Of any modern smart home accessory, blinds are the least accessible and often some of the most complicated to install. In an effort to change that, Eve Systems has joined with window covering specialist Coulisse to announce MotionBlinds motors, a new type of smart blind motor that combines Eve MotionBlinds and Apple HomeKit.

The new smart blind motors will support Thread, the new smart home connectivity standard, to simplify installations and control of motorized blinds. The motors will become available in early 2022 through authorized Coulisse retailers and are currently available for preorder in select countries, including the United States.

Eve Systems promises the installation is easier than ever. All users have to do is scan the HomeKit setup code with their iOS device. You don’t need a bridge to set up this device, and the new Eve MotionBlinds motors support both Bluetooth and Thread. If you have a border router, such as a HomePod Mini or the new Apple TV 4K, the Eve MotionBlinds will automatically join the Thread network.

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The blinds can be scheduled to open and close at specific times, but can also be set to run on autopilot through the Eve app. You can set up HomeKit Scenes and Rules and connect the blinds to other HomeKit-compatible devices like light bulbs, thermostats, motion detectors, and more. All of the Eve MotionBlinds data and intelligence are stored locally on-device, rather than through the cloud, for increased user privacy. Even if a device is outside the range of a border router, it can still be reached through a relay.

One of the benefits of using Thread is that it not only simplifies installation, but it helps future-proof devices in preparation for Matter, the new smart home protocol in development between Amazon, Apple, Google, and other manufacturers. It provides longer battery life on average, faster response times, and much more. Ultimately, it solves many of the problems within the modern smart home.

Smart blinds help reduce energy costs, preserve privacy, and even add home security benefits. They’re also one of the most tangible examples of smart technology available today. If you’re interested, you can sign up to receive an email the moment MotionBlinds become available for purchase. At the moment, pricing has yet to be disclosed, but don’t be surprised if it’ll end up being a serious investment.

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