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No dish is complete without the mouthwatering taste of a fresh Onion. There are many ingredients that you can obtain throughout your time in Tower of Fantasy and Onions are one of the more difficult ingredients to find. Despite being a pretty plentiful vegetable in real life, you can’t wander off into the woods and find a patch of them growing in the land of Aida. Instead, you will need to do a bit of searching.

How to get Onions in Tower of Fantasy

Onions are a vegetable that you can find easily in Aida. After hours of play, you might only come across one or two that you have received as a reward for completing one of the various objectives that the game has you do. The reason you aren’t finding Onions is that you have to buy them.

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There are three food vendors in the game that you can find in Astra, Banges, and Mirroria. Astra is the starting area of the game and where you will meet the first food vendor. She can be found near the first Ruin dungeon that you complete. You will find more food vendors pretty quickly depending on how fast your progress through the game. Each food vendor will sell Onions for 60 Gold a piece.

How to use Onions

All of the ingredients that you can find throughout Tower of Fantasy can be used to make delicious meals that heal your character and increase their Satiety meter. You can use Onions at any cooking robot to make meals that you have the ingredients for. You can also use the creation menu to make your own meals. We do not recommend eating Onions raw since they won’t provide much of a benefit for your character. When eaten by themselves, Onions only give your character one Satiety point.


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