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Fortnite players can always expect seasonal quests to become more outlandish as a season goes on. This same is the case with Chapter 3 Season 3, as Week 9 tasks players with bouncing on three separate Crash Pads without touching the ground. Although it sounds relatively straightforward, the challenge can be a headache considering the Crash Pads will be destroyed if not deployed correctly. Here’s where to find Crash Pads and how you can bounce on three in a row to complete this seasonal quest.

How to find and bounce on three separate Crash Pads in Fortnite

Crash Pads can only be discovered in chests or as ground loot but always come in sets of three — so you will not need to look for multiples. However, as they rarely spawn, we recommend searching in named locations with several chests, like Titled Towers or The Daily Bugle. You will then want to begin the quest by heading to an open, flat area, such as a paved road, to deploy the Crash Pads.

how to

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As shown above, the trickiest part of the challenge is deploying all three pads without having them deflate. You can avoid this by separating each Crash Pad about 10 to 20 meters apart and ensuring there are no objects or structures in between them. If done correctly, you will then be free to jump on each Crash Pad without landing on the surface. The quest should then reward you with 15,000 XP upon completion.

Week 9 also allows players to earn XP from six other quests. These challenges include holding a Charge SMG at max charge for three seconds and damaging an opponent while riding a wolf or boar. The battle royale even bears new content outside of the island with it introducing a new Wolverine skin that is available for a limited time.


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