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Marianne is the Hood: Outlaws & Legends Jack of all trades character, as she can do well in almost every situation, but she isn’t the best at anything. Pulling off successful heists is all about understanding your chosen outlaw’s strengths and responsibilities, and this guide will walk you through everything you need to know about Marianne.

Burst-fire cross bow and smoke grenades

Marianne’s signature weapon in Hood: Outlaws & Legends is her wrist-mounted crossbow, which can fire precise single bolts or charge up for slightly inaccurate bursts. This weapon performs great in close and mid-range, and since firing it does not cost stamina, Marianne can and should use it for close-quarters combat. When fighting melee characters, dash away from attacks and immediately follow up by firing one or two bolts at a time. This maintains your accuracy and safe distance, and allows you to win fights without taking damage. Afterward, make sure to pass over your unfortunate opponent’s body to recover some of your bolts.

To those who say Mariannne is weak from Hood

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Marianne’s smoke grenades allow you to instantly re-enter stealth, which is crucial for keeping state guards and the enemy team off your tail. The smoke disables guards caught within it, allowing you to execute any number of them without resistance. It also impairs the vision of affected players from both teams, more so than Tooke’s poison grenade. As a final little bonus, targets inside the smoke cannot be tagged,

Shrouded killer

Marianne’s Shroud ability hides her from guards for a duration, and makes her harder to spot for enemy players. Don’t count on this ability to consistently protect you from players, as they can still see your outline pretty easily. For that reason, you shouldn’t hesitate to pop Shroud to break detection simply, or to grab some quick guard kills.

Marianne’s passive trait, Shadow, is also geared towards guard assassinations: while concealed by smoke, bushes, or Shroud, she can execute guards from any direction. Her starting build consists of perks that let her extend the duration of Shroud by chaining executions, and it speeds up her progression nicely by granting bonus XP for each execution. As you figure out how you like to play Marianne in Hood: Outlaws & Legends, you might want to switch your build to become a stronger sniper or a self-sufficient melee fighter or to control the map better.

Spawn control and disruption

Unlike Robin, Marianne doesn’t need to camp high ground spots and watch over the objectives. She shines by being a constant unseen threat to the enemy team and helping her own team maintain map control and secure kills.

When playing Marianne in Hood: Outlaws & Legends, make sure to stay on the move at all times, steal spawn points constantly, and keep a tab on your teammates. Whenever a fight breaks out near you, skulk on over to pick off opponents while they are distracted.

Marianne is a great solo queue outlaw, since she can bring value to her team even if she doesn’t engage with the main objectives of the heist, and farm up some nice XP and gold for herself in the process.


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