Daikin air conditioner error f3 is usually caused by 3 main reasons: blocked pipes; Abnormal discharge tube temperature sensor; due to broken throttle

Daikin air conditioner has f3 error due to blocked pipes

Blocked pipes or blocked pipes can be caused by partially flattened, broken or dented pipes, clogged or dirty systems due to not being cleaned before installing the pipes, moisture blockage causing snow in the area. throttling because there is moisture in the copper pipe (in the installation process, there is no vacuum).

For this reason, it is best to replace the pipe with a new one. After replacing the new pipe, you carry out the steps of vacuuming and cleaning the air in the pipe before proceeding to charge gas according to the kilogram inscribed on the case.

Daikin air conditioner error f3: what is the cause?

Throttle temperature sensor abnormal

The discharge tube temperature is too hot or too cold, the cause of this condition may be due to:

+ Due to the failure of the push tube temperature sensor, wrong increase or decrease value: in this case you need to check and replace the push tube sensor.

+ The push tube sensor is placed in the wrong position: During the process of moving or installing, it is easy to deviate the position of the push tube or drop the sensor head.

+ Air conditioner lacks gas, leading to abnormal discharge pipe temperature: This error is usually caused by the installer air conditioning Failure to pay careful attention when mounting leads to open joints, welds, gas leakage to the outside, causing the air conditioner to lack gas or possibly due to perforation of the indoor unit and outdoor unit. In this case, you need to find and fix the gap in advance, then refuel the air conditioner.

In general, when the temperature of the ejector tube changes abnormally due to many factors such as: being folded, or lack of gas, clogged with moisture, etc., the temperature sensor is faulty, leading to a false alarm on the microchip.

Daikin air conditioner error f3: what is the cause?

Broken throttle

Damaged throttle is also one of the reasons why Daikin air conditioners report error f3. Although this case is quite rare, you also need to pay attention. Often this error is less and less noticeable. When checking that everything is working properly, the gas in the system is still enough, but the air conditioner is still stuck with snow, it is most likely due to a broken throttle valve.

In this case, it is best to seek the help of a technician to fix the error as quickly as possible. Do not arbitrarily disassemble the air conditioner, especially when you are not really technical. Because the operating principle of the board is quite complicated, if you try to fix it yourself, you will most likely make the air conditioner more damaged.

Daikin air conditioner error f3: what is the cause?

Above are some causes of Daikin air conditioner error f3. Hopefully these will be useful information to enrich your product manual. In general, if the air conditioner has an error with unknown cause, it is best to ask a technician to help you fix the error quickly, to ensure the stable and safe operation of the air conditioner.

– TechtipsnReview


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