hands on with the new liteboxer vr total body workout


I had the chance to review Liteboxer VR about six months ago in March 2022, and for the most part, I enjoyed the experience. Since its launch, the Meta Quest 2 app has received numerous updates—new workout types, a free plan, and regular content refreshes—that make it even more enticing.

Liteboxer’s Floor Stand machine, which I also reviewed, hasn’t received many updates since launch, which makes sense because it’s a solid piece of equipment that didn’t need much improvement. Liteboxer did release a Wall Mount package that still costs a pretty penny, but takes up less space in your home. Most of the updates that these two pieces of equipment receive are via the Liteboxer mobile app.

But many virtual products, like Liteboxer VR, are released with future updates planned to keep people interested in the app. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it is an effective marketing strategy that draws new people in and keeps existing users from experiencing stale content. One of Liteboxer VR’s greatest stunts released only two months after the app’s initial launch: a completely free plan.

There’s a New “Freemium” Plan

About two months after Liteboxer VR launched, the company announced a “freemium” subscription model that lets users try out the Meta Quest 2 app completely free, without even needing to enter a credit card number. You are required to have a Liteboxer VR account, but you’ll want that anyway to keep track of all your stats. This new Basic plan made Liteboxer VR the first (and only, as of now) free VR workout of its kind.

With the Basic plan, you have access to 54 free workout options across all the various types Liteboxer VR offers. It’s not like other “free” workout apps that only offer you one or two options before trying to swindle you into a paid subscription. You’ll get a healthy feel for whether or not the Liteboxer VR app works for you as a consistent workout, and could even stick with the free plan if you don’t mind repeating workouts.

But of course, you’ll get more with the Premium membership for $18.99 per month or $14.99 per month paid annually (after a seven-day free trial). With the Premium plan, there are over 100 Punch Tracks, over 300 Trainer Classes, and six different virtual workout locations to choose from. Plus, new content drops daily with this plan, so you’ll have something new every time you log on.

New Workout Categories Have Been Added

The workout categories Liteboxer VR launched with in March 2022—Punch Tracks, Trainer Classes, Sparring Sessions, and Freestyle—are still there. But there are two new workout categories that offer users a more unique experience that puts the coach directly in your virtual space while you’re working out: Total Body workouts and Mitt Drills.

Total Body

The Total Body workouts are different from anything currently offered within Liteboxer VR. Instead of watching a video of your trainer off to the side during your workout, they’re virtually put into the room with you. This helps you feel more immersed in the experience and lets you face forward for the entire workout.

Within these workouts, you’ll still punch the virtual shield occasionally, but there are unique elements added to shake things up. You’ll see virtual battle ropes, squat ropes, lunge lines, and speed bags. But how do these virtual elements translate into the real world in terms of workout effectiveness?

Well, I tested out the 3 Song Total Body Dance Remixes workout with Trainer Jill over a day ago, and my quads are still screaming every time I stand up. Many of the other Total Body workouts incorporate squats as well, but I felt like I was constantly squatting during this particular workout. That said, my arms are plenty sore today.

I’m not sure anyone actually enjoys squats, but Liteboxer VR makes me hate them less. It’s easier to ignore your burning quads while you’re distracted by your environment and focused on copying the trainer in front of you.

hands on with the new liteboxer vr total body workout

There were a few different moves that involved squats. Duck ropes would appear with a horizontal line or diagonal line and I’d have to squat beneath the line, either straight down or dipping slightly to the left or right. Then, with the Trainer Jill workout I did, I’d stand while throwing punches one and two at the shield and then squat to throw punches three and four. Squats were also incorporated into moves with the battle ropes.

Using the virtual battle ropes took a short while to get the hang of, but I had a handle on it before my first workout using them was even finished. If you’ve used battle ropes in real life, you’ll probably be familiar with these two moves.

The first involves lifting the battle rope and then slamming it down again, but you have to be in a low enough squat to register these as hits sometimes. Then, there’s the Double Dutch move where you swing your right arm out, up, and over to the left side, and vice versa for your left arm—pretty much the same as swinging regular jump ropes when playing Double Dutch.

hands on with the new liteboxer vr total body workout


The last new piece of virtual equipment is the speed bag. When you see the speed bag pop up in front of you, it gives you an instant boost of energy because you’re competing with yourself to see how many points you can rack up before it goes away. The speed bag could show up in the middle of a workout, but I loved seeing it at the end because it gave me that nudge to push myself when I was tired.

However, punching the speed bag with the Meta Quest 2 controllers was sometimes annoying. You can’t see exactly where the controller edges are in real life, so I had to overestimate the space between my hands as I was punching to stop the controllers from clunking into one another.

Mitt Drills

hands on with the new liteboxer vr total body workout


Similar to Total Body workouts, Mitt Drills put your trainer virtually in the room with you. These workouts are designed to mimic mitt training with pads. Mitt Drill workouts range from one to two songs a piece, so they’re short and sweet but effective.

I’ve never had any in-person boxing classes or training, so going through Mitt Drill workouts was a great way to get more familiar with different moves and perfect my stance. While I think Punch Tracks are still my preferred way to work out —thanks to ADHD—Mitt Drills are a close second.

I’m Loving the Updates and Hope They Keep Coming

Overall, I think the updates added to Liteboxer VR since launch are awesome. It shows that the creators are still constantly working on the app to make it better for both new and existing users. Mitt Drills are great for a fast, beginner-friendly workout, while Total Workouts get the whole body involved for an exhaustingly effective session. If you haven’t tried out Liteboxer VR yet, it’s even more worth it now with its free Basic plan.


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