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The notion of a Big Thunder Mountain movie evolved from interesting to intriguing, and British directors Bert and Bertie have boarded the train for their take of the Disney Parks experience.

Here’s Why Big Thunder Mountain Movie Became Appealing

It’s surprising how quickly the idea of a Big Thunder Mountain movie went from fascinating to capturing attention. Thanks to Bert and Bertie, who Deadline claims have stepped on the train for their interpretation on the traditional Disney Parks attraction, the ride has gotten quite the intriguing attachment.

Bert and Bertie discussed satirical takes on historical dramas in “The Great and Our Flag Means Death,” two programs that take historical periods and inject humor into them both via the narrative and the visuals. A story about pioneers, as Big Thunder Mountain is likely to be, will certainly need that.

Additonally, they are outstanding action directors and have a certain feel for it. One of the best parts of the Marvel Studios series was the fantastic one-shot automobile chase in “Hawkeye.”

Bert and Bertie will also make sure “the wildest ride in the bush” lives up to its name. The ride has bat-filled crystal caverns, creature encounters, exhilarating choo-choo fun, dino bones, and a spectacular climax. Remember the goat! It is believd that the ride’s symbol and star should be on film.

The setting of Big Thunder Mountain is a mining village during the gold rush of the 1800s. A tsunami (Tokyo), earthquake (Paris), or flash flood attack the destination (Florida).

Ten years ago, Jason Fuchs, the author of “Ice Age: Continental Drift,” and Chris Morgan, the author of Fast and Furious, were planning to develop a western pilot for ABC based on the attraction. The show wasn’t successful.

Five films featuring Johnny Depp came from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise. In the midst of the epidemic, “Jungle Cruise” was launched, and Rosario Dawson will feature in “Haunted Mansion” in 2023.

Returning Disneyland Visitors Improved Bob Chapek’s Q3 2022 Earnings by 50%

The Bob Chapek-led entertainment company saw Q3 2022 profits jump 50% thanks to the return of massive visitors to Orlando’s funfair, Disneyland, and Disneyland Paris. Even with Shanghai Disney Resort’s pandemic dip, the Stateside shedding of the funk and blues that hung over Disney’s theme parks in Covid-19 seems to be complete with a 72% revenue jump above Q3 2021 numbers.

“Disney Parks, Experiences and Products revenues for the quarter grew to $7.4 billion compared to $4.3 billion in the prior-year quarter,” said today’s market-closing announcement.

Attendance, occupied room nights, and cruise ship sailings are all up over Q3 2021 and the preceding few years, according to the report. Higher operating results for the quarter were driven by domestic parks and experiences and overseas parks and resorts.

The firm saved its White Knight role for the O.G.s, touting Disneyland Paris will be open for the entire quarter as opposed to 19 days in 2021, the introduction of Genie+ and Lightning Lane at the theme parks, and more.

Their domestic parks and resorts were open throughout the current quarter, in contrast to the prior quarter’s Disneyland Resort, which was only available for 65 days and Walt Disney World Resort, which operated at a lower capacity. Wednesday’s report continued, seemingly unfazed by rising prices.

However, Disney said that the increase in average ticket sales per person because of Genie+ and Lightning Lane was “partially offset by an unfavorable attendance mix at Disneyland Resort.” That might be worth a look.

Chapek and other Disney officials are likely to discuss Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products on the call with analysts that will begin shortly in the afternoon, despite the fact that today’s numbers were better than anticipated and the stock increased. To put it another way, Disney’s unofficial 100th birthday party may have just started.


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