Google finished its I/O presentation on May 11, 2022, with a big surprise-a sneak peek of their latest AR glasses. 

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SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA – APRIL 26: A sign is posted in front of a Google office on April 26, 2022 in San Francisco, California. Google parent company Alphabet will report first quarter earnings today after the closing bell

Unveiling the glasses, Google shows its language-translating and transcription capabilities. Black with a thick rim, the glasses are still a prototype, and the company did not give any details as to when they will be released nor further technical specifications. 

Google also took to its social media account to announce the glasses. It reads, “Augmented reality can break down communication barriers-and help us better understand each other by making language visible. Watch what happens when we bring technologies like transcription and translation to your line of sight. #GoogleIO,” and attached is a short presentation of the glasses. 

The new glasses are unclear if this is the company’s Project Iris or if it’s something else. Nevertheless, if it does get released, it would be extremely useful. 

Keeping It Low-Key

Ten years ago, Sergey Brin debuted eyewear named Google Glass; however, things didn’t go so well as it sparked controversy due to privacy concerns over the onboard camera. Moreover, the presentation then was a bit over the top: skydivers over the conference center rappelled down the building to show off the capabilities of the Google Glass. 

Since then, Google experimented with other transcription and translation products, such as a pair of earbuds that can do translations in real-time and a recording app downloadable via a smartphone that can do live transcriptions.

This time around, though, the presentation for the glasses is more subdued. It only showed a mother and daughter looking at photos and a deaf person and non-deaf person talking to each other.

Also in one demo, a Google product manager tells someone wearing the glasses, “You should be seeing what I’m saying, just transcribed for you in real-time-kind of like subtitles for the world.”

Google didn’t provide any more details about the glasses. Nonetheless, the company was able to paint a cool picture of the potential of AR in the future. It also shows that they’re on the quest to break down language barriers through new gadgets, such as the glasses. 

A Tablet to come in 2023

Also during the conference, Google announced a few products that will be released soon, such as a new tablet that will be launched in 2023. It’s been years since the company made a tablet after its poor sales, yet many are excited to see how the tablet will compete in today’s market, especially amid the dominance of Apple in the world of tablets. 

Following an increase in user interest, the new tablet was announced early to let buyers who are considering alternatives know that they have something under wraps that will be released soon. 

Along with the tablet, Google also announced updates to their Pixel product line, such as the smartwatch, which is expected to go on sale late this year, a new mid-range smartphone, and wireless earbuds. They also touched on new software features including, automated summaries for Google Docs and 3D models in Google Maps. 

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Written by April Fowell


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