Archiving an email in Gmail is a swipe away. However, finding the email you archived can prove to be a hassle. If you recently archived an email accidentally and are having a hard time locating it, here’s how you can find archived emails and unarchive them on Gmail’s web and mobile apps.

Find Archived Emails in Gmail (2022)

How to Archive an Email in Gmail

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Before we get to the steps involved in finding an archived email, let’s quickly review how you can archive an email. To archive an email on the Gmail website, locate the email you want to archive, hover over it and click on the “Archive” icon from the side toolbar on the right. You can also right-click the mail and choose “Archive” to achieve it.

Find and Unarchive Emails using Gmail Website

Unfortunately, Gmail doesn’t offer a convenient “Archive” section to find your archived emails. However, there is a way to find the emails you have archived so far. Follow the steps below to find and unarchive emails in Gmail:1. Open Gmail in a web browser and switch to the “All Mail” section from the left sidebar. This section shows all your emails, including the ones you have archived. You can browse this section to find your archived emails. It’s also worth mentioning that the search results in Gmail include archived mails too. Hence, if you remember the subject of the email, you can easily locate the email using a simple search instead.

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2. Another way of locating your archived email is through search filters. Paste the following filters into the search box for better chances of tracking down your archived email.

-in:Sent -in:Draft -in:Inbox has:nouserlabels

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3. Once you have located your email, select it and click the “Move to Inbox” icon from the top toolbar. Or, you can right-click and select the “Move to Inbox” option to bring the email back to your inbox.
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Retrieve Archived Emails via Gmail Mobile App (Android & iOS)

1. To find and unarchive an email in Gmail’s mobile app, tap the hamburger menu and choose the “All mail” option. You can also use the aforementioned tips — search filters and search box to find the archived email faster.

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2. After locating the email, long-press to select it and tap on the vertical three dots menu at the top-right corner of the screen. From the list of options that appear, choose the “Move to Inbox” option to move the email back to your primary Gmail inbox.
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Find and Access Archived Emails in Gmail

It’s almost surprising how Gmail doesn’t have a dedicated Archive section in 2022. While we wait for a dedicated section to quickly access archived emails, we hope this guide helped you undo archived emails right now. Meanwhile, if you are looking for ways to organize your email inbox, do not miss out on our guide on creating folders and labels in Gmail.

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