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The M1 Max Mac Studio works great, but sometimes the LG ultra-wide display's USB-C struggles to recognize connected devices. Photo:

Graphic design is one of the best uses of a powerful computer like the Mac Studio, assuming it’s paired with a magnificent display. In today’s featured computer setup, the Mac Studio handles the job. But the LG UltraWide monitor falls a bit short, due to some recurring connectivity issues.

And the setup features some interesting bits that might give you ideas about how to organize your own workstation.

Graphic designer’s M1 Max Mac Studio handles work well, LG ultra-wide display struggles with connectivity

Graphic designer and Redditor UserWJD showcased the setup in a post entitled, “Mac Studio M1 Max setup.”

When asked why he bought the Mac Studio, he had a frank and sensible answer:

I’m a graphic designer looking for a macOS machine that is powerful and my options are either Mac Studio or MacBook Pro. But for price Mac Studio is more worth it as it have more powerful SOC.

Currently there is no other all in one option that fit my needs. The current 24-inch iMac 24 looks nice for a desk setup but would not be sufficient for my uses. Mac Studio it is!

WJD runs a base Mac Studio with an M1 Max processor along with a 35-inch LG UltraWide monitor. The display works as a USB-C hub and features 3440 x 1440 pixel resolution, HDR10 and AMD Freesync technologies, and a 100Hz refresh rate.

He’s got that gear and much more sitting on a series of Ikea furniture pieces. He uses a Linnmon desk. On top of the desk, he sits the monitor on a Tranhult shelf held up by Capita legs.

“Sure you trust the Linnmon to hold all that?” a commenter asked.

“Nope! I actually added additional leg at the center instead of [just] the 4 on the corner,” WJD replied.

amazon, microsoft

Here’s a better view of the desk tray and input devices. And in the desk mat groove sit Kaweco Steel Sport pens made in Germany.Photo:

Monitor problems

Interested parties wanted to know WJD’s opinion of the LG display. It’s fairly affordable for a fairly large, curved, ultra-wide monitor, coming in at about $400 (currently $200 off at Amazon; see links list below). Its USB-C hub provides 94W of power delivery for connected devices.

WJD responded this way:

In term of sizing it works great for design work. But the USB-C [is] not really reliable as it doesn’t really always work as expected. It will not work sometimes with iPad Pro M1. Or even my Microsoft Surface book 2.

Sometimes it doesn’t work like it doesn’t detect any device. That is if you’re using a laptop or iPad. On my Mac Studio so far no issue as [Mac] Studio has its own power from the power cable.

Popular input devices and interesting organizers

WJD uses often-seen input devices — the ever-popular Logitech MX Keys wireless keyboard and MX Master 3 wireless mouse. But their presence along with a Magic Trackpad 2 prompted a typical question.

“Can you explain how you use both the Magic Trackpad and the Logitech MX mouse? Why the need for both?” asked a commenter.

WJD had a concise answer that tracked with explanations for both trackpad and mouse use we’ve seen elsewhere.

“I use the trackpad for general navigation and gestures,” he said. “The mouse is for me when I’m doing design work which requires more precision clicking.”

Among the setup’s other bits and pieces are some handy and inexpensive organizers. Under the display sit a couple of Idea Nojig trays that are fairly deep to fit plenty of small items.

In addition to those trays, a shallow wooden desk tray with indented sections for housing small items sits dead center under the display. And a portable Bellroy desk caddy to the left of the trackpad. It looks a little like a toiletry bag, but it’s for cables, screen cleaner, thumb drives and other tech gear.

Another commenter asked how WJD liked the caddy and wondered if it helps tote gear to and from a workplace.

“The Desk Caddy is great!” WJD said. “I use it to transfer between my [work] office and my home office.”

amazon, microsoft

This shot of the Mac Studio also shows a tray under the desk shelf and the caddy, at left, which looks a bit like a toiletry bag for tech items.Photo:

Shop these items now:


Mac Studio iPad Pro


35-inch LG 35WN75C-B UltraWide Curved Monitor

Input devices:

Logitech MX Keys wireless keyboard Logitech MX Master 3 wireless mouse Magic Trackpad 2


Nomad Wireless Hub Apple Watch charger

Furniture and lighting:

Ikea Linnmon desk Ikea Nojig organizer trays Ikea Tranhult shelf Ikea Capita legs Ikea Forsa desk lamp


Orbitkey desk mat Wood desk tray Bellroy desk caddy Kaweco Steel Sport pen

If you would like to see your setup featured on Cult of Mac, send some high-res pictures to Please provide a detailed list of your equipment. Tell us what you like or dislike about your setup, and fill us in on any special touches or challenges.


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