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One of the lesser-known options on Amazon Echo speakers is Alexa Guard, a security feature that uses microphone audio to catch intruders or alarms. Here’s a guide to using Alexa Guard, as well as the benefits of upgrading to the more powerful Alexa Guard Plus.


Alexa Guard is a US-only option that listens for the sound of glass breaking or smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. If you pay for Alexa Guard Plus, sound detection expands to things like footsteps and closing doors, and emergency response options become available. To get started with Alexa Guard, open the Alexa app, select the More tab, then Settings. Scroll down and tap Guard. Follow prompts.


What is Alexa Guard?

Normally, the only thing Echo speakers are listening for continually is Alexa’s wake word for voice commands. With the basic version of Alexa Guard enabled, speakers can listen for the sounds of glass breaking or smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. You’ll get a notification from the Alexa mobile app if this happens.

To deter intruders, you can also configure Guard to turn on smart lighting linked to Alexa, and connect it with security systems from ADT, Scout, or Amazon’s own Ring.

Switching Guard on is fairly simple, although it’s currently limited to the US. In the Alexa app for Android or iOS:

  • Tap the More tab at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Select Guard. You’ll have to scroll down the list a bit.
  • Tap Set Up Sound Detection and follow prompts.

Note that you’ll have to arm Alexa Guard whenever you leave home and disarm it when you return (more on this later). You’ll probably also need multiple Echo devices, since Guard in your living room won’t help much if someone breaks in through the kitchen window.

Alexa Guard vs Alexa Guard Plus

how to, amazon, android


Amazon also offers a paid upgrade of Alexa Guard, Alexa Guard Plus. After a month-long trial period, this costs $4.99 per month, or $49 per year, the latter option saving 18% if you’re ready for an annual commitment. It’s included with Ring Protect Pro plans for free as long as you link your Ring and Amazon accounts. Eventually, you’ll get Guard Plus bundled with security plans from Abode, Scout, Resideo, A3 Smart Home, or Wyze.

Here’s what Alexa Guard Plus adds:

  • More sound detection options, including footsteps, talking, and doors closing.
  • Smart Alerts (notifications) that include the ability to play back audio, listen live, call the Amazon-run Emergency Helpline, or forward information to a supported security provider.
  • 24/7 access to the Emergency Helpline, whether through the Alexa app or saying “Alexa, call for help” in front of any Alexa-compatible speaker. Helpline workers can request emergency services like police or the fire department.
  • Dog barking sounds if an Alexa-compatible camera sees motion outside.
  • Siren sounds if an intruder is sensed indoors. You should disable activity Smart Alerts if you have pets, since Guard has no way of filtering out pet noises from human ones.

How to set up Alexa Guard Plus

how to, amazon, android

You can subscribe via Amazon’s website, or say “Alexa, try Guard Plus” to an Echo. You’ll still have to configure Alexa Guard through the Alexa mobile app, including adding a home address and activating your subscription. The address is needed, so responders know where to go.

How to arm and disarm Alexa Guard

how to, amazon, android

Typically Alexa Guard is set to arm (switch to Away mode) when you tell Alexa “I’m leaving,” and disarm (switch to Home mode) when you say “I’m home.” Be sure you’re genuinely ready to leave when you arm, because there’s a chance your activity could trigger false notifications. That’s especially true if you have Guard Plus’s extra sound detection options on.

If those phrases aren’t working or you want to change them to something else, you can fix things through the Alexa app’s Routines menu. You’ll find the phrases listed there if they’re active. Remember, too, that you can use Alexa Guard as a trigger or action in any routine — you could, for instance, have Guard disarm when you unlock the front door.

Which Echo devices support Alexa Guard?

how to, amazon, android

Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

Virtually all Echo devices support Alexa Guard, reaching back to the first generation. In fact, the only exceptions are the Echo Look, portable Echo products (the Echo Auto, Echo Buds, and Echo Tap), and companion devices like the Echo Amp or Echo Sub.


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