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Student grades are a significant part of running your university in Two Point Campus. These reflect the overall quality of your learning program because it shows how well your students are doing in their classes. If your campus’ Academic Results are low, your students won’t be passing your classes, which means they’re going to fail, and you will no longer receive their tuition, losing money. It’s essential to keep your students dedicated to their studies and their grades up. This guide covers improving student grades and how Academic Results work in Two Point Campus.

How to improve student grades in Two Point Campus

You can review your student’s grades by clicking the Personal Management tab on the lower left of your user interface and selecting the Student List category adjacent to the Staff page. Here, you can freely review all enrolled students and see how they’re doing in their programs. It’s expected that anyone who begins their first year at your university will have a low grade to start because they started at the beginning of the year. You have all year to improve their grades, giving you plenty of time to meet any expectations they might have for your university.

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The best way to improve a student’s grades is to increase their mood, which means meeting all their needs. You can learn what needs they have by clicking on their name in the Student List. This will bring up a window on the right side of your screen, breaking down this information, along with their traits and what they’re feeling. For example, suppose a student lacks a particular need in any category. In that case, we recommend finding an item to add to your campus to improve it, such as adding food or drink vendors, a club for them to join, creating social events, or giving them access to showers, bathrooms, or more places to sleep.

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After focusing on these needs, we recommend reviewing your Library and Private Tuition rooms and finding room to expand them or add more. When expanding these rooms, focus on improving their overall Prestige, especially when it comes to the Private Tuition room. It will be better for the Library to improve the Prestige and add more Study Cubicles for students to complete assignments.

The final thing to improve student grades is to find higher-quality teachers to teach courses and improve the quality of learning facilities. For example, every student needs to use the Lecture Hall, and if you improve the Lectern station by researching an improved version from a Research Lab, all student learning will improve.

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You can do this for each room, such as enhancing the Analogue Computer in the Computer Lab or the Cheese Course in the Chesseball Field. Each classroom on your campus will have a central area your students use to learn from your teachers, and improving these dramatically enhances a student’s learning throughout the year, but they are costly.

How Academic Results work in Two Point Campus

On the bottom right of your user interface are the overall grades for each student attending your university. You will see a letter grade next to it. This displays the overall average grade for each student on your campus, and as these grades go up, so do the Academic Results. This will always be lower at the start of the year because new students arrive on your campus, and they need time to improve their grades. Don’t be too worried about this information at the start of a new year, but use it as a reminder to continue improving student grades and finding ways to increase the quality of the learning facilities on your campus.

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