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Kudosh is the premium currency in Two Point Campus. It’s not something you’ll receive in your monthly wages, but it’s essential to unlock items for your campus while playing through the campaign or a Sandbox campus after you’ve unlocked this mode. There are several ways to earn Kudosh, and the more you have, the more ways you can improve your campus. Here’s what you need to know about how to get Kudosh points in Two Point Campus.

The best way to get Kudosh Points in Two Point Campus

There are a handful of ways you can focus on earning Kudosh points as you work on improving your campus. One reliable way is leveling up your campus, which you can do by adding more facilities, hiring faculty with higher skills, expanding your lots, or adding specific items to increase your students’ happiness and learning. You will naturally do this while playing the game.

Another way is completing specific challenges or events that occur on campus. For example, a health inspector could offer to appear on your campus and they will inspect a particular part of it, such as the health of your students or the quality of the cleaning your janitors have done. You might even have rivals from enemy schools visit to inspect the quality of your campus. Should you pass their test, not only will you receive a monetary reward, but you might also receive a small amount of Kudosh points to use on any items you have yet to unlock. These are considered Assessments.

how to

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There’s also the chance for the end of the year highlights to contain rewards for you. These rewards include the best teacher, the quality of your campus based on its environment attractiveness or room prestige, and several others, depending on your accomplishments that year. The more you do before the year ends, the more rewards you will receive on this highlight reel.

These are the more notable ways to earn Kudosh points in Two Point Campus. Assessments are likely your best bet as they appear randomly throughout the school year, but the highlight reel at the end of a year can also be a good way, depending on how things went for your staff and students. The more you assist them, the higher your chances of earning a medal.


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