eve echoes marks its second anniversary with a new enemy race, dungeons, and more

Image via EVE Echoes

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EVE Echoes, the excellent mobile spin-off of iconic PC MMORPG EVE Online, is celebrating its second anniversary this month. 

And there’s only one way for a top-tier mobile game to celebrate: by adding a whole heap of new modes, features, and events. 

The 2nd Anniversary update goes live on August 3rd. It opens with a suitably impressive Voyage Ceremony, which you can participate in with your corporation. Each corporation will get the opportunity to make its mark on proceedings during a special live event. 

And there’s going to be a twist, in the form of a sudden and mysterious maintenance crash. While this is going on you’ll be able to search for Easter Eggs inside and outside the game, unlocking prizes. 

There’s a music video, too, as if you needed further proof that developer NetEase is pulling out all the stops. The song is called Beyond the Sky, and you’ll be able to watch and listen on YouTube, Spotify, or your streaming platform of choice. 

Finally, NetEase is planning a live streaming event on Facebook, during which corporations will be able to share stories, trade screenshots, and more. 

Naturally, there’s some new content to get your teeth into too. 

First up, Sleepers. This entirely new enemy type is actually an ancient race that everybody in the EVE Echoes universe thought was extinct.

Instead, they were lying dormant until the Centrals – a barely conscious sub-class of individuals charged with looking after the Sleepers in the Dormant Realm – decided to wake them up. 

The sleepers come with their own rich lore to explore, adding a whole new dimension to the EVE Echoes universe. 

Next, there’s the brand new hellacious PvE dungeon mode. This lets you pick a fleet and take on powerful bosses. In return you’ll earn resources to spend on building up your own ships, while also getting a masterclass in PvE combat to use in the (asteroid) field. 

The dungeon mode is named Dormant Realm – it’s set in a galactic space the Sleepers used for conducting Capsuleer-relative experiments. Therefore, a number of scientific equipment is still left in this space to be discovered.

Finally, the EVE Echoes 2nd Anniversary celebrations see the game getting a new Implant system. This lets you enhance your weapon use in different ways, as well as giving you up to 12 abilities to unlock. 

That’s a lot of new stuff to get your teeth into. 

To get started, head to the Google Play Store or the App Store to download EVE Echoes for free right now. 


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