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Traveling is made easier as Google Maps now offers photorealistic views of more than 250 landmarks through ‘Immersive View.’

Chris Phillips, Google Geo CEO, claims that the improved 3D Immersive View feature allows users to get a ‘vibe check’ of a destination before the visit, according to The New York Times.

Visual Forward Results for Visual Forward Generations

Immersive View is a feature that uses a combination of computer vision and AI technology to combine street view and aerial imagery that allows users to explore by visually soaring over an area.

Android Central reports that this brand new way to look at the most popular landmarks in five total cities. These are San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, London, and Tokyo. It is billed to help users scout out locations through virtual versions of places.

Aside from this, Immersive View can also be used to search out parking lots, restaurants and entrances, and even plan accordingly based on what the weather would look like on a given day, writes TechCrunch.

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Improving Searches Through Live View and Neighborhood Vibe

Google’s Live View will also let users use their cameras to find what they are looking for with the phone’s camera and overlay location-accurate search listings right on the phone’s screen.

The new Search with Live View, according to XDA Developers, is designed to find locations through smartphone cameras according to the users’ interest. With this, users can get a lookout of what the area is like, highlighting shops, restaurants, and more.

Searching with Live View simplifies the experience of location hunting and gives its users the confidence to try and see what’s around through preparations aided by visuals.

Similarly, Neighborhood Vibe is a relatively new feature that helps people identify interesting neighborhood finds by highlighting popular and trending places by showing relevant information, photos, and reviews.

This feature is mainly used to find neighborhoods with an artsy vibe or exciting food scene, helping users decide what to explore in the local areas.

Eco-Friendly Routing Across Destinations

Google also announced that developers would also be given the option to enable eco-friendly routing for Maps to let drivers see and choose the most fuel-efficient ways to arrive at a destination, TechCrunch reports.

With the expansion, companies in all industries will get an option to enable this across applications that require or include delivery or ridesharing services and measure fuel consumption savings.

This effort is a way that Google sees to extend the reach of its sustainability efforts, which will be available in other places aside from North America and Western Europe later this year.

Lastly, Google will also soon give developers access to the “Advanced Markers” feature, which will allow Google Maps red pins to be customizable to create interactive markers within maps.

Along with this, a new Address Validation API will help identify address components, fix errors, and augment addresses with missing data in continuation of Google Maps’ vision to explore and navigate the world with ease.

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