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Fans of the original FF7 will be quite familiar with the Shinra Manor Safe tucked away in Nibelheim – and it makes a return in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, including the remastered Reunion version.

Although the Crisis Core Safe Code is randomly generated in every single play-through, what we can do is help you to quickly and efficiently solve the puzzles that’ll allow you to input the code and open that Shinra Manor safe.

You’ll be faced with the safe from Chapter 8 of Crisis Core Reunion – which is Chapter 9 in the original PSP Crisis Core, due to some menu changes. Once Zack and company find themselves in Nibelheim, you’ll soon be able to visit the mansion – and find that mysterious locked safe. We'll help you to get the safe code, though…

Crisis Core Shinra Manor Safe Code guide

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The Nibelheim chapter of Crisis Core is strange, because it’s home to one of the game’s longest side quests – but also to story events that can easily lock off the side quest and prevent you from completing it in full. So, it’s important to approach the Shinra Manor Safe as early as you can, without advancing the story of Sephiroth, Zack, and Cloud in Nibelheim too far.

To be clear, the Shinra Manor Safe is actually one of the mysteries that makes up the Seven Wonders of Nibelheim, a puzzle-focused quest line we have a separate guide for. To get the most out of this quest line, you’ll need to clear the three Wonders before it by talking to the young boy in the main part of Nibelheim, by the water tower.

In the western reaches of the Nibelheim Outskirts area, you’ll find Shinra Mansion. You can visit it from the moment you first arrive in the town, and have several opportunities of free time to solve the safe code mystery. However, we recommend you do this earlier rather than later.

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If you manage to open it, your reward from inside the Shinra Manor Safe is a Vital Slash materia, but to get it you’ll need to track down four numbers which can be found by counting various things around the mansion. 

The safe combination is randomized, so each playthrough will be different! We can’t give you the answer, but we can explain how to find yours:

 Shinra Manor Safe Location

To find the safe, you will need to go up to the second floor of Shinra Manor and head towards the west/left. There’s several doors up here. Go inside the room facing north/up and you will find a safe in the corner that you can interact with. This is our target.

Once you interact with the safe, you’ll get hints as to where you can find the code and also add it to your minimap, displayed as the diamond exclamation point icon until it is unlocked!

The safe code is four digits – and each digit corresponds to a minor puzzle throughout the manor:

FF7 Crisis Core Safe Code for Shinra Manor

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To find the code, you basically need to explore the manor and count certain elements within it. 

Each of these puzzles is easy enough, but the answers are random for every Crisis Core save, and can be fiddly to get right. If you’re unsure on a certain number even after double checking, we recommend you ‘brute force’ it by trying various combinations. 

Allow us to explain how to learn the Crisis Core safe code numbers:

Safe Digit 1: ‘Knowledge overflowing’

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This first clue can be found on the upper floor in the east wing, on the far right. Look into the keyhole of the locked door to find a bookshelf with a number of books on it, as well as books scattered elsewhere.

Count the number of books that aren’t slotted in on the shelves, and that will be your first safe code number. 

This includes books on the floor, atop other furniture such as chairs, and even those on top of the bookshelf itself.

Safe Digit 2: ‘Unwelcome faces’

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On the east/right-hand side of the ground floor, you will find a locked door with those creepy floating Dorky Face monster enemies hanging out. You need to – you guessed it – count the monsters in this room, through the keyhole.

The number of monsters is your second safe code number, but beware – the monsters will appear and disappear in place and dance around. Take your time, and watch all corners of the room.

Safe Digit 3: ‘Tasty reminders of home’

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Head to the west/left side of the upper floor, right by the room with the safe. There’s another locked door with a keyhole you can look through here.

Looking inside, you will see random cans and the distinctive violet dumb apples. Count the number of both the cans and apples to get the third digit.

The apples and cans can be atop furniture, but also on the floor. Beware of the perfume bottles, which look deceptively like the apples and are deliberately there to mislead you.

Safe Digit 4: ‘Resting on all four feet’

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The final digit can be found through a locked door on the ground floor on the western/left side, directly opposite the earlier door with the monsters.

It’s the same deal here: peek through the keyhole. This time you’re looking for chairs. Count the number of chairs you find within the room to get the final safe code digit. Keep in mind that some chairs might be only partially visible from your keyhole view perspective. 


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