at Excel on Youtube, where he thanked each staff member and all the players he’d been working with. The ex-CEO relived nostalgic memories of each game he was a part of, reminiscing about documentaries and tournaments throughout his career.

“As of today, I don’t know what my ongoing relationship with the Excel brand will look like,” Holmes-Darby said. “Expect some official communication on that in due course.”


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