Innovative Non-Combustion Fuel Cell Tech to Power One of the Greenest Cruise Ships

With the maritime industry just at the beginning of its decarbonization journey, there’s plenty of room for innovative technologies and solutions for sustainability. One of them, the solid oxide fuel cell technology developed by Bloom Energy, is about to turn cruise liners into emissions-free vessels.

Young Asian Tycoon’s Award-Winning Superyacht Is Both a Party Beast and a Zen Garden

If wooden sailing yachts were one of the classic symbols of the “old world” and its wealthy representatives, futuristic superyachts have become one of the toys associated with “young money.” Adrian Lee Chye Cheng is the perfect example, a millionaire real estate owner from Singapore who wanted his yacht to be nothing less than the iconic vessel of our times.

David Beckham Treats Himself to $6.6 Million Custom Yacht for Christmas

When your estimated worth is upwards of $450 million, forget about finding socks and beauty products under the Christmas tree. For example, former soccer player David Beckham decided to treat himself to an early Christmas present in the form of a brand new yacht.

Turkish Billionaire Sells His Ultra-Elegant Yacht After a Decade, Still a Real Head Turner

Private jets and superyachts are among the classic billionaire toys. A fortune built on ash soda is anything but glamorous, but it allowed a Turkish billionaire to indulge in a glamorous lifestyle – a decade ago, he switched from motor yachts to a stunning, custom-built sailing yacht, which has now found a new owner, but it still one of the most unique luxury vessels of its kind.

This 35-Foot Electric Foiling Yacht Blends Cutting-Edge Tech With Retro Styling

UK-based shipyard Spirit Yachts joined forces with marine engineering consultancy BAR Technologies to design and deliver a brand-new electric foiling yacht: the Spirit 35 Foiler.

Fliteboard Ultra Is a Pocket Rocket Touted as the World's Smallest, Most Extreme eFoil

Unlike traditional surfboards, eFoils don’t rely on waves to rise above the water, because they have a propeller and battery to help them achieve that, making you feel like you’re levitating on the sea. And the Fliteboard Ultra board promises to offer you the ride of your life, claiming it is the world’s most extreme eFoil.

Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Is Designing a Hybrid-Electric Carrier Called Roboship

Several Japanese companies have joined forces to contribute to the large-scale adoption of electric propulsion vessels. The first one will feature large-capacity batteries, versatile generators, and a cutting-edge digital platform.

Retail Mogul Sells His Luxury Explorer, One of the Largest Sailing Yachts in the World

As one of the largest sailing yachts in the world, built by a famous shipyard, it’s not surprising that Rosehearty had such a fascinating story – after being custom designed for the famous media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, it was eventually sold to another billionaire, who turned it into a fierce, record-breaking explorer. Now, it begins a new story, adding to its famous past.

Form Enzo to Daytona SP3: How Ferrari’s Most Powerful V12 Evolved Through the Years

While many carmakers have built some amazing V12s throughout the last century, the one that stands out is Ferrari. Some of the finest V-shaped, twelve cylinders ever created came out of Maranello and the latest member of that legendary lineage is the F140, a modern engineering masterpiece.

Hybrid Ship Havila Capella Begins Its Maiden Voyage, Packs the World's Largest Batteries

The first new ship to sail on the Norwegian coastal route between Bergen and Kirkenes in the last 18 years has recently begun its maiden voyage.

Airbus’ Maritime Partner Launches Revolutionary Kite Tech Controlled by a Digital Twin

Airseas, the maritime project of Airbus, used its aeronautical expertise to develop a state-of-the-art sailing system for commercial ships, which combines the traditional principles of sailing with the most advanced autonomous technology.

Lürssen Offers a More Detailed Look at the Magical, Gorgeous Alice Superyacht Concept

Earlier this year, ahead of the 2021 edition of the Monaco Yacht Show, prestigious shipyard Lürssen presented what would become one of this year’s most spectacular concepts: Alice. More details on the absolutely magical superyacht concept have been released.

Russian Oligarch’s $198M Superyacht at the Center of Huge Legal Dispute Over His Fortune

If having a beautiful family and owning some incredibly luxurious assets, including a sailing superyacht worth almost $200 million, and a Monaco mansion, seems like an idyllic picture, after the head of the family passes away, all of that fades away. A Russian billionaire’s own family is engaged in a bitter legal dispute sparked by a second will, found after his death.

World’s Largest Biofuel Tests on Marine Engines Successfully Completed in Canada

A Canada-based provider of marine cargo delivery services recently completed its first extensive trials of biodiesel on marine engines, which is not only a premiere for the Great Lakes shipping industry, but also a record-setting performance, as the world’s biggest trials of this kind.

Giorgio Armani Is Officially the New Title Sponsor of the Glam YCCS Superyacht Regatta

Gorgeous sailing superyachts show off their magnificent silhouettes while competing against each other at the famous Superyacht Regatta. One of the most luxurious competitions in the world, this event takes place every year, in Porto Cervo. The upcoming edition will have an added touch of glamour, with Giorgio Armani as the new title sponsor.

British Billionaire’s $67M Award-Winning Custom Benetti Is the Ultimate Family Yacht

The notion of a “family boat” is taken to another level when the owners are a real estate and interior design billionaire, and a popular actress. Their award-winning luxury yacht flaunts a custom artistic interior, and a family-friendly layout. But, after having been part of their family life for over five years, the 11.11 will no longer belong to Nick Candy and Holly Valance.

Three Brave Saildrone Explorer Ocean Drones Set Sail in New Gulf Stream Mission

California-based USV (unmanned surface vehicle) manufacturer Saildrone sends its autonomous drones in yet another mission, this time to sail through the Gulf Stream, collecting valuable data on the ocean’s carbon uptake.

Greensboro Real Estate Magnate Sold His All-American Luxury Yacht, a Family Gift

Most of us wouldn’t consider selling a gift that we offered to a family member, but when you’re a millionaire, and that gift happens to be a luxury yacht, things are different. Greensboro’s famous real estate tycoon just sold the American beauty which he gifted his wife a few years ago – perhaps it will be replaced with something even more spectacular.

Oyster Flipping Robot Oystamaran Wants to Automatize Shellfish Aquaculture

Oyster farming is a high-maintenance job that entails constant work. Flipping the mesh oyster bags is one of them, and it's a dull, exhausting task that is also costly and risky. But the Oystamaran robotic catamaran might put a stop to all that, aiming to automatize the aquaculture industry.

Mysterious Millionaire Receives the PHI Luxury Yacht With Magnificent Laser Lighting

With an intriguing name, inspired by the famous Golden Ratio concept, and a head-turning appearance, Phi is one of the most challenging projects undertaken by the luxury Dutch shipyard Royal Huisman, due to it being the longest motor yacht with a weight under 500 GT. After years of work, the majestic Phi was handed over to its owner, in a spectacular ceremony.

Former Mercenary Turned Oil Tycoon Is Selling His $53M Stunning Custom Toy, the Beast

All millionaires have fancy toys, but only few of them have the knowledge and passion to choose models that can stand the test of time through incredible performance and innovative design, instead of being just another flashy item. When a millionaire also happens to be an avid sailor, you can bet that his luxury yacht is truly one of a kind.

Incat Crowther's Super Fast Electric Hybrid Ferry Is Coming to Auckland

A 105-foot (32-meter) electric hybrid ferry designed by marine design business Incat Crowther will join the Auckland-based Fullers360 fleet. The vessel is expected to dramatically reduce Fullers360’s carbon emissions by 750,000 kg (165,346 lbs) per year on the Auckland-Devonport route alone.

Russian Millionaire’s Khalilah Superyacht Is Over the Top, A Unique Gold Masterpiece

A superyacht is a symbol of wealth in itself, but one that’s entirely golden is bound to become the center of attention, in the world’s most famous marinas. Truly one of the most unique luxury vessels on the market, Khalilah is not meant for the average millionaire.

Jimmy Buffett Takes His Business Offshore With New Cruise Line, Margaritaville at Sea

$900 million worth musician Jimmy Buffett is expanding his hospitality brand Margaritaville on the water, announcing a new cruise line called Margaritaville at Sea.

Connecticut-Based Cargo Ship Operator Completes First Successful Biofuel Voyage

As the International Maritime Organization (IMO) is preparing to establish even tougher criteria related to the levels of toxic emissions that are allowed, companies in the shipping sector need to make changes and adapt their fleet to new environmental requirements.

New Pininfarina-Designed Sailing Yacht Blends Luxury With Racing-Inspired Performance

The massive motor yachts that dominate today’s luxury market have their undeniable attractions, but there’s something about a classic sailing yacht that can’t be matched by any motor yacht, no matter how advanced. Even modern sailing boats keep that old world charm, enhanced by the latest technology, and contemporary design.

World’s First Diesel-Hydrogen Outboard to Be Demonstrated at the Portsmouth Port

Green hydrogen is showing up more and more as an efficient alternative to conventional fuels, enhancing battery efficiency and extending the range of various clean energy vehicles, including speedboats.

Russian Billionaire’s Multi-Award-Winning Superyacht With Two Pools, up for Grabs

There’s no doubt that Russian oligarchs are big fans of private jets and superyachts. Some of the most impressive luxury yachts today are ones that were custom-built for the wealthiest people in this vast country. One of them is the magnificent Stella Maris, a fresh addition on the luxury market.

Hybrid Cruise Ship Super Nova Previews an Era of Sustainable Luxury Travel

We’ve talked about several innovative shipping solutions based on alternative fuels or hybrid propulsion systems, but this new vessel is meant to bring sustainability to an even more challenging sector – luxury cruise travel. The Silver Nova is not an emissions-free ship, but it takes a significant step toward environmentally friendly cruising.

Celebrities Attended an Art Basel Party On Board a $19M Megayacht in Miami

Miami is one of the best places on Earth to mix luxury fashion with contemporary art, in an extravagant setting. And if it all takes place on an opulent megayacht, it’s even better. Celebrities kicked off the famous Art Basel on board the gorgeous 4Roses luxury yacht.

Malcom Forbes’ Iconic Celebrity Party Yacht Is Still a Stunner, Sold in no Time

Even the most extravagant modern superyachts, worth hundreds of millions of dollars, seem uninteresting when compared to iconic yachts from a previous era, because they have no history. Highlander is one of those luxury yachts that have a thousand stories to tell, with a glorious past, and an unmistakable style.

1958 Chris-Craft Sedan Cruiser Boat Stored for 35 Years Is Not Your Average Barn Find

We usually use the term "barn find" to describe cars and motorcycles locked away or forgotten in storage for many decades. But once in a while, we stumble upon completely different means of transportation that emerge after years in the dark. Earlier in 2021, for instance, we reported about a B-17 Flying Fortress that's been hiding in a massive barn for decades. Today, we came across a vintage 32-foot boat that spent 35 years in storage.

Vripack Unveils Its New Design, a Family Dream Yacht for Private South American Cruising

Just as some families love to go on camping trips on their beloved RV, others like to bond at sea on board a beautiful yacht. A family yacht is perfect for making memories while cruising and relaxing in some of the most gorgeous places on Earth.

Four Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships Will Set Sail to Alaska, Bookings Are Now Open

Four of Royal Caribbean’s massively popular cruise ships will set sail to Alaska in 7-night cruises that will have you admire the local wildlife, majestic glaciers, charming towns, and many other memorable attractions in the area.

Norway to Operate a Pioneering Zero-Emissions Green Ammonia Fuel Tanker

Hydrogen could be considered a controversial alternative to conventional fuel for several reasons, one of them being that toxic substances are released through its production process, which cancels, to some extent, its benefits for the environment. But green hydrogen and green ammonia are becoming more easily available, enabling a real transformation in various transportation sectors, including the maritime one.

Russian Billionaire Academic’s Luxury Yacht Truly Shines, With a Dazzling Lighting System

Some of the wealthiest people in the world go from toy to toy like it was nothing, while others are more attached to their luxurious possessions, holding on to the same ones for years. But even in these cases, the time comes when they have to part with their favorite vacation toy, and start a new chapter.

Billionaire Sheikh Wants $126M for His Almost-New Superyacht, a Stunning Palace on Water

One of the benefits of being the billionaire owner of luxury yacht building company, among other things, is that, in case a customer suddenly backs out from a project, you can simply keep that gorgeous yacht for yourself. And, when you’ve had enough fun on your new extravagant toy, you can just sell it, for an equally-extravagant price.

This 208-Foot Explorer Superyacht Concept Blends Luxury Living With Adventure

Superyacht concepts allow naval designers to stretch their creativity muscles. Some of the concepts they create make it into the water, while others serve as inspiration for other projects. Nonetheless, these floating palaces are there to get your attention. Add some explorer capabilities to them, and you’re in for a treat.

Navier 27 All-Electric Hydrofoil Boat Previewed as American Production Site Chosen

Electricity is such a promising source of energy for vehicles that there seems to be no vehicular industry left untouched. Although the car market gets all the attention when it comes to electric drives, interesting things are happening elsewhere as well, like say in the world of aviation, and even that of boats.

Sanlorenzo Blends Luxury With Advanced Green Technology for Its New Flagship Superyacht

As it usually happens, some businesses thrive during challenging times, while others are barely surviving. Confirming once again that superyachts aren’t anywhere close to going out of style, the Sanlorenzo luxury shipyard is crowning a successful year in terms of sales, with a trailblazing vessel, meant to become its flagship model.


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C-5M Super Galaxy Emerges From the Clouds Like a Prehistoric Behemoth

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Google Billionaire Larry Paige’s Former Yacht Got the Biggest, Most Expensive Refit

Sea the Stars Is a Millionaire’s Dream for Star-Gazing and Daring Expeditions

Mexican Billionaire’s Luxury Megayacht Snatched off the Market, Despite Steep Pricing

Autonomous Snake-Like Robot Eelume Is an Underwater Torpedo, It Landed Its First Contract

World’s Largest Clean Energy Cargo Ship Combines Sailing With Electric Propulsion

World's First All-Electric and Self-Propelled Container Ship Completes Its Maiden Voyage

German Billionaire Sells His Award-Winning Luxury Benetti Superyacht After Just Two Years

Russian Billionaire’s New Superyacht Is a 464-Foot Beast With a Custom Helicopter

Sporting Goods Store Stops Selling Kayaks to Prevent Migrants From Using Them

Israel to Develop New Fleet of Advanced Autonomous Surface Vessels

Billionaire Space Tourist Sells His Massive Luxury Yacht Skat After Twenty Years

GM Gets Into Electric Boating, Buys Stake in Pure Watercraft

Asian Millionaire’s Award-Winning Superyacht Flaunts a Unique Asymmetric Design

Autonomous Underwater Robot Eelume Flaunts Its Acting Skills, Stars in Disaster Movie

Heesen's Biggest, Fastest Luxury Superyacht Touches Water for the First Time

Say Goodbye to Motion Sickness, This 165-Foot Yacht Glides Smoothly Across the Sea

Officially Named and Blessed. Royal Caribbean's 25th Ship Is Ready for Winter Adventures