Navigating the cloud: 75% firms struggle with securing cloud environments

Anna Zhadan Editor Updated on: 01 September 2022 Image by Shutterstock Almost 50% of companies believe that overlooking cloud security will lead to increased vulnerability and delayed response to breaches, according to a new Forrester report. Despite the prevalence of ...

Sanjay Mehta, Tackle: “cloud marketplace platform helps software companies sell more, faster, and with less friction”

Cybernews Team Updated on: 01 September 2022 Tackle reduces time and resources software sellers need to build listings, start selling, and develop go-to-market systems within the clouds As software becomes more available through Cloud Marketplaces, more companies will be able ...

Derrick Liao, Nexus FrontierTech: “organizations should consider working with vendors who can create synthetic data”

Cybernews Team Updated on: 31 August 2022 Implementation of AI is the new normal. It’s hard to even describe the number of benefits it can bring to the table. However, every great technology brings new dangers. Gladly, a new era ...

Nick Romano, Deeplite: “in reality, most AI is actually quite “dumb”

Cybernews Team Updated on: 31 August 2022 A saying practice makes it perfect, can be perfectly applied not only for usual mundane situations but for every “living” thing. Even the greatest inventions like AI are quite dumb, says today’s guest, ...

Ram Iyengar, Cloud Foundry: “laying a good foundational architecture for your web applications is great, but at what cost?”

Cybernews Team Updated on: 31 August 2022 By presenting intricate hardware and software services in various domains, cloud computing has been proving itself as a revolutionary model of distributed computing. As a consequence, Cloud Resource Orchestration Frameworks (CROFs) emerged. These ...

Shane Fast, Athennian: “the easiest way to think about sharing sensitive data is the Eliminate > Relegate > Automate”

Cybernews Team Updated on: 31 August 2022 relegate > automate”” src=””> Due to rapid changes in cybersecurity threats, hybrid workspaces, globalization, and other irksome factors, legal professionals tend to face unusual challenges. To eliminate security-related threats, some choose to install ...

Mock script pokes fun at the way people use LinkedIn

Justinas Vainilavičius Senior Journalist Updated on: 31 August 2022 Image by Shutterstock. A story on how Humbled And Honored landed a job at a multi-trillion-dollar company MetAppOogleSoftMazon by author Trung Phan is trending on Twitter. Spoiler alert – the hero ...

China-Taiwan military tension fuels an active cyberwar

Vilius Petkauskas Journalist Updated on: 31 August 2022 China and Taiwan successfully avoided escalating toward military conflict. However, both sides are affected by active cyber warfare, a report says. After tensions between China and Taiwan did not materialize into a ...

Ben Nicklen, Tiger: “protecting insight is crucial for organizations.”

Cybernews Team Updated on: 31 August 2022 When it comes to unified communications (UC) analytics, every enterprise has its own unique requirements. With UC analytics software, businesses can use an integrated platform to gain insights into their various unified communications ...

Tatiana Krupenya, DBeaver: “the security issue concerns not only data but also processes in the company”

Cybernews Team Updated on: 31 August 2022 A legitimate system that permits staff to easily accomplish data-related tasks is critical to the success of any enterprise. With that being the case, every business should implement database management tools. But with ...

Emil Novakov, Scaleflex: “we should all be educated as early as possible on how to behave on the internet”

Cybernews Team Updated on: 31 August 2022 Even when the economy is trembling, various business and security solutions like VPNs and SaaS keep blooming, as businesses have become reliant on automatic management tools. Today B2B SaaS or business-to-business Software-as-a-Service is ...

The James Webb Space Telescope deep field picture infected with malware

Jurgita Lapienytė Deputy Chief Editor Updated on: 31 August 2022 Image by NASA The James Webb Space Telescope’s scientific endeavor has grasped our attention, reporting news about the early universe. As is typical with trends, threat actors followed, exploiting one ...

Jonas Menesklou, askui: “our vision is a world where humans are freed from being robots”

Cybernews Team Updated on: 31 August 2022 Even though the pandemic accelerated a worldwide digital transformation, some companies still hesitate to automate their most time-consuming tasks. While the adoption rates of digital tools like password managers, security software, and VPN ...

Michael Yuan, Second State: “The default should be zero trust”

Cybernews Team Updated on: 31 August 2022 Whether constructing a new cloud-native app or updating an existing one, developers should keep to an even set of principles. The application optimization cycle becomes critical if keeping up with consumer expectations and ...

Thousands of Android apps leak hard-coded secrets, research shows

Cybernews Team Updated on: 31 August 2022 By Shutterstock Over half of the 30,000 investigated Android Apps are leaking secrets that could have huge repercussions for both app developers and their customers. New research by Cybernews shows that thousands of ...

Ukraine police arrest crypto-fraud suspects

Damien Black Senior Journalist Updated on: 31 August 2022 Image by Shutterstock Police in Ukraine have shut down a call center network allegedly run by cybercriminals who posed as legitimate dealers in cryptocurrency, gold, and oil to cheat people there ...

Sadrick Widmann, cidaas: “there is a broad range of cybersecurity measures a company should implement nowadays”

Cybernews Team Updated on: 31 August 2022 A set of tools for managing roles and access privileges of individual network entities to various cloud and on-premise applications is called Identity and Access Management (IAM). The primary purpose of IAM is ...

David Carrero Fernández-Baillo, Stackscale: “the main reason why users are reluctant to adopt new solutions is a lack of awareness of the advantages”

Cybernews Team Updated on: 31 August 2022 We can finally sit back and take a minute to reminisce on the threats and challenges brought to the cyberworld by the pandemic. Obviously, one of the biggest obstacles was automatization and moving ...

France uses AI to detect thousands of undeclared pools

Justinas Vainilavičius Senior Journalist Updated on: 31 August 2022 Image by Shutterstock. Even when it struggled at times to distinguish pools from solar panels, the artificial intelligence program did well enough to bring €10 million in tax revenues after sniffing ...

Hacktivists turn Belarusian president’s passport into NFT

Vilius Petkauskas Journalist Updated on: 31 August 2022 Belarusian hacktivist group Cyber Partisans claim to have stolen the passport details of every citizen of Belarus. Hackers turned the ID of the country’s president Aleksandr Lukashenko into an NFT. The hacker ...

Twitter whistleblower case prompts experts to call for tougher auditing of data-sensitive firms

Damien Black Senior Journalist Updated on: 31 August 2022 Zatko. By DoD and Shutterstock In the wake of Peiter “Mudge” Zatko’s accusations against his former employer, a cybersecurity expert is calling for regulatory bodies to be given powers to inspect ...

Russian streaming giant suffers a massive data leak affecting 44m users

Anna Zhadan Editor Updated on: 30 August 2022 By Shutterstock Russia’s major streaming platform START suffered a major data leak, impacting its 44 million users. A Telegram channel known as Information Leaks first disclosed the breach, saying that a 72 ...

Insta360 vulnerability allows unauthorized access to user photos

Vilius Petkauskas Journalist Updated on: 30 August 2022 A software flaw discovered seven months ago allows anyone to access and download photos users made with Insta360 cameras. Reddit user cmdr_sidhartagautama discovered the vulnerability affecting Insta360 One X2 device in January ...

Dark web too shady for pros monitoring the underground

Vilius Petkauskas Journalist Updated on: 30 August 2022 Cyber threat intelligence professionals believe they couldn’t find private data leaked from their organizations on the dark web, report shows. Even though most security professionals in US organizations are concerned about threats ...

Russia continues to see value in Wikipedia despite patchy efforts to replicate it

Justinas Vainilavičius Senior Journalist Updated on: 30 August 2022 Image by Shutterstock. Free of the “LGBT lobby” and mentions of the war in Ukraine, Runiversalis is intended to be a Russian alternative to Wikipedia. It is off to a bumpy ...

Encryption is 'betrayal' of children, says UK home secretary

Emma Woollacott Contributor Updated on: 30 August 2022 Image by Shutterstock The UK government’s war on end-to-end encryption continues, with home secretary Priti Patel declaring that it represents a ‘grotesque betrayal’ of children. Patel’s comments follow a recent announcement from ...

US sues data broker for selling sensitive location data from millions of users

Vilius Petkauskas Journalist Updated on: 30 August 2022 The lawsuit from the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) alleges that the data Kochava sells could allow tracking customers’ visits to reproductive health clinics, places of worship, and addiction recovery centers. The ...

Here’s the most desirable data science job position

Jurgita Lapienytė Deputy Chief Editor Updated on: 30 August 2022 Image by Shutterstock Big data is going to be a $100 billion market in five years. No wonder professionals skilled in making sense of that information are in high demand. ...

Moldova, Montenegro, and Slovenia suffer massive cyberattacks. Is Russia to blame?

Anna Zhadan Editor Updated on: 29 August 2022 Image by Shutterstock As three countries suffer extensive cyberattacks over a short period of time, suspicions arise: does Russia have anything to do with it? Although Moldova, Montenegro, and Slovenia were all ...

Latvian brought to US to face $7m crypto-fraud charges

Damien Black Senior Journalist Updated on: 29 August 2022 Image by Shutterstock A man has been extradited from Latvia to the US to stand trial for allegedly using fraudulent cryptocurrency offers to cheat investors out of millions of dollars, the ...

Jack Dorsey’s company Block sued over security breach

Vilius Petkauskas Journalist Updated on: 29 August 2022 A class action lawsuit alleges the company failed to protect the data of over 8.2 million users, stolen by an ex-employee. Block, a digital payments company co-founded by Twitter’s ex-CEO Jack Dorsey, ...

End-to-end grocery shopping comes to WhatsApp in a new partnership with India’s JioMart

Anna Zhadan Editor Updated on: 29 August 2022 Image by rafapress / Shutterstock Meta will partner with the Indian online grocery push JioMart to make end-to-end grocery shopping available on WhatsApp, Mark Zuckerberg announced. The new collaboration will allow users ...

Italian firm accused of running Pegasus-style spyware

Damien Black Senior Journalist Updated on: 29 August 2022 Image by Shutterstock A small firm owned by the Italian company implicated in a recent phone-hacking scandal has been using tracking software to secretly monitor the communications of people all over ...

Akasa Air confirms the company was breached

Vilius Petkauskas Journalist Updated on: 29 August 2022 Akasa Air, an Indian low-cost airline, issued an apology over a data breach. The company says names, gender, email addresses, and phone numbers may have been accessed. The company announced a configuration ...

Sephora to pay $1,2m for secretly selling sensitive consumer data

Jurgita Lapienytė Deputy Chief Editor Updated on: 29 August 2022 Image by Shutterstock Cosmetics giant was fined $1,2 million for failing to inform customers about selling their data. Under the settlement, announced by California Attorney General Rob Bonta, Sephora agreed ...

How the iPhone changed the world in 15 years

Neil C. Hughes Contributor Updated on: 27 August 2022 Image by Shutterstock Fifteen years have passed since Steve Jobs declared that Apple had reinvented the phone. Yet, it’s not until you revisit the game-changing keynote that you realize just how ...

Attacking healthcare: do cybercriminals follow a moral code of practice?

Chris Stokel-Walker Contributor Updated on: 28 August 2022 Image by Shutterstock One area that cybercriminals have been willing to avoid – or not attack as regularly – has been the healthcare space. But does it mean threat actors have a ...

Google is taking bookings to talk to its AI chatbot

Justinas Vainilavičius Senior Journalist Updated on: 26 August 2022 Image by Google. Registration is open for those interested in getting on the waitlist to test Google’s conversational tool, LaMDA. Users will be able to chat to LaMDA, short for Language ...

DDoS explained: biggest attack in history lasted 22 days

Cybernews Team Updated on: 26 August 2022 Image by Shutterstock In the first half of 2022, the number of malicious DDoS attacks climbed 203% compared to the first six months of 2021. That’s not a record worth celebrating. In August, ...

Twitter to roll out podcasts

Anna Zhadan Editor Updated on: 26 August 2022 Image by Shutterstock From August 25th, podcasts will be added to Twitter as part of their Spaces Tab, which offers live audio conversations on the platform. “We know that some discussions need ...


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