"Just about lost my s*** at that Horus at the end"

Horizon Forbidden West fans can't wait to face off against the colossal Horus Titan

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It looks like Horizon Forbidden West’s upcoming DLC will see Aloy take on a deadly Horus Titan, and players can’t wait.

Nestled among the many announcements and trailers at this year’s Game Awards was the reveal of a DLC expansion for Horizon Forbidden West. Titled Burning Shores, the teaser trailer shows the series’ flame-haired lead flying around the ruins of Los Angeles, the setting of the upcoming expansion. But it’s the closing seconds of the trailer that has fans most excited.  

Warning: the below contains spoilers for Horizon: Zero Dawn so if you’ve yet to play through Aloy’s first adventure and don’t want anything spoiled, look away now.  

“A massive machine threat lurks in its shadows,” Guerrilla Games says in a blog post, “a huge challenge that Aloy must overcome by using all of her skills and abilities.” And that’s putting it lightly. The teaser footage ends with a colossal robotic creature smashing through the famous Hollywood sign, which players were quick to identify as the Horus Titan, aka Metal Devil. Unlike the majority of machines Aloy encounters, made by the subordinate function Hephaestus, this hulking menace was manufactured by Faro Automated Solutions, which ultimately lost control of its creations, resulting in the Faro Plague and the eradication of all life on earth. 

This machine is so big it can seamlessly crawl over mountains and could well be the most formidable opponent Aloy has had to face yet. But for many Horizon Forbidden West players, that battle can’t come soon enough. “Just about lost my shit at that Horus at the end, wow!” said one fan on the Horizon subreddit. “Cannot wait, April can’t come soon enough.” Another wrote, “I thought they’d save it for the third game, but no– we are finally going to see a Horus / Metal Devil / Titan in action. Holy s***, I’m hyped beyond belief.”

Reddit user nottubeht isn’t quite as enthused about the looming showdown, saying, “No, I’m too scared. I don’t want to fight a whole Horus.” Horizon fan In_My_Own_Image, on the other hand, isn’t one to walk away from a fight and is already drawing up battle plans, “We’re gonna have to override a whole army of Thunderjaws and Slaughterspines to bring that bad boy down.”

The Horus Titan could be too much for the PS4 to handle, as Guerrilla Games has revealed the Burning Shores DLC will only be available on PS5.

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