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Four people were killed and nine others injured in a flash flood in southwest China on Saturday, local authorities said.

Footage published by Chinese media showed water rising rapidly in a river on the outskirts of Sichuan province’s Pengzhou city.

Tourists who had been playing in the initially shallow water could be seen running for safety and clambering over rocks as the water rushed towards them, but some were unable to reach the river bank in time.

At least one person, a woman stranded on a boulder in the middle of the river, appeared to lose her footing and was swept away by the current, according to a video posted online by the state-owned Beijing Youth Daily.

“As of 7.30 pm, the mountain flood has killed four people, severely injured three and lightly injured six others,” Pengzhou emergency response authorities said in a statement.

The flood comes during a summer of extreme weather in China, with multiple cities including Shanghai recording their hottest days ever during a heatwave in July.

Scientists say extreme weather across the world has become more frequent due to climate change, and will likely grow more intense as global temperatures rise.

China’s national observatory has issued a red alert for high temperatures as the mercury is expected to soar past 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit) across swathes of the country this weekend, state news agency Xinhua reported on Saturday.

Severe flooding in southern China in June displaced more than half a million people and caused an estimated $250 million in economic damage.

Eleven died in Gambia’s worst floods in 50 years
Banjul, Gambia (AFP) Aug 12, 2022 – The Gambia suffered its worst flooding in “nearly half a century” late last month, killing 11 people and internally displacing more than 5,000, its disaster agency said in a report.

Flash floods following heavy rainfall on July 30 and 31 “directly affected” at least 40,000 people, including more than 8,000 children under the age of five, but are likely to have had an impact on hundreds of thousands in total, the National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA) said on Thursday.

The Department of Water Resources recorded 276 millimetres of rainfall in the capital Banjul over the two-day period, it said.

“The suburbs in urban settlements have been the hardest hit”, the agency said, with 11 deaths reported and 5,407 people internally displaced.

“Hundreds of houses have been completely or partially damaged and unsafe for human habitation.”

Most of the internally displaced — 52.4 percent of whom are women and girls — are staying with relatives. The NDMA and Red Cross are housing 350 people at a temporary camp in Banjul.

“The historical records of floods date as far back as 1948”, the report said, noting that the country’s most significant floods were recorded in 1988, 1999, 2002, 2010, 2020 and 2022.

“This shows that the frequency of flash floods and climate related shocks are becoming more persistent”, it added.

In the Greater Banjul Area, hundreds of water points and thousands of sanitation facilities were affected by the latest flooding, with water throughout the city appearing “yellowish green with a pungent smell”, the agency said.

In Tobacco Road neighbourhood, the sewage system overflowed and mixed with the flood waters.

“Numerous” cases of diarrhoea and skin rashes had been reported there, the agency said, adding there was a “very high” risk of water-borne diseases.

It also said the stagnant waters had attracted attract reptiles in some communities, “posing a risk to the population”.

On a visit to affected areas of Banjul last week, President Adama Barrow pledged $46 million for a new water canal project, which he said would be built by the end of the year, media reported.


Japan, US hold joint drill after N. Korea missile

Japanese and US military planes carried out a joint drill Tuesday in response to a North Korean ballistic missile launch, Japanese officials said. Japan’s Joint Staff said eight Japanese and four US fighter jets took part in the drill in airspace west of the country’s Kyushu region. “As the ...

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One killed, two missing in Bulgaria arms factory blast

An explosion on Tuesday at Bulgaria’s oldest arms factory killed one man and two women are feared dead in the central town of Kazanlak, officials said. “The body of one of the three workers in the workshop, a 55-year-old man, was thrown out by the blast, he was dead,” ...

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Colombia and ELN guerrillas announce new peace talks

Colombia’s government and a delegation from the National Liberation Army (ELN) leftist guerrillas announced on Tuesday they would next month restart peace talks suspended since 2019. Speaking in Caracas, ELN commander Antonio Garcia said the two parties would re-establish the dialogue process “after the first week of November” with ...

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Curiosity targets Canaima bedrock for sampling: Sol 3612

Over the weekend, Curiosity took compositional measurements of the “Canaima” bedrock target in order to determine if the target merits collecting drilled sample. Concurrently, the engineering team took preload measurements to determine the stability of the rock for drilling. This morning the science and engineering teams reviewed the information ...

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China's Long March 9 Successfully Passed the Engine Test

(Photo : WikiImages/Pixabay) Rocket Launch China’s first Yf-79 engine prototype for the Long March 9 rocket passed a successful test. According to the China National Space Administration (CNSA), the engine has overcome technical challenges. (Photo : WikiImages/Pixabay)Rocket Launch Long March Yf-79 Engine Difficulties The project’s principal contractor, BAEIT, announced ...

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SpinLaunch completes Flight Test 10

SpinLaunch has announced the results of its tenth successful Flight Test of its Suborbital Accelerator from Spaceport America, New Mexico. The flight test, which occurred on September 27, 2022, demonstrated that SpinLaunch partners’ standard satellite components are inherently compatible with the company’s launch environment, and provided critical flight data, ...

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China begins search for fourth astronaut generation

China has recently started recruiting the country’s fourth generation of astronauts, and the search has opened to people in Hong Kong and Macao for the first time, the China Manned Space Agency said. The agency said in a news release on Sunday afternoon experts will pick 12 to 14 ...

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SOAR Telescope catches Dimorphos's expanding comet-like tail after DART impact

NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) spacecraft intentionally crashed into Dimorphos, the asteroid moonlet in the double-asteroid system of Didymos, on Monday 26 September 2022. This was the first planetary defense test in which an impact of a spacecraft attempted to modify the orbit of an asteroid. Two days ...

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John Deere announces Request for Proposals for satellite communications opportunity

Satellogic signs 3 year deal with Albania to access dedicated satellite constellation

ViaSat-3 achieves flight configuration

AE Industrial Partners makes significant investment in York Space Systems

A day at the beach for life on other worlds

SpaceX Crew 5 mission set to lift off for International Space Station

Concert Technologies to use C6 Launch to launch its satellites

Laughing gas in space could mean life

Rocket Lab to launch environmental monitoring satellite for General Atomics

Potential source of 'shock-darkened' meteorites has implications for asteroid deflection

Firefly Aerospace reaches orbit and deploys customer payloads with its Alpha Rocket

NASA Takes Stunning Photo of Sun Having Another Solar Flare Episode [LOOK]


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