how custom difficulties work in phasmophobia

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Custom difficulties in Phasmophobia give you a chance with your friends to take on some of the toughest challenges available and encounter some of the toughest ghosts. You have the freedom to pick and choose what type of obstacles await you and what you’re going to be dealing with for every ghost hunt. The choice is up to you, but you want to make sure you pick the right options and know what they mean. This guide covers how custom difficulties work in Phasmophobia.

All custom difficulties settings in Phasmophobia

You can start customizing the difficult setting when you create a custom game in Phasmophobia. Even though it is a custom game, every option available in the custom difficulty menu comes with a reward multiplier, which means you and your ghost hunting team can still earn money and XP beyond standard multiplayer games.

You can choose to customize your Difficulty by going into a game, selecting the Difficulty in the Server Lobby, and then choosing Custom 1, Custom 2, or Custom 3 to begin modifying the settings.

You can change these settings for your custom difficulty in Phasmophobia.


  • Flashlights: Are flashlights going to work?
  • Lose items on death: Will you lose items when you die?
  • Player speed: How fast are the players in your game?
  • Sanity drain speed: How quickly do players’ sanity drain in your game?
  • Sanity Pill restoration: How much sanity do you regain for taking a pill?
  • Sprint Duration: How quickly does everyone sprint?
  • Sprint recharge time: How quickly does your sprint return to a player?
  • Sprinting: Can players sprint?
  • Starting Sanity: What are the players’ starting sanity?


  • Changing favorite room: Does the ghost change its favorite room often?
  • Event frequency: How many ghost events happen?
  • Evidence given: How much evidence does the ghost leave behind?
  • Fingerprint chance: The chances of a fingerprint being left behind
  • Fingerprint duration: How long are the fingerprints left behind?
  • Friendly ghost: Will the ghost ever hunt?
  • Ghost Speed: How fast is the ghost?
  • Grace period: How long is the grace period before the ghost can begin killing players?
  • Hunt duration: How long does a ghost’s hunt last?
  • Interaction amount: How much does the ghost interact with the environment?
  • Roaming frequency: How often does the ghost roam away from its favorite room?


  • Activity monitor: Does the activity monitor work?
  • Cursed Possessions: Are the cursed possessions on the map?
  • Doors starting open: How many doors are randomly moved at the contract’s start?
  • Fuse box at the start of contract: Does the fuse box start off or on?
  • Is fuse box visible on the map: Can players see the fuse box location on the map?
  • Number of hiding places: How many hiding places are available to players
  • Sanity monitor: Can players see their sanity?
  • Setup time: How long before a ghost begins to hunt
  • Weather: What is the weather on the map?


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