All the best games from the May 11 Nintendo Indie show

Everything announced at today's Nintendo Indie World showcase

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The May 11, 2022 Nintendo Indie World showcase blasted us with dozens of promising games, from Switch ports of old favorites to brand-new titles coming this year and the next. Many of these games will be playable later today, and plenty more are just around the corner. Here’s everything announced at today’s Nintendo Indie World event.  

Ooblets is coming to Switch and leaving Early Access

Ooblets is getting a big update this summer, and it’s coming to Switch to mark the occasion. After years in Early Access on Xbox and the Epic Games Store, this adorable creature-collecting farming sim is finally ready for launch, for real this time. 

Batora: Lost Haven is coming this fall 

Batora: Lost Haven is a “deeply story-driven” third-person action game about balancing your physical and mental energy as you navigate underground puzzles, arena battles, and boss fights. With split powers and branching dialogue, Stormind Games’ latest looks like a promising adventure. 

ElecHead is out this fall

ElecHead started as a contest entry from solo developer NamaTakahashi, and it’s since developed into a full-fat 2D puzzle platformer where you touch platforms, walls, and machines to power them up and manipulate the environment. 

Soundfall is available later today

Soundfall, from Noodlecake and Drastic Games, brings the “fight to the beat” rhythm game mantra to dungeon-crawling with up to four player local or online co-op. Pick one of five heroes, dress them up in the best loot you can find, and enjoy over 140 songs as you fight to save the world of Symphonia.

Wildfrost is a Slay the Spire-like coming this holiday

Wildfrost is a cuter, colder Slay the Spire from Stardew Valley publisher Chucklefish, co-developed by designs on Caveblazers and Forager. The deck-builder is coming to PC and Switch this winter, and it could be a must-play for card game fans. 

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator wobbles to Switch this summer

Landfall Games’ battle simulator and meme generator is coming to Switch. Totally Accurate Battle Simulator uses hundreds of silly soldiers to turn the art of war into the circus of war, and it’s great to see it coming to Switch. 

Gunbrella might have the best name of the show, and it’s out next year

Gunbrella is a 2D noir punk action game starring a hardboiled detective with an umbrella that can shoot and block bullets. Set in “a world rapidly losing its natural resources” (couldn’t be us), the latest game from Gato Roboto dev Doinksoft pits you against baddies rendered in lovely pixel art, not to mention the cloying doom of a dingy but lively world. 

We Are OFK is also coming to Switch this summer

We Are OFK is a “musical biopic” from the sort-of-real but also virtual band OFK. It’s basically a musical visual novel, with new chapters coming every week following its summer launch. 

Silt is an undersea puzzler out this June 

“Inside meets Abzu” came to mind when Fireshine Games and Spiral Circus Games unveiled their monochromatic, undersea adventure, and that’s a pretty striking first impression. Possess sea creatures and solve puzzles in harrowing environments in an adventure co-developed by a former research scientist and fine artist. 

Mini Motorways is coming to Switch today 

The addictively snacky road-builder Mini Motorways is coming to Switch. Prepare to lose hours to the seemingly simple process of connecting a tiny metropolis in the best game from developer Dinosaur Polo Club.  

Wayward Strand from Ghost Pattern is launching on Switch July 21

Wayward Strand is a 1970s narrative adventure starring Casey, a teen journalist unpicking the stories of hospital staff and patients in rural Australia. These stories unfold in real-time at the same time, so your choices will determine how you experience the story and how much of it you see. 

Cult of the Lamb is also coming to Switch later this year 

Cult of the Lamb is an action rogue-like that looks like Animal Crossing gone horrifically wrong, and it still looks great nearly a year after its initial reveal. 

Another Crab’s Treasure is a crustacean Souls-like out next year 

Another Crab’s Treasure is a true-blue Souls-like starring a hermit crab. Need we say more? If you were understandably disappointed that Elden Ring doesn’t let you play as one of the many crabs that pound you into mush in the Lands Between, this could be the game for you. It’s got platforming, swimming, crab grappling, and over 50 collectible shells. Developer Aggro Crab is really living up to its name. 

All the games that got five seconds of screen time in the mandatory indie sizzle reel

Everything announced at today's Nintendo Indie World showcase

(Image credit: Future Cat )

OneShot: World Machine Edition, the definitive version of the surreal 2016 adventure game, is coming to Switch this summer.

Gibbon: Beyond the Trees brings vine-swinging monkey action to Switch later today.

Idol Manager is exactly what it sounds like, and every bit as anime as you’d expect, and it’s out August 25.

Card Shark from Devolver Digital is a card game explicitly about cheating, and it’s getting a free Switch demo later today.  

Cursed to Golf from Planet of Lana house Thunderful is turning golf into a wild 2D action game this summer. 

A Guidebook of Babel is one butterfly effect of an adventure game set on a boat ferrying you and other passengers to the afterlife, and it’s also coming to Switch this fall. 

OPUS: Echo of Starsong – Full Bloom edition brings the critically acclaimed visual novel to Switch later today. 


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